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The Art of Meditation

September 3, 2009


Meditation is probably one of the oldest practices on our planet but our recent cultures have not encouraged it, being more focused on the physical and material aspects of life as we know it.  However, there have always been the spiritual disciplines that have kept the tradition and knowledge alive and well. When we realize that we are eternal spiritual beings having another physical reincarnation to  once again attempt to reconnect to who and what we really are, meditation becomes an essential tool to this process.  In other words, our mind is not just a component of our physical body, it is part of our eternal spiritual body and therefore has much more ability than our computerlike physical brain. So medititation is about exploring our eternal existence while incarnated in a physical body.

It is like playing tennis or any acknowledged physical skill, you are only good at meditation when you practice it regularly with discipline.  This does not have to be a chore… in fact, it becomes almost addictive when you get into the swing of it.

I have developed my own routine which I would like to relate so that you perhaps avoid some of the pitfalls I experienced and achieve higher meditative states more quickly.  It is our connection to the divine beyond Third Dimensional reality. It is something that does not need to be complicated, but the ability to concentrate and ignore distractions is the hardest skill to achieve.  So here we go.

  • Make yourself comfortable by fulfilling all bodily function needs first
  • Sit in yoga position if you prefer (not essential – I find it impossible) or sit upright in a chair or lie down, as long as the spine is straight
  • Close your eyes and draw your vision inward to the centre of your forehead… this is an inside the head sensation
  • Focus on the core light of your being… don’t worry if you don’t see this immediately
  • Focus on your breathing deeply into the solar plexus….in and out slowly… until you sense total inner connection with your inner light which is like a pole within the body
  • Take the focus up inside your head  (a sensation of lifting up) and you might feel a tingling sensation at the crown chakra point at the top of your head
  • Feel the incoming energy into your being, this can be coloured (white, violet, golden) and moves down and  connects with your heart and proceeds down through your body and out through your hands and feet… this is quite a powerful sensation  (my toes sometimes twitch)
  • This energy becomes so strong that you feel it powering in a spiral fashion from the top of your head through your body and anchoring into the environment around you, channeled deep into the earth.  I feel that my body is spinning, rocking, with the vortex of the incoming energy
  • Just concentrate on this for as long as you can and if you feel your concentration wavering simply draw your focus gently back again
  • Start with a 5 minujte period and increase it gradually to 15, 30 and 60 minutes.
  • Here is the download URL : for one hour of nature themed music  by PhirePhied….ideal for meditation .

This is the important first connection to your Higher Self, the source of all wisdom that is waiting for you to achieve this connection and ask for guidance in your daily life.  The seat of this  Higher Self energy is about a foot above your head and as you practice you will feel drawn to raise your inner third eye focus to that position. It may cause a headache if you force this too soon but with practice will just seem a natural progression.


When you are ready you will feel that guided meditations are wonderful for keeping you focused on a particular area or thought you desire.  This is very powerful to do to raise the vibration of the planet and the people on it.  I find Orin channeled through Sanaya Roman particularly helpful for this…  there are several to choose from and here is the link:

Free to Listen and Download
Free 3-5 minute Orin Meditations in Orin’s Meditation Room.
Listen to samples of Thaddeus’ music in Thaddeus’ Music Listening Room
Free Orin 20-30 minute life-changing meditations

Other Free Orin & Daben Resources:

Recognizing High-Level Guide
Recognizing Entities Who Are Less Evolved

Receiving Guidance and Answers to Your Questions
Receiving Guidance from the Higher Realms
Orin’s Path of Self-Realization

We will add to the MP3 archives as many of these guided meditations as we can find to enhance your experience and vary your focus on urgent issues being addressed by our planet at this time.   Namaste.

Love and Light

Noeline Clayfield

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