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The Last Stock Market Rally in History?

October 16, 2009

r-WALL-STREET-huge I find it highly synchronistic that even while the most influential countries in today’s financial world rally against America’s financial corruption in a bid to banish the US Dollar from international trade/influence, the Dow Jones Industrial Average surges upwards (now over the $10,000 mark for the second straight day) and ever closer to the $10,325 high reached on October 3rd, 08 (just prior to the meltdown last October).

Meanwhile, the US Dollar continues its nosedive in international value at an amazing rate and yet the Dow Jones marches upwards oblivious to all that is going on around it! It is almost laughable.

An index was released today that showed America has just experienced (over the last 3 months) the highest number of foreclosures in history. Despite today’s news that 1 in every 136 homes are now in some level of foreclosure, the Dow went up 50 points!

I could go on and on but I am simply trying to make a point. No longer can anyone doubt that Wall street is pulling out all the stops to keep up the appearance of stability…even as it implodes. It has gone beyond the realm of reality even by its own standards. It is sad really that so much human effort is still going into something that is/always has been nothing but smoke and mirrors to begin with. There is no real value to any of it.

I am now long past the point of anger that each of us experienced when we first realized that we had been duped in so many ways. I know intuitively that it is now, more than ever, important for me to be positive and shine light in the way that I react to events taking place around me. We are all coming to that place and if disclosure takes place 1 1/2 months from now, it will be because each of us continued to do our part and anchored our light.

Despite the fact that the cabal has been throwing everything but the kitchen sink at us, WE ARE STILL HERE!

For the first time in a VERY long time, I am feeling a fresh sense of pride about being a member of the human race and I am so glad that I am here with this group to share this experience of reaching the finish line!

Together we WILL prevail my brothers and sisters and we will no doubt meet one another at the graduation ceremony. Introducing…”The Class of 2012!”


Anthony Lukashuk

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  1. October 21, 2009 7:31 pm

    Hey, I found your blog while searching on Google your post looks very interesting for me. I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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