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December 1, 2009

Guided Meditation for December – ” A New Chapter In Your Life” is found at the following link.. it is suggested that you copy it to your desktop for easy access:

Come and join me and let’s together co-create our new reality!
For simplicity you can join in the meditation Anywhere in the World at 8am or 8 pm.

We all know now the enormous power of group meditation.  I meditate on a daily basis and thought that others might like to join me and then we can generate the power of the group meditation to effect the changes we want in our lives.

This will I hope also focus us all on the job at hand which is proving a little tedious as we are impatiently waiting for the expected changes.  The important thing to remember NOW is that it is our continued focus and anchoring of light that will accelerate the changes.  This daily focus through group meditation will add tremendously to the achievement of this and aid the acceleration of the changes and overcoming the dark forces.

So set your alarms and join me in this ASCENSION Corner/Share 11 Light Meditation where you reside.

To assist with creating an overall focus, I have chosen 3 meditations that are 30 minutes duration. These meditations are made available freely by Sanaya Roman, the Channel for Orin, and I find them particularly wonderful for these times. I thank her with all my heart for this tremendous service to humanity’s enlightenment. For this month of December, I have chosen  Orin’s “A new Chapter in Your Life” for the month as it is a wonderful tool focusing on the new times ahead.  The idea is to change the meditation theme monthly… the set meditation will be confirmed each month.

These will help create a group focus and consist of music and guided meditation, from the following link:

Orin’s Dawning of a New Light

Orin’s A New Chapter In Your Life

Orin’s Peace Meditation

Please download to your desktop for easy daily access.

Come and join me and let’s together co-create our new reality!

Love, Light, Joy

Noeline Clayfield

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