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VACCINATION – What are our choices?

September 17, 2009

indexDaily the media seems to be focusing on the commencement of vaccinations against the H1N1 Flu.  Some reports suggest early October, while others are advising where vaccinations are available.

There is a great deal of information regardng this issue now on the Internet. I have included URLs so that people can easily research and make an educated decision whether they are going to expose themselves and their families to this treatment.

Jane Burgermeister, an Austrian Activist, has said in her recent interview with Project Camelot that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has the power to make vaccination mandatory.  Whether compulsory vaccination is contemplated by individual countries is a matter for each person to establish in their own country and decide how they will deal with it.  On Project Camelot is a letter from the French government that indicates that they are imposing compulsory vaccination.

We also include here the official USA list of all vaccines and their ingredients by government analysts.  It would appear that the ingredients in the vaccinations are not really what we should be injecting into our bodies. In fact many medical experts have pointed out that the vaccinations would challenge if not weaken our immune systems rather than strengthen them. To add to the debate there are many stories of people being killed by reactions to vaccination and also children reacting to the Flu vaccine. See Dr Bill Deagle’s interview with Project Camelot as well as Jane Burgermeister’s Blog for all you could know about the ingredients, manufacture and possible reactions to the H1N1 Flu vaccine.

To get facts and a good overview of all vaccination…. A five part Australian documentary with worldwide statistics and information URL:

Download a pdf list of all Vaccines and their ingredients available in the USA:

Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary, Part

Excipients Included in U.S. Vaccines, by Vaccine

Includes vaccine ingredients (e.g., adjuvants and preservatives) as well as substances used during the manufacturing process,including vaccine-production media, that are removed from the final product and present only in trace quantities.

In addition to the substances listed, most vaccines contain Sodium Chloride (table salt).

Get all the latest information on the status of Overseas Vaccination directly from:

Jane Burgermeister’s Blog:

Project Camelot interview with Jane Burgermeister 9/9/2009 :

See the latest information from Dr Len Horowitz :

In Lies We Trust URL :


Project Camelot interview with Dr Bill Deagle :

The proposed WHO compulsory vaccination is something we should question. As sovereign beings we should have the right to make an educated choice about what happens to our bodies.  It only makes sense that good health is not something that you get with the jab of a needle. Our bodies were designed to deal with micro-organisms and we have a good defense system that seems in most cases to be handling the current cases of H1N1. H1N1 Flu does not appear to be virulent or life threatening to the average person.  Several media personalities have had it and survived it. The death toll to date has been greatly less than the normal flu strain toll each year. So what is the drama here? There is some talk about it mutating into a more deadly virus.  This appears to be purely speculation.

There is no conclusive medical proof that mass immunization will do anything about H1N1 Flu, and very convincing evidence that it may prove extremely harmful. But, if the immune system is rendered inactive by having toxic waste injected straight into the bloodstream, then we are, of course, more vulnerable to whatever assaults our bodies. In fact, many medical people are coming forward and saying just this. If penalties are applied to people who refuse to be vaccinated then we really have more reason to question the motives for enforced vaccination and the Big Brother mentality that appears to be at work there.

There is also the question of Big Pharma financially benefitting hugely from the promotion of vaccination.  It is well known that former Bush Administration members are financially involved in the Laboratories that manufacturer the vaccines.

In the end it will be impossible for Governments  to enforce vaccination if millions of people refuse to have it.  More draconian measures like fines and travel restrictions should only make us more suspicious of the agenda. We may have to be strong and stand up and be counted. This is probably the course that we will have to take if we wish to maintain our sovereignty, our health and wellbeing.

An article released 21 November 2008… Boston Launches Flu Shot Tracking :

Good Health

Noeline Clayfield

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