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Welcome to Ascension Corner!

August 29, 2009

salusaI am happy that you have found this website… I want to make all the tools for consciousness expansion and   spiritual awareness readily available and easy to use as time is of the essence!  December 21, 2012, was the end of the old timeline and beginning of the new.

What is Ascension?

“The word ascension comes from the Latin word ascensionem, which means “a rising.” It also comes from the noun of action from past participle stem of ascendere, which means “to mount, ascend, go up.” Based on these definitions, ascension means “to go up or rise.”

Ascension is not only a spiritual process but is also a scientific process that utilizes the Laws of Nature to assist spiritual beings to evolve back to the Prime Creator. This process allows all spiritual beings to eventually evolve and ascend out of time and space to re-emerge with their higher identities of pure consciousness.

The process of ascension involves raising the particle pulsation rhythm of the body, allowing the body to absorb higher frequency into its morphogenetic field and therefore increasing its frequency. The more accurate term for this process is frequency accretion. This process causes our bodies to become lighter and less dense. It also causes our consciousness to expand and therefore allowing us to ascend to higher levels of consciousness.

This version of ascension is often contradicting to what is taught in most religions. This is because most, if not all, religions are controlled by the Dark Forces, especially the major religions of the world.” Quoted from article by P. L. Chang in “Jupiter Ascending” movie comment.

Changes have been happening energetically for sometime and increasing exponentially, changing your DNA. Looking back it’s easy to see that we’ve already transmuted tons of Dark energetic stuff within ourselves, other timelines, negative actions done by other people in this and other timelines, the planet, and the 4D lower Astral plane. We are now in the stages of transmuting, embodying, releasing and mastering before we’re vibrating fast and high enough to step into the NEW Evolutionary Cycle energies arriving with The Event which is imminent and beyond which is exciting and a little daunting.
In these times we’ve got to consciously know more about Source, multidimensional reality, quantum existence outside of time so that we can embody it and more within ourselves. If you are only just waking up and wanting to become consciously aware as quickly as possible…. all the latest and most relevant information is updated  to this site (and to the ASCENSION Corner Yahoo Group which is also accessible above) daily and easily accessible to assist your process here.  We are all Gods and Goddesses waking up and we now know it!

In Love, Light and Service,

Noeline Clayfield

Update – Energies, Postings, Investigations & Research

April 29, 2016

11898738_10153584384193615_6435616632196528938_nYou will have noticed that I have not posted much lately. Cannot explain it other than I suddenly have an aversion to all things channeled and anything to do with NASA, ISS, “Space” exploits totally.  I have to be true to myself and since I have had quite a difficult 12 months with operations and illness have just taken time out to just be me.  I have been repulsed by things that I have posted for years for some reason. Maybe I am just fed up with the “soon” and my lie detector seems to be more sensitized to just about all media utterings.   I have also been disgusted with the negative spin in just about every news report and did not want to relay that energy to anyone.

There is no doubt we are currently going through the eye of the storm in the battle for our hearts and minds and chaos reigns everywhere. It is most important to get a grip on all the fearmongering that is going on and just be the  unemotional observer. Many of us have been knocked out with energy bombardments that leave us taking to our bed for the day! This has been happening for years to me but seems to have increased since the winter solstice although since my health has been in operation recovery mode and battling with pneumonia, it has been hard to gauge how much of the way I felt was due to energy bombardments as well. 

179 million people believe the earth is flat according to Google search today and I am one of them. This realisation was confirmed when I really looked at the mind control that has been reinforced since the start of NASA and their CGI cartoons which are now being taught to my grandson!  It is amazing what triggers one to investigate world mindsets more closely. Something has happened in the last 12 months to wake people up and this topic has gained huge interest and inquiry particularly in the last 6 months.  We indeed need to query the very Earth that we live on and the construct of our solar system. We do not have any proof by film or photography of what our Earth looks like from “space” except NASA CGI (computer generated images) and compilations.

flat earth conspiracyIndeed this is such a huge topic that it requires a great deal of study and I have spent 6 months solidly looking at the Scientific Proof Method and have come to the conclusion that we have no proof of Gravity, Heliocentricity, The Van Allen Belt (A NASA Construct?). “Science” has become a sort of religion promoted by the Masons, that without Scientific Proof, has accepted that hypotheses are FACT. Through equations and ridiculous mathematical calculations so called scientists “proved” the impossible according to Tesla. Einstein’s Law of Relativity is unproven. Newton’s Gravity hypotheses and Van Allen’s fanciful Belt of Radiation are hypotheses.  NASA does moon landings and ISS space walks in underwater tanks and the ISS activity in Gfree planes. The Moon Landings are a hoax. Check out Jay Weidner’s videos on Stanley Kubrick.  Just look at the ridiculous constructs of the ISS and all so called space probes that are supposed to have taken fantastic photography… taken by what or whom and communicated to us from billions of miles in space?!?? All rockets take off in an arc and  land in the sea just watch the launches. Indeed we are told that the ISS rotates at 250 miles above earth? Where is the proof?  More CGI?  Is that technically “space”? Does space have Wi Fi?  We often have trouble picking up WiFi on earth over a hundred miles or so.  None of the NASA CGI shows satellites which also do not exist as all communication is land based. The stars are also missing! And what about the clouds that do not move on a globe rotating at 1000mph!  Just BS.  How stupid the masons think we are. How they are laughing at us as we gullibly accept their MSM and believe all the lies they feed the sheeple slaves on a daily basis.  It is time each of us took responsibility for our beliefs and did the investigations personally. It does not matter what I believe. Nor do I care what anybody else believes. However, it would appear through Internet enquiry,  the collective consciousness is suddenly questioning everything including “proof” of what we live on… because we do not know anything apart from our perceptions and scientific method analysis of replicated experiments.  I know my house is level, I sleep level, I use physical effort to walk on surfaces other than level. When I drink from my cup the contents remain level even when I tip the cup to drink. I have no sensation of the earth rotating at 1000mph but can sense an earthquake.  I have flown and sailed over earth and oceans and noticed no humps – all is level. I have driven across Australia and it is flatter than a pancake. I have stood on mountain tops and wondered at the flat earth view below.

I recommend everyone look at their own beliefs conditioned during their education and then view the work of Eric Dubay on Geocentricity and Heliocentricity :

The Atlantean Conspiracy

The Globe Earth Lie

This is the latest of his very coherent and well documented videos but all are available on YouTube and can be accessed there. “200 Proofs the Earth is Flat” has all the science. There appears to be very little science to support the heliocentric model which relies on the 500 years old Copernicus global model,  published on his death by the Vatican Jesuits. The Vatican IMO is the most evil organisation and is the root of all evil on Earth. It has infiltrated all countries as witnessed recently by visitations of the current “pope” to all countries and his appearance at the United Nations. Most world leaders visit the pope including the queen and prince Philip. All royals are tools of the Vatican and have been for centuries. The British Isles is still controlled by documents signed by King John with the Vatican around 1215. King John literally signed away all sovereignty because of the huge financial debts he had amassed. The Vatican had financed him!  The blood rituals of the catholic church embodied in the mass conducted in churches dates back to Babylon.  The Satanic blood rituals practiced by the 33 degree masons and their masters in secret societies also go back to Babylon as does Wahhabiism (Saudi Arabia, Daesh)  and Zionism.  Is there a huge push to return the world to Babylon?

Other subjects I have been studying are Gematria and Numerology with Marty Leeds. It is so interesting and really recommend all to see his amazing videos and information. I have always been interested and knowledgeable about numerology but Gematria, the value and importance of alphabet and words is fascinating. In the beginning there was the word….Marty is a Flat Earth Believer only in the last six months and his video “Flat Earth Litmus Test” is a must see. His journey is outlined:

Marty Leeds – The Litmus Test – Flat Earth

Just some thoughts for your consideration. I will be posting much more in coming weeks.   The changes are kicking in fast and furious and we are creating the New Earth. I like the anagram ‘Earth’ ‘Heart’. I do believe our journey here is to discover our hearts and use them. It seems that we have lived many lifetimes to reach now and it has been a process of developing to what we are now… awakened and conscious individuals with great hearts showing love and compassion who will continue our growth infinitely.  The agenda of heliocentricity is an incredible threat to humanity and I will be writing on that next.

Love and Light

Noeline Clayfield

Geo-Engineering – Chemtrails a part of Climate Change Debate

May 31, 2015

Spent the day yesterday at Cliveden in Buckinghamshire UK with some overseas visitors and could not help notice the heavy chemtrailing that was going on all day. This of course happens nearly everyday over the UK, Europe, USA, Australia…just about everywhere.  I did not see any when I lived in South America for many years.Apparently weather modification has been going on for at least 50 years. This is a huge factor in the Climate Change Debate.

Here is link to Secret Chemtrail Pilot whistleblowing   (click to view)

Facts about Geo-engineering   (click to view)

How chemtrails affect you and what you can do:

No government has ever been given approval by the people to do this to our planet for any reason. It is secret and is never discussed in any msm. It is an absolute disgrace considering the fact that “they” are spraying us like cockroaches!! Time to do something about it and definitely include this in any climate change discussion. The amount of damage done to our foods, soils, health and envirionment is incredible.

There is much discussion about Climate Change and the need to do something about it.  The results of chemtrailing/geo-engineering are showing up in forests, waterways, soils, foods and no doubt our health. This is a huge contribution to climate change… the seeding of our skies with toxic poisons that block out the sun, cause droughts, floods and toxins that fall to earth.  The last video comments that atmospheric tests are putting these toxins in our atmosphere using rockets and nanotechnology. Quite apart from the actual toxins in the sprays there is a huge increase in aircraft pollution and the huge number of planes now in the air at any one time challenge commercial flight safety. There has been some crashes and many near misses unreported by msm.
Many tests of chemtrail  contents have been done by private organisations and individuals but NONE have been done by governments and the results made public. I know that daily I observe a white cobweb -ike substance covering my car. There has been no questioning of geo-engineering by governments that I could discern although agencies like EPA are constantly testing but not really reporting the facts or the impacts.  Individually we are the stewards of our planet and it is up to us to question our governments and ask when they were given approval to do this by We the People through legislation.
Noeline Clayfield

SEVENGATE – Massive UK Intellectual Property Theft Coverup – Connection to some False Flags

January 26, 2015

Update 1/9/15:

SevenGate: BBC, Virgin Media, ABC-TV, Major Media in 146+ countries continue MegaThefts of intellectual property, targeting, false flags against UK creator Charles Seven

In an August 27, 2015 two part interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, UK Creator Charles Seven (Seven) exposes how megathefts of intellectual property theft and targeting continue against her.

One new development is that Rainetta Jones, the true Inventor of the iPod and Kindle, has now contacted Seven as a result of Seven’s public outreach. Rainetta has had her Intellectual Property in the iPod and the Kindle stolen and Rainetta has been targeted in the same way as Seven under SevenGate. A Panel interview with Rainetta and Seven on the megatheft of Intellectual Property of the iPod and Kindle and targeting of the Intentor Rainetta Jones will follow shortly.


David Beckham launches another stolen SEVENGATE concept on behalf of British IP Criminals and Terrorists guilty of theft to fund Crimes Against HumanitySevengate Beckham

SEVENGATE Update – 11/2/15:  Seven has advised that David Beckham has launched the following charity to support UNICEF. He has been a UNICEF ambassador for a few years:–sow.html

This action was brought to Seven’s attention by several people. Seven was formerly unaware of it but now fully believes this is in response to her recent SevenGate exposure.

More importantly, UNICEF does not have a good record for benefiting the world’s most vulnerable children.  Anne who has researched UNICEF comments as follows:

”   It’s not just stealing your idea, in being linked to UNICEF, it’s linked to killing children, not helping them.

Here is the reality of UNICEF and children.

And this. Bill Gates – Ebola, Death and Vaccines: Add In WHO, PATH, GAVI, UNICEF, Merck, GSK – EbolaGate

Rethinking the Goodness of Doctors Without Borders Outbreaks Coincided With Their [and UNICEF’s] Vaccine Campaigns      ”

Spread this information far and wide and let us hope that we can stop this child abuse.   Great discernment in making donations to charities is now relevant.   Noeline


I was intrigued to come across SevenGate on A story of persecution of the feminine if ever I saw one. The story of how Ms Charles Seven a creative artist in Music, Dance, Health was robbed of her intellectual property and the ensuing court cases and huge State coverup.

SevenGate – The State Coverup of the Case Ms Seven V Gossage and Nine Others

I have read the recent articles by Alfred Lambremont Webre and the Report of Tony Farrell as well as spending hours watching the interviews of Ms Seven by Alfred. On the very substantial evidence presented, in my opinion, Ms Seven did not receive British justice and every attempt has been made to cover up her case. Those who stole her substantial intellectual property when she approached supposedly highly reputable Law firms to protect her intellectual property on two occasions, then sold them to various TV networks generating profits possibly in the billions worldwide. Some of the shows involved are: Dancing with Stars, Dancing on Ice, You are What You Eat, Ten Years Younger, Strictly Come Dancing plus many more since. The ends that the criminals went to terrorise Ms Seven included bulldozing down buildings, setting fire to buildings, planning and carrying out false flag events and many suspicious deaths. The case material freely on offer here concerns corruption and racketeering within the media and the entertainment industry internationally extending into circles of the UK  judiciary and the police service.

Beneficiaries of this decade of racketeering include the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Virgin Media. Scottish TV and large international law firm such as Bindmans with its associated linkages to Terrorism and the Leveson Inquiry into phone hacking and the police media relationship. This case contains an extraordinary illustrative example of prolonged gang-stalking and a reign of domestic terror at its most blatant. All of the people charged in this criminality have since received payment in the elevation to cushy jobs and titles. These funds have no doubt funded much of the false flag events and certainly the criminal satanic cabal.

For detailed Report by Tony Farrell: Read more…

Festival of Light and Ringing in the Changes – 2015 and Beyond

December 21, 2014

IFestival of Lightt is the Solstice 2014 and I wish Every One a peaceful and joyful Festival of Light. I celebrate ‘Christmas’ as the ‘Festival of Light’ because I want to break away from the commercialism and lies associated with the former. Jesus Christ was not born on christmas day and there is no santa!  I simply cannot be part of the old paradigm anymore.

There are many cultures far more enlightened than I have been exposed to in my early development that celebrate Diwali which translates as Festival of Light. Diwali is the five-day Festival of Lights, celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. The festival, which coincides with the Hindu New Year, usually in November, celebrates new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. Sounds perfect to be having my celebration of the Festival of Light now.  Perhaps in doing this now I am reverting back to a previous lifestream experience.

For years I have avoided the whole ‘christmas’ thing, believing that we should actually treat one another as special all year around not just on one day of the year. I really detested the Read more…

Ascension Is Now

December 19, 2012

image photo : Alien SunriseUPDATE 23/12/12:  As at the evening of the 24th, I feel that I can now describe the effect on me of the energy bombardments that we have been receiving from the 18/12/12 peaking 21/12 to 22/12, 23/12 and still continuing.

I decided to do nothing but remain quiet and participate in this Ascension Solstice Galactic Alignment Event experience that I have prepared for most of this life  but really intensely since 1987. I thought long and hard about whether I wanted  to be with a group or alone. The latter was my decision almost at the last moment, not wanting to disappoint people, so that I could focus on what I had to do which was ground the energies in a deep and focused meditation state. I wanted to give it all the dedication and focus that I could. The meditation experience and depth of connection was quite profound for me. I could not have done this in the distraction of group activity. I realised later on 21 and  during the 22 that I was just too out of it to have driven anywhere! I went to the shop to get some necessary supplies on the 23rd and just had the energy to walk two blocks and back. I rested a lot and slept solidly when I did go to bed during this period although woke at 4am on the two nights of 21 and 22.

I know I felt very strong energies that really raised my vibration exponentially  during the 3 days of the multiple planetary alignments with the Galactic Centre.  I am feeling increased clarity, am above the 3D drama totally, happy but  physically weak at the moment.. as though I have been zapped! I definitely am now experiencing an altered state of conscioousness permanently.
Purposefully I do not have any xmas involvement at all this year and will keep on with my daily meditations as this is my whole reason for being here at this time. I have explained to my family my inability to be involved in any celebration based entirely on lies both santa fantasy and to do with the birth of Jesus. Nor the charade of commercialism that causes more financial misery and stress than joy in most people’s lives. No more living the lies! I want everyday to be a joyful celebration of life… not just one day a year. I am now living my new age projection and I am not starting it with any old world nonsense.

The Ascension process was successful I believe. The transition to 5D is now complete but still happening gradually. The changes we are all waiting for are happening and will roll out in the days following. The energies are definitely still with us and I know that my vibration is much higher. Spiritually I feel totally in the heart not the head and alive and at a much increased vibratory level than previously all the time.

I would love others to share their experiences if they would like to do so.

Welcome to the New Golden Age !


The time we have all been anticipating and preparing for has finally arrived! We are going 5D!

The last few weeks have been a final clearing of anything still left that needed to be sent to the light for transmutation. One issue caught me quite unexpectedly left field.  It has been a time of introspection and meditation focus on what I envision our new Golden Age might be.  I am sure that it will be something far greater than my imaginings and far more fulfilling. We are assured by many of the channels represented on this site that  it will be beyond our greatest expectations.  Already we are seeing huge change taking place worlwide and much is not being reported by the MSM but some is creeping through such as the charges laid in the financial sector and Russia Today has broadcast some interview disclosures by Putin and Medvedev regarding Russian ET protocols and awareness of general corruption.

I am still deciding whether to spend the day in quiet contemplation so that I can fully sense the incoming energies without distraction  or travel to friends or indeed to Avesbury where there is a huge gathering of spiritual people planned. I will decide on the day and the state of  the weather and my health is also a consideration.. My inclination at the moment is the first one…. there will be plenty of time for celebration after the Event.

I wish you all a very happy experience of Ascension and will no doubt see you on the other side where we will enjoy the fruits of our dedication and divine focus.  I thank you all for waking up, your dedication and for sharing this exciting journey.

The Mayan Shamans  have stated that there will be an  intense Galactic Centre energy discharge of some 8 minutes right in the middle of the 3 days. I have worked this out to be 4 minutes either side of midday on Friday, 22 December. This is GMT/UTC 11.56am – 12.04pm on 22 December, 2012. However I will be awake and aware and sensing the energies from the start of 21 – 23 December midnight GMT/UTC.

Hope you all had interesting energy experiences on 12.12.12. I personally spent much of the day in meditation and focus on the ascension agenda. Certainly the meditations were deep with strong energy and light flooding in and I was truly buzzing and excited all day.

Since then I find I have been waking at 2.30 one night and then finally going  back to sleep before 5am but one morning woke at 4am on 11/12 and stayed up all day. Some remaining issues have floated to the surface for final clearing but generally I am feeling energised and clearheaded for the most part. Formerly I had days when I was just exhausted and had to rest. Now I seem ready set go. Generally I feel uplifted vibrationally and joyful.  Nothing dense seems to affect my vibration now. My mind is very clear and I have also been quite creative and planning a new website to kick in shortly.

I am using on a daily basis through to 23 December and beyond the Orin  “Aligning with Star Energies” (see Meditation  Room on this site) and also the Solara An Ra Pleiadian Meditations which really feel right for now and keep me on track with focus on the agenda. The agenda is grounding Divine Will, Diving Love and Divine Creative Intelligence into our New Golden Age on Gaia. These energies are coming from the Big Dipper, Sirius and Pleiades star systems particularly but of course from all participating Divine Hierarchies and Galactic Civilisations.

So I was glad to monitor the powerful energies bombarding us now and really feel that 21/12 is going to be great.

Love, Light, Upliftment to 5D for All

Noeline Clayfield

Crop Circle Tour – 18th July 2012 – Wiltshire UK

July 26, 2012

The crop circle tour on Wednesday 18th July 2012  with Lucy Pringle in Wiltshire England  in the general region of Marlborough was fantastic but very challenging.  We lunged around fields in wintry conditions and the only thing we did not have was snow….. horizontal driving rain, mists, and slippery  mud were the order of the day!!   As I write this one week later I can confirm that summer has indeed started in Britain and we have had almost a week with sun almost Australia type summer heat and no rain!

We set off in convoy following Lucy. We felt a little like stormchasers!  Fiona did a wonderful job driving us about during the day.. Keeping 6 cars together in convoy was a little difficult on Market Day in Marlborough. We had a nice lunch at a pub that Lucy had chosen and I found the whole area really quite magical with its many thatched roof houses and the lovely gardens, hedgerows and of course the grain fields that contained the crop circles.  We passed some of the Wiltshire horses of which I counted 6 in all, with  one near  Silbury Hill,  all large white chalk images of horses engraved in the hills surrounding the grainfields of Wiltshire. Silbury Hill is the largest man made structure in the UK and looked like a Pyramid to me. Read more…

Ascension Not Ego Is Our Agenda

February 5, 2012

The Law of One says that we must subjugate the EGO.  The Ego is the problem with the recent Steve Beckow announced Galactic Trip on February 4.

I was not against it happening and put out the intention to go (I was not on the “Steve” list although I did respond directly  to the channeler , Linda Dillon, at her website : Channel of Love ) but I believe realistically that anything that is that controversial and on the spur of the moment  is not going to be a reality at this time…  when we are so close to getting rid of the cabal. Certainly the directive of being picked up by a black limo..honestlyl!?!  Please just get real and get your focus back on track. Read more…

‘Occupy’ Movement Brutalised by Police in Australia

October 23, 2011

Any doubts that Australia is a fascist country can now be dispelled as in the past 48 hours ‘Occupy Melbourne’ and ‘Occupy Sydney’ have had tussles with the Police. Read more…

Money Should NOT Be the Measure of a Man or More Important than People

October 17, 2011

The culture that because you have money, position and/or power that you are a better individual than anyone else or should be held up as any model for the perfect individual  is a core problem with our society.  It is the focus of the media to create ‘celebrities’ most of whom are not persons worthy of our attention or veneration. Most are mere curiosities of the human personality or ego on baser levels. It is as though the getting of money is the most important thing followed by the exposure of ego through notoriety because you have money… not whether the person is compassionate, respectful, aware, kind, loving, embracing real equality of all or the welfare of others. Read more…

Up the Revolution – ‘Occupy Wall St Movement’

October 15, 2011

UPDATE: 18/11/10: Is the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Movement being hijacked by the Obama Campaign?

UPDATE: 17/10/11: Here is a wonderful site documenting activty worldwide and confirming the changes that are happening now! Thank you Kees! Read more…