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Attitude – Choice – Vibration – Consciousness

September 3, 2009

Positivity and negativity get a lot of press these days…. But what are these attitudes and how are they generated?  Although these states are influenced largely by what is around you….TV, workplace, our degraded environment, they are ultimately a choice. These terms relate to attitude and choice and ultimately determine one’s state of vibration and consciousness.


As third dimensional entities we live in a free choice zone of the universe. In this zone, in every nanosecond, we decide to go one way or another…   to say something nice or be critical of self or others… to be kind or help someone else or totally have our interests foremost in the mix to the exclusion of others.  “The Law of One, Ra Material” (see under Books section) describes this as “service to others” (positive aspect) or “service to self” (negative aspect).

Attitude is one’s perspective in the moment and it can be changed in a split second… which is our individual choice. Both attitude and choice can be influenced by others but it is OUR choice in which mood we are going to be spending that moment… in positive or negative orientation.  We can change it that quickly.

It is interesting to monitor our thoughts, be an observer of what is our mental focus.  Is the little voice inside encouraging or disparaging? Thinking of something depressing and discouraging or joyful and uplifting? Try to focus on your thoughts and recognize what space you are in. This is a powerful tool for getting in touch with yourself, your Higher Self and making your choices  that enable your sovereignty ,which is your divine right, instead of being pushed and pulled by influences around you. This is where vibration comes in…


Vibration is a measure of energy… David Wilcock can explain it more scientifically than I, but for this exercise we are talking about the feeling and how it affects us in the moment.  The higher the vibration, the higher the energy generated, energy is light. When you are sad and discouraged you have a slower, lower vibration rather like a dark heavy feeling and your pulse goes blip, blip, blip…..having greater density.   When you are enthused and enjoying the moment your vibration is like the sound of a highly energized fast electric drill…. high in pitch, fast and exciting…. having lighter density, more light.  Try and observe these differences in your being.   Notice the difference in attitude, choice and vibration between a sigh and a giggle. These states are the measurement of the movement of the atoms of energy that we are made of .   Again refer to “The Law of One,  Ra Material” for the perfect description of the Dimensions and our DNA Structure.  Also see David Wilcock’s and “Video Archives” and “MP3 Archives“sections here, to easily understand our reality. As we have evolved from First Dimension to Second Dimension and then to Third Dimension our consciousness has expanded and lifted our vibration which has the effect of making us lighter – less dense – and so we evolve to the next higher dimension by increasing our awareness, e.g. our consciousness by our informed choice to do so.

Many of us have transited Fourth Dimension and are approaching Fifth Dimension in this life.

So vibration is the difference in the dimensions and as we evolve and raise our vibration we expand our consciousness to endless potential possibilities.


Everything has consciousness. Everything is made of atoms and molecules that have intelligence, i.e. consciousness.  Every rock, piece of wood, grain of soil, glass, metal, air, water, fire, creature has intelligence and all elements can communicate with each other and each of us and are of different densities. We have indeed been neglected in our education about scientific reality and the structure of our world and universe.  However, it is not too late to garner this important information and apply it effectively to enhancing our lives, potentials and increasing our collective consciousness.

So it is up to each one of us to make the choice about our attitude and personal growth of consciousness.  That is why we are here  again to have the opportunity to wake up to do so….. but it is our choice!  With a little focus and practice of observing your attitude and choosing the positive aspect you will be amazed at the difference you will observe in your life.

Love and Light

Noeline Clayfield

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    This is a terrific little website I can’t believe I didn’t find it earlier

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