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Pleiadian Message from the Galactic Federation of Light….

November 10, 2009

ufoI was enthralled with the concise and graphic explanations by Pleiadian Alaje in this series in 8 parts on Youtube.  This series is something perfect to send to anyone that may be seeking information and is a good introduction to becoming awake and aware.

These videos explain everything we need to know actually and include the nature of the Pleiadian Lightships and the fact that that they are conscious and operate on spiritual energy. Also explained is the difference in the ships of the forces of light and dark and the fact that we will sense the difference in energies between these different ships through our heart if it is open and we are operating fully from the heart.

There are also some lovely mediations included which only take a few moments but are profound in their focus. I hope that you enjoy these as much as I did.  I have actually replayed them several times.

I believe that this material contains special blessings that affect us as we
watch them. This I have also experienced while reading many books. After all written and visual expression is sacred. The graphics in these videos are based on sacred geometry…a subject which I intend to expand on in coming weeks. Simply by focusing on the symbols will awaken our senses to higher levels of understanding.

I had close encounters as a child of 8 and again when I was 9 with beings who said that they were Pleiadians and that I would reconnect with them later in this lifestream.  Certainly my life has been an extraordinary one and my wakeup process over some 40 years has unfolded progressively as I entwined my experiences of my lifestream with my spiritual research and development. As I look back, it has truly been a wonderfully planned and implemented process….from reading a little book called “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” that miraculously came to my attention and recognizing the ongoing evolution of the our person/soul to digging into everything I could get my hands on about ancient civilizations, religions and spiritual practices. I can say that my life has been truly guided in every moment and this happens when we awaken and enquire… the information just becomes available to us in all sorts of interesting and sometimes amusing ways. Spirit surely has a great sense of humor.

I found the writings of Billy Meiers truly amazing and his photos of the Pleiadian craft and his experiences with Ptaah and Semjase are enlightening to say the least.

Also I recommend the books of Barbara Marciniak (listed in the Books Section of this site). These are channeled information from the Pleiadians also and I have read these books many times and for years did not remove them from my bedside table.

Finally, I believe I am Pleiadian in origin as this has been the major source of my information. When I first read “Law of One Ra Material” (also listed on this site) and David Wilcock’s “Notes on the Law of One Ra Material” and then his information on Wanderers, I just knew that I was one of these. I like the people described in there have always felt I was at odds with the world and alone. I just have not resonated with many people and felt I was misplaced here, although always being in positions that required much interaction with the public. Always having a  strange feeling of not belonging. I am the eldest of 7 children and am not even close to my siblings. It has in many ways been a very difficult life because of this innate sense of not fitting in or belonging. Questioning everything and asking “Why am I here?” and wanting to “go home”. I of course now know the raison d’etre of it all and it was a relief to actually connect with my purpose.

So enjoy this lovely series from Alaje, for which I personally am grateful. Our Galactic relatives have provided tirelessly and with devotion to our development. How can we truly thank them sufficiently for their guidance, love and devotion to assisting us in everyway to evolve out of the density of 3D and continue our spiritual path?

Part 1/8 –

Simply follow the links and view the complete series… there is good information about the Light ships in the last video 8/8.  Truly a wealth of information and also a good series that explains concisely what is going on currently.   Enjoy!


Noeline Clayfield

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