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A Challenge for All to Focus on Positve Outcomes

September 7, 2009

SaLuSa (whom I admit is one of my favorite Galactic sources) gave us a wonderful and timely message today. I would like to focus on a few points, as they have great bearing on why each of us is here at Share11…

” By focusing on the changes (Positive) you are helping manifest them, and as a result they are looming large. As we have often intimated, by refusing to contemplate the fear tactics used to control you, you are denying them your energy and weakening their power. They know the game well, but you are now becoming wiser and that causes them great concern. By losing control over you they are becoming disarmed, and fear what has sometimes been referred to as the robots rebellion. Little do people know how they have been enslaved, as the dark ones have insidiously curtailed your freedom by taking away your God given rights. However, people are waking up before it is too late, and giving their energy to those who are at the forefront of moves to have them restored. It will not be easy, but the Light created is most powerful and will bring about the means to achieve a peaceful resolution. We will be part of it, and be backing those dear souls who” have come to Earth for the very purpose of assisting you in your victory over the dark. “

It is not always easy for any of us to focus on positive intention when there is so much strife happening in the world around us, but if we stay true to what we know our own truth to be…we can then anchor our light consistently and consequently not get so caught up in the day to day news that is being purveyed precisely for the purpose of taking each of us out of harmony/balance to start with.

As there are many among us who are still searching for answers/inner truth in an effort to reconcile everything they have come to believe with what they see and hear in the mainstream media, it is difficult for them to not be strongly affected by this steady flow of negativity.

I would encourage all those who have achieved a well grounded/anchored state to rise up and support, in any way possible, those who are not quite there yet. I would suggest that our group focus on raising our collective vibration a little more each day and this in turn will manifest the changes that Salusa describes above…both within our group and outside of it. Let us discuss this openly as a group and create an action plan geared towards implementing the changes needed in order to achieve such an end!

It is time for us all to take it to the next level and 500+ collectively focused light beings will have a great effect on our earth and every being on it (both above and below). Each of us has been waiting to find out what our mission is, but perhaps this IS our mission? What mission could be more important today, here and now?

“Our main focus is on the U.S.A. as it is from here that the lead must be given to the rest of the world. We see a President who has great potential and is spiritually sincere, but has not yet been able to wield the power that is his prerogative. He will bide his time until circumstances allow him to strike out, and we shall protect him against attacks on his person. Leading the Light is setting up a challenge that the dark forces fear, as it will bring people together as never before and they shall demand release from their hold. As individuals who are projecting a new holographic image upon the Earth, you are doing as much as you can to assist in the changes. There is no doubt at all that you will win the day, as it is just a matter of how the final period shall come about. There are a number of moves ahead, and any one could trigger the movement that would signal the beginning of the end for duality.”

It has been a while since one of our galactic friends has talked about President Obama and the important work that he is doing along with all Lightworker’s on behalf of humanity, but let us remember the President is not the power, but rather he is an instrument of the peoples power. He speaks with humanity, rather than for/to humanity. He is a part of us, and we are a part of him and this collaborative team effort is what is turning the world upside down even as I type these words and late as you read them.

The spark has been lit and the positive changes that have now begun to manifest cannot be undone. Salusa notes here (as  Kryon did earlier this year) one very, very important point and that is the fact that the USA is setting the tone for all the major changes that are to continue occurring. The world looks to the US for guidance in many ways.

This makes US based groups like Share 11 all the more important because the work that we are doing here at Share11 is also reverberating around the globe and setting a standard for other to follow.

What an honor it is that we could all be here now, in partnership with Lightworker’s around the world, President Obama and the Galactic Federation , and have the opportunity to play our part in manifesting the final defeat of those who would have us remain in slavery and servitude indefinitely.

In love and service,

Anthony Lukashuk

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