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November 19, 2009

Turn off your TV sets and don’t get hooked into even watching your favourite shows.  I have not watched TV for 8 years and I don’ t miss a thing and am right up to date with everything that is going on in the world worthy of note. For entertainment and light relief I select movies and documentaries  of my choice.

A pdf of the now out of print seminal work by now deceased Peter Bowart “Operation Mind Control” can be downloaded at the following link:

Click to access Operation_Mind_Control_-_Walter_Bowart.pdf

Plus I am not mindcontrolled emotionally by TV through all programming with their subliminal messages.  My brain is not being interfered with by the Mind Controllers! Even the entertainment for our children such as “Sesame Street” and “Romper Room” and probably all the multitudes of cartoons are implanting behavioural programming through subliminal messages into the minds of our children.  I was shocked to find that out as I had encouraged my children to watch these programs!

I thoroughly recommend the following Youtube video – TV Mind Control for Dummies. It articulates  how you are affected by TV even when it is merely on.

86 media corporations used to disseminate our news but  now there are  6 media corporations worldwide who own all media outlets and this will soon reduce to 3 with ongoing media takeovers and amalgamations which used to be controlled but now are largely unregulated.  For example the major news outlets are Reuters and Associated Press…. but Reuters own AP and Reutersis owned by the Rothschilds. These media outlets make and exhibit programs that coach you on every aspect of your life and train you in certain behaviours. They have extremely close ties to financial, military and other major corporations that control  every aspect of our lives.

You can see where this is leading….

So the Internet is possibly now your only way of freely sourcing through your choice the truth and facts of our world.  Reliable sources are currently only able to be found on the Internet.  Do your homework and find sources that feel right for you. Many of these sources are displayed on this website in the various articles and reference sections for Videos, MP3s, Books, Channels.

It is essential for all to seek information that provides them with truth so that they can fight and win the war for your minds.

This all important info provided on this video will help you focus  and channel your energies on the right matters and enable you to overcome the fear that is being broadcast through all media outlets…. TV, printed media, radio…

Other Youtube links that are informational on this subject :

The Truth about TV and Mind Control :

Plus many more where these come from…. just follow the links!

Be free from mind control programming and find your truth by your choice!

Love and Light

Noeline Clayfield

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