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Thoughts on our Future Reality

September 19, 2009


Science and ancient wisdoms are confirming that our Universe is changing and this is an approx. 26,000 year cycle… with this change to a higher vibration what will our lives be like?

The earth is going to undergo a dimensional shift which the Mayans have calculated happening on or about December 21, 2012. This is supported by many other ancient cultures: Tibetan, Hindu and oral traditions of all so called primitive cultures as well as remote viewing of our future and our scientific community. This is an astrological event and the earth has been through many similar cycles and shifts before.

In the past, civilizations have been completely erased numerous times during these shifts and it has taken thousands of years to regain the lost development, e.g. Atlantis and Lemuria. It is believed that Atlantis and Lemuria had technologies far more advanced than we have today, or rather than we are aware of existing today, because there is much evidence that the secret government of our world has developed through its black operations, technology of great sophistication that would revolutionize our world if implemented immediately. I do not propose to go into the reasons why this technology has not come forth over the last 100 years but rather to look at the changes to our world which are imminent with the dimensional shift and the emergence of these technologies and how it will affect our lives – those of us who decide to go with the shift.

The reason for this exercise is to give a positive focus to our current situation and what we can look forward to. It is merely an overview on the most important elements of this New World we are all anxiously awaiting.


What appears to be different about this Shift according to many sources including The Law of One, Ra Material is that humanity with the assistance of the spiritual hierarchy including many ascended masters has increased its consciousness sufficiently to go with the shift. Only those people who are awake and actively raising their vibration or frequency get to go though. The process for this is described in Attitude – Choice – Vibration –Consciousness . This is a powerful reason to wake up.


The spiritual hierarchy realized that humanity was so overpowered by darkness that it would need the help of the Forces of Light to advance to higher dimensions. Why are they helping us? Our progress has been monitored for eons by our Galactic neighbors. Because all is connected and each part affects the other and we are all one, it has been necessary for this assistance, to advance their development. Also as a sentient being, Earth has requested help in raising the vibration or frequency of Earth dwellers. All other civilizations in our universe are at a higher frequency than Earth, and our low frequency affects the overall progress of our universe. The 3D experiment on Earth is now completing and all those who do not wish to raise their frequency or vibration will be relocated to another 3D environment. There is no judgment in this, everyone has a choice to develop at their own pace and there is plenty of time for all to do this. According to channeled information, Humanity has increased its vibration or frequency by 51% and this is sufficient to allow those of us who choose raise our consciousness to ascend with our planet Earth.


We are regarded as barbaric by the rest of the Universe. Our barbaric behavior is based on the fact that our society operates on Fear and Control. On a scale of 1 to 100, where 1 is the lowest and 100 the highest, currently mankind is probably at varying stages from 3-10. This is mainly because we only utilize about 3%, or a little more, of our DNA potential currently. DNA is affected by light and we need to increase our vibration or frequency (light) to activate fully all our so called “junk” DNA. Much channeled material confirms that we have been bombarded with light to reactivate our DNA by the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation of Light. Earth will become a member of this Federation after the Shift.

Our main goal at this time is to go through the Shift ourselves and help as many others as we possibly can to make it through the Shift. However, help can only be provided to those who seek that help using their own Free Will. Ask and you will receive.


On completion of the transformation of our DNA we start to behave like other civilizations in our Universe. The main difference is that these civilizations operate on Unconditional Love. As you become enlightened, instead of seeing others as separate, you see them as a part of yourself, Another Self. We realize the Oneness of the Universe. Therefore you are never afraid of others since when you operate from Unconditional Love you regard all as a part of you. Besides, you will gain additional abilities which will facilitate this such as telepathy. When you know what each person is thinking there can be no secrets or distrust.

After the shift we will totally reconstruct our world and how we relate to one another. Everything – politics and government, work, relationships, housing, clothes, energy systems, food production, diet, monetary system, healthcare, control over life and death, war, violence, religion and spirituality, education, environment, transport systems, life experience and knowledge of our universe.

Let us now consider the changes that we would like to see and that would be necessary for our new world organization and societal structures. These are just my ideas and of course you are very welcome to embellish or detract elements in your new reality focus:

Politics, Government, War and Violence

First a quick glance at the now redundant regimes. Our current system has ruled mankind throughout recorded history, comprising monarchs, kings, queens, dictators, tyrants at the top of the pyramid with most of the say, and the people at the bottom with not much say, in the development, implementation or enforcement of the laws and rules. In all regimes whether authoritarian, dictatorial or fascist, typically one person at the top has total and uncontestable power and authority to do pretty much anything that they like and there is absolutely nothing that anyone can do about it. Most of these positions of power have been gained either by birth or privilege.

The United States Constitution tried to overcome this injustice with the idea of democracy with the people voting on various issues so that no one person is making the rules and the majority rule prevails. However, as we have seen, this democratic process has become burdened with structure and corrupted by manipulation by powerful elements with self-serving agendas that challenge the rights and welfare of the people. Technology has enabled the voting process to be corrupted and manipulated and the wrong person elected just about everywhere in the world.

In the new world people will organize in smaller communities, have more time to devote to civic responsibility and monitor the decisions that are required within each community. The process will be very simple, because as you will see, our lives will not have the complexities or distractions that now exist. Government will be non-existent in the current context. No representatives will be needed. There will be no electoral fraud. No “special Interests” groups, bribery or corruption will exist or be possible. Each community would need an administrator, but all activities of administrators would be transparent to everyone.

Because of our simplification of the monetary system and other factors yet to be discussed, there will be no need for nations or the politics of wars. The Military-Industrial-Complex will be dismantled because there will be no wars. In the new world there will be no violence – period. Peace will prevail. There will be very little control, therefore very little government.

Total freedom of movement, thought and expression will be parts of regular life. Peace, Harmony and Freedom – Something to look forward to!

Monetary System and Property

The collapse of the fiat currency system is imminent and in its place we expect a precious metal currency system worldwide to be implemented hopefully before the end of 2009. This monetary system will only be an interim measure as we will ultimately have no need for money in our new world. All life needs will be provided free of charge. With everyone having access to the same amenities there will be no theft or coveting of the possessions of others. No need for insurance of any kind.

In fact the concept of real estate and accumulation of possessions will die as people will be able to move more easily from place to place without cumbersome possessions, and all dwellings will be available with the amenities that anyone could reasonably require. There will be different sizes of dwellings to suit family or individual needs and these are interchangeable as life requirements demand.

Work & Leisure

This is the most wonderful change of all.  Because all our needs will be provided – housing, clothing, food, energy, transportation, leisure facilities and educational opportunities, there will be no need to work in the sense we do now, drones at mainly jobs we dislike to eke out an existence. As smaller communities will have local production of their essential requirements, long haul transportation will be discontinued and cars will not be needed and will no longer exist.

All utilities will be provided and all matters such as waste disposal and sanitary requirements will be automatic nonpolluting processes controlled by intelligent computers that are overseen by administration.

Transportation will be via jumproom and stargate technology and nonpolluting zero point energy noiseless spacecraft where necessary. Teleportation will be one of our abilities. Can you possibly imagine a world without the noise of the combustion engine?

Leisure time will be ours to use in any way we desire with wonderful computer facilities and information access more wondrous than the internet. There will be opportunities for interplanetary space travel and universal interaction with our galactic neighbors.  Life will be truly an adventure and full of learning experiences with great cooperation and interaction with the various communities, on Earth and the Galaxy. It will be possible for communities to maintain their cultural heritages within this structure so there will be much cultural diversity. The overriding concept is that with our diversity, we are all one and equal with our Galactic neighbors and the Creator.


On First Contact, the welcome and interaction with our Galactic neighbors, and the collapse of redundant economic and government institutions, we will appoint temporary administrators to oversee and coordinate the necessary changes and we will embrace new technologies that will clean up our environment – water, toxic waste, atmosphere – and restore a pristine world environment almost overnight. Ecosystems and forests will be restored and manmade monstrosities will be dismantled – more on this later. There will be no need for roads, rail or air travel systems currently existing. Nature will reclaim its heritage.

New Technology, Housing, Clothes, Energy Systems, Food Production, Diet

New technologies that make our current systems pale to insignificance will be introduced on First Contact and/or the release of restrictions on existing technologies by the secret government. These secret organizations will disappear with the collapse of the fiat currency system. There will no longer be money to fund them and freedom of information will enable people to come forward and disclose their existence. With the collapse of the Military-Industrial-Complex, most of the inventions of the Black Operations conducted for the last 50 years will no longer be necessary as there will be no wars. Inventions will be applied to peaceful pursuits where possible.

The Replicator systems that will be introduced by the Galactics will build houses in days, remove and transform road systems, unwanted rail systems, buildings and structures like airports, power stations, ships, cars, all manner of transport. This waste will be changed into re-usable materials for other uses.

Fantastic methods of house construction using nonpolluting products, and containing every possible amenity for our comfort and convenience will be introduced. Replicators will also be used for clothing and food production. Our diet will change because of our lighter molecular structure which will require more organic vegetables and less processed foods. We will not eat animal meats or fish at all. Some tastes and foods we enjoy will be made by replicator.

New nonpolluting free zero point energy systems similar to the inventions of Nicola Tesla 100 years ago (a little black box in each dwelling), will give us limitless free energy to power anything requiring energy. All electrical wires will be removed and we will see clear skies and horizons.


Because the technologies we will be embracing are at least 1000 years ahead of our current abilities, we will of course need to learn and understand totally new concepts that apply to our daily lives. Education will be our first priority and the education of us and our children will be totally different to the current system which only creates mediocrity and does not focus on the individual talents of each person. Children will relish the experience of education. We will learn about new dietary needs, health modalities and extremely advanced sentient computer systems will interact with our minds as do the known technologies employed in Extraterrestrial crafts that have been part of the Black Operations projects for nearly 50 years.  This technology by the way was the basis for the AI (artificial intelligence)now used in many fighter craft and war machines. At First Contact we will each be mentored by a member of the Galactic Federations who will be here to assist in our transitions to our new world.

Body Transformation, Healthcare, Reproduction, Sex

It is my understanding those who choose to ascend to 5D with Earth (Terra Nova) through the process of achieving realization (knowing who they are, eternal infinite spiritual being in a physical body) through the process of waking up will transcend 4D by that process. On ascension to 5D, around 2012, we will have a much more refined crystalline body and increased abilities.

One of the most important changes to our bodies, that is happening NOW, as we increase our vibration/frequency by absorbing light to reinstate the full potential of our DNA, is that we will have perfect health and be immune to viruses and disease.  The so called “junk DNA” will become fully activated and we will have full memory of all our past lives, and enhanced abilities such as telepathy, teleportation, a body about 30-35 years as long as we want one and no disease. To find out how to increase light absorption read: and

In our new world there will be no sickness or health problems. It will be possible using the technologies and abilities of our Galactic neighbors, to reconstitute limbs and overcome paralysis from strokes, cure Alzheimer’s, etc. and totally restore the body to pristine health and rejuvenation. Our bodies will be able to transcend with our spirit to higher dimensions, or if our choice, we can leave our physical bodies. We will have the ability to be invisible. We will have abilities like telepath, teleportation and instant manifestation. There will be no fear or disempowerment. When everyone knows what the other self is thinking then there can be no lies, deceptions, fear or manipulation. Everything will operate from the base of Unconditional Love and cooperation.


The way we relate to one another will change. We will be androgynous beings in community groups. I do not actually have any valid proof of the existence of Twin Flames or Soul Mates. The history that our bodies were split into male and female to experience duality in 3D (See The Law of One, Ra Material) will no longer exist as we will probably become androgynous similar to our Galactic neighbors.

Reproduction would be a different process with possibly selected persons being chosen to procreate. This would be a community selection and possibly relate to factors like degree of evolution etc. Certainly there are different ways of reproduction available now with cloning, IUV, etc. The DNA selection of personality traits such as height, hair color, eye color, intelligence is now available. Childbirth is not a painful process in 5D. I have read how the Arcturians reproduce and there is much information in Dolores Cannon’s many books on Galactic lifestyles, customs and technologies about reproductive processes that do not seem to compare with sex in 3D. So there is much to discover on this aspect of our 5D lives yet.

I believe that sex has its highest development in 3D and I think that there will be delights to experience in 5D that will greatly replace the sexual experience here. We will know total joy. The ultimate sexual experience in 3D is very rare. It is, in my opinion, the only way that 3D humans with their limited DNA structure can experience the divine bliss of creation, but only if it is a perfect melding of like energies .The degree of experience depends on the stage of spiritual development of the 2 persons involved.

The development of the child would probably be a quicker process to adulthood. The child would be nurtured by the community much as occurs in indigenous cultures. So the family structure would no longer exist. With the amount of failed marriages, single parenting, etc. these days , this is almost what is happening now, so it should not be a great transition but more balanced and supportive for the child in its formative years and takes a lot of stress and responsibility off the “parents”. Children will develop more quickly as they do in Galactic cultures.

Religion & Spirituality

With First Contact the concept of religion will be totally questioned and all the existing religions will fade away. After all, what they have been preaching is our reality will be totally changed and irrelevant. The truth, secret for so long, will finally be acknowledged and embraced by us all.

Spirituality of the sovereign being will be the reality for us all. Study of the Law of One, Ra Material is recommended to fully comprehend the nature of the universe and how we advance through the dimensions on our return to Source or Creator. We are all thoughts in the mind of the Creator and are experiencing all possible experiences through our creative thought process. Thought precedes the word or the deed. We then are infinite creators with the one infinite Creator. We are separate individuals having different experiences but all one.


Once we realize that we are an eternal infinite spiritual being in a 3D physical body living yet another incarnation or lifestream, the concept of death is unrealistic. In fact, we simply transition from one dimension to another. We leave our physical remains here and return to the spiritual plane where we review the experiences of the lifestream just completed in the Akashic records to evaluate whether we have achieved the aims of that lifestream, before planning our next experience. There is no other judgment. We simply judge ourselves and decide what we need to do next to further evolve. Deepak Chopra’s book “Life After Death” is something you might like to read.

Once again we will have the opportunity to choose whether we continue a lifestream like beings of old who lived for hundreds of years, as our physical body will live as long as we want it in perfect condition. We can then decide when we want to leave that physical body for another experience.

Life Experience

Life experience will be so different from our life in 3D duality. No more negative experiences, pain or unhappiness. There will be amazing differences in our body structure and its abilities, in our relationships and communities, as we all cooperate and operate from Unconditional Love.

Knowledge of Our Universe, Multiverses and Omniverses

The thought of experiencing and interacting with our Galactic neighbors and exploring our potentials in other realms is simply mindblowing and really beyond my current comprehension. I am ready to do it though. My choice is to leave 3D after thousands of lives, of reincarnating and finally breaking out of the sphere of duality, negativity and limitation in this lifestream. I will continue my return to Creator through many future lives gathering experiences beyond my imagination in different dimensions. It has begun.

Noeline Clayfield

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