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November 19, 2009

This Youtube video shows the SWAT team arresting Joseph Moshe and Dr Bill Deagle talking about the disappearance of Joseph Moshe, a well known Bacteriologist, who has disappeared after being arrested and relocated to Israel. I recommend all to read the article “Bioterrorism in the Ukraine?” which is posted here and gives vital background to this article, where the original information includes references to Dr Deagle, who is the person speaking on the Youtube Video.

I am happy to advise that several articles from ASCENSION Corner have been accepted by OEN where they can be viewed under the authorship of Noeline Clayfield, This will help to get this incredible information out there in spite of the Mainstream media minimal coverage of this matter.

The website that is keeping track of the numbers of Ukraine citizens affected or killed by this plague outbreak in the Ukraine is This site also has info on the WHO actions in the Ukraine including quarantine and other enforcements on the Ukraine people.

The Youtube video is very interesting new info substantiating the disappearance and possible assasination of Joseph Moshe, a leading Bacteriologist who was seized under very public and disturbing circumstances after asking for assylum in the USA. He apparently has dual citizenship in the US and Israel. It is confirmed he was taken by force to Israel, after arrest by a SWAT team from his car in traffic after the car was bombed with gas, where he seems to have completely disappeared without trace. This first MSM coverage of this potential bioterrorism by Baxters in the Ukraine by the UK Express is also covered in the ASCENSION Corner aticle.

The secret government are truly getting desperate to fulfill their population reduction agenda and pulling out all stops to inflict a pandemic on the world…. not the H1N1 that has proved fairly useless in achieving their aims but a new deadly strain altogether which autopsy of victims confirms looks like pneumonic plague. Contributors to also confirm the difficulty of communication with the Ukraine. Relatives in the USA and Canada are having great difficulty in establishing what is the Ukraine status.

Send light and love to the people of the Ukraine.

Noeline Clayfield

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