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The Turning of the Tide

November 15, 2009

churchAn Open Letter to Those Trusted Leaders Who Led Us Astray…

Ok, all ye leaders of fear-based religions, the game is up. You see, we’ve already got the game figured out and we’re not gonna play anymore. No longer are we going to allow you to rob us of our personal sovereignty. No longer are we going to allow you to put fear into the hearts of our Brothers and Sisters around the world so that YOU can offer them your own “brand” of salvation. Those days are over.

Every day more and more of us shed the weight of our collective ignorance and together we are sending out a clarion call to every corner of the earth, and our message is this:

“There is no place in Universal Consciousness for wrath; God’s or anyone else’s. There is no such thing as hell; other than the one that has been carefully created by religion in order to control us by fear. Each one of us is a piece of a universal energy (which many of us have come to know as God) and we have always been a part of this energy. This energy resides within each of us (as it does in all life) and our true awakening is heralded by our individual discovery of that which is our sole purpose here on this earth school…and that is our reconnection with the universal consciousness from whence we came”.

Yes, all ye leaders, NOW we know better. As each one us reclaims our personal sovereignty, your power lessens. As each of us re-ignites that flame which is our connection to higher consciousness, one more dark  corner disappears, and now you are running out of places to hide. Now the tables have turned and it is you (the creators of this illusion) who now live in fear, because you understand better than anyone, that a single candle can shed light in even the darkest place and that LIGHT will always master darkness, for this is a universal truth.

But fear not, all ye leaders, because we understand that you too, are a part of each one of us and we know that we must resist the temptation to seek retribution for what you have done. Instead, we have focused our positive intention on our vision of the future because we now know that we have the power to manifest it with our very thoughts!

So, all ye leaders, we invite you to join us as we turn our thoughts to transforming ourselves into that which we were always intended to be; a race of beings worthy of being granted admission into a federation of races spread throughout the stars. For it is time for us to ascend from the dark depths that led us to fear, hatred, service to self and ultimately to war.

It is time for us to fulfill our destiny. It is time for us to become “one”.

In love and Service,

Anthony Lukashuk

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  1. November 18, 2009 6:48 pm

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the great info found on your site, even helped me with my work recently 🙂 keep it up!

  2. December 1, 2009 10:51 am

    As much I would like o understand your site bur my poor english is problem.

    • Admin. permalink*
      December 2, 2009 1:49 am

      Hi There… Do not know what language you speak but a site that might interest you is where there are many choices. Particularly recommend Matthew, Mike Quinsey and SaLuSa but the others are good information as well. Thank you. Noeline Clayfield

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