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Zeitgeist & Zeitgeist Addendum Revisited

November 28, 2009

Zeitgeist was made in 2007 and Zeitgeist Adendum in October 2008 and many people may have seen them, but to me they are still the seminal information on our history of maniuplation and control by secret societies since time immemorial right up to the present day and the proposed agenda, which I believe is not our current timeline if we all wake up and embrace who we are and take back our power.

I also like the graphic explanations of the various systems that largely are falling down around us now.

A revisit to these will help keep you on track mentally and emotionally and free from fear… providing clarity about what we don’t want in our lives and showing us where we have forfeited our power.

Go to the following link where you can choose language and download if you want….

The following is the link for the Zeitgeist Movement Orientation which is a MP3 presentation:

This movement really promotes the new reality and gives us something to focus on.  Jacque Fresco is now a very elderly man but his ideas are avantegard and very interesting to consider.  Peter Joseph who is now the sp0kesperson of this organisation conducts regular radio programmes that update progress and discuss various elements of the Movement.

Here is also a new video series by Peter Joseph:

“Where are we going?”
Part Two of the Peter Joseph Lecture Series.

Peter Joseph: “Where are we going?” Nov. 15th ’09 from peter joseph on Vimeo.

The Venus Project “On The Edge”PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4

Noeline Clayfield

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