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Emergence, Emergency and Convergence is NOW!

October 7, 2009

globe with peope 2Emergence, Emergency and Convergence is NOW!

I love the English language and like to analyze words that  come into vogue. Emergence, Emergency and Convergence are such catchwords in common usage NOW. The dictionary definitions of these are as follows:

“Emergence” n. 1) the rising out of or coming forth from; 2)coming forth into view or notice; 3)the coming or arising of a question or concern;
“Emergency” n. 1) sudden and urgent occasion for action
“Convergence”n. 1)the act or result of moving towards each other as in lines which are not parallel; 2)tending to a common result, conclusion, etc.; 3)Maths (of an infinite sequence or numbers) to approach a single number, called the limit of sequence; 4)Biol. Similarity of form or structure caused by environment rather than heredity.

I was intrigued to find when I studied these definitions how appropriate the words are to describe our times. Certainly the emergence of the sorry state of our planet environmentally, of the unsustainability of our current lifestyles, economic and financial structures and the lack of accountability of our governments to WE, the people, plus the awareness of the changes in the planets of our universe by scientists indicating that they are heating up similarly to our planet Earth, are a part of the emergency that confronts us.

Concurrent with this universal and planetary emergence of change is the emergence of our opportunitiy to further evolve from 3D to 5D if we choose to do so with our planet Earth. We will experience the expansion of our consciousness as we are bombarded by the same light energy as the planets, as we are entering the Photon Belt in a part of the Universe that we have not traversed for 26,000 years.

This emergence of facts about the emergency is now causing a convergence not only in the planets of our universe as they respond unaminously in their form and structure with their new environment, but in humanity as it absorbs the light energy of the photon belt . Literally our DNA is becoming fully activated and humanity is coming together to assess its environment and make the changes that are needed both personally and societally to live sustainable, cooperative and happy lives. We are realizing that we have more in common than the sum of our differences both planetarily and universally. Acceptance, cooperation and peace will allow us to be united on our tiny planet Earth, while maintaining our diversity. We can only then interact with our Galactic Brothers and Sisters.

On 09.09.09 a global initiative, WorldShift2012, and its Declaration and call to action, were launched in London. Sponsored by the Club of Budapest whose members include its founder Ervin Laszlo, the Dalai Lama, Mikhail Gorbachev, Desmond Tutu and many other leaders of world change, its aim is to accelerate a World Shift in our collective consciousness…a convergence.
There is no doubt that we are now in a state of global emergency. It is also inherent in the meaning of convergence that it is affected by our environment. This unprecedented worldwide crisis is a symptom of a much deeper problem – the current state of our consciousness: how we think about ourselves and the world. We have the urgent need, and now the opportunity, for a complete rethink; to reconsider our values and priorities, to understand our interconnectedness and to begin a new direction – living in harmony with nature and each other. The Law of One is universal and critical now… stop the wars, greed and competition and promote respect, equity and equality for all humanity.
Every person, community and society in the world is already, or soon will be, affected by the crisis, through climate change, economic breakdown, ecosystem collapse, population pressure, food and water shortages, depletion of resources. Although channeled material tells us that if we are awake and aware and anchoring light through our daily meditations and positively focusing on our desired outcome, that we will cruise through the coming changes and disruptions. Just like the many who recently survived the tsunami in Samoa… we all have the ability to cruise through any disaster. The window of opportunity for pulling out of the current crisis and breaking through to a peaceful and sustainable world may be no more than a few years from now. This timeline coincides with the many forecasts and prophecies that speak of the ending of the current cycle of human life on this planet, and the emergence of a new consciousness by the end of the year 2012.

Instead of clinging on to the old paradigm that has brought us to the edge of catastrophe, we should follow the increasingly compelling evidence, as Marcel Proust once said: `the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes.’
As the Shift gathers pace, we are literally waking up – and evermore able to becoming more conscious co-creators. If we are willing to take responsibility for our choices and ready to make those choices from love rather than fear, the emerging view of the whole-world shows that we can really transform our personal and collective realities. But a choice made from love requires us to re-integrate our hearts and minds as has been promoted for years by Drunvalo Melchisedek in his books and seminars. Science has now proven that the brain is part of and indistinguishable from the heart. The brain does not make a decision without the intervention of the heart.

As we each respond and acknowledge the guidance of the universal heart – that connects us at a higher level of awareness – we fulfill our highest purpose in being here and now. For completion of the Shift is up to all of us. And while our personal journeys of self-discovery have been progressively empowering us to understand that `I Can Do It’, we need now to go beyond the Me and become the We that together can do it. This is the state of convergence.

The Declaration of WorldShift2012 wasn’t just to acknowledge a global state of emergency, but was a call to action to re-integrate heart, mind and purpose, to re-integrate and fully express the divine feminine in partnership with the divine masculine – within us all. It is a call for us all to follow where the evidence leads to the acknowledgement – and enactment – of a whole-world view. And it offers us all a clarion call, to come together and to dedicate ourselves as ever-more conscious co-creators to envisage and manifest the emergence of convergence. Every one of us is invited to show up and answer the call to service in whatever way and to whatever extent each of us can manage. We will receive guidance through the next crucial months and will be amazed at the contributions we individually and collectively make, even if at the moment we are confused about what it is that we can do. Faith and trust in the process is also integral to the coming success of the changes we are waiting for.

Noeline Clayfield

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