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NESARA At Last? The Implications

December 3, 2009

The failure of the Federal Reserve to make payments long overdue through the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has brought the world to an unprecedented financial crisis.  The behind the scenes activity has long been reported by Christopher Story’s World Reports and the latest update  is covered in his Global Analysis Report of 3 December 2009.  It proposes that the introduction finally of NESARA is seriously being considered. See “Archives” of World Reports for further background to this report.  Verification of Christopher Story’s credentials, sources and testimonials can be found on his website.

Excerpt from this report follows:

“     The Rest Of The World Issues A Dire Warning To The United States:
China Will Proceed With Execution Of Its Lien Etc., And Will Be Backed
By The Whole Of Humanity: Settle Now Or Suffer Irreparable Consequences

The following well informed elaborations and deductions flow from the above, within which the NESARA information has been passed to us by usually reliable ‘connected’ sources [however we cannot at this time elaborate on or confirm ANY of the NESARA data, and neither will we enter into ANY correspondence on the subject, especially given the fluidity of the situation overall]:

• The White House and relevant US authorities have been informed (and it has been confirmed to us) that if there is any further US resistance and impediments to the releases, the Rest of the World will enforce the releases (by technical means) and will ‘implement NESARA’ (the National Economic Stabilisation and Reform Act’ signed by President Clinton in 1996 which comes into effect when announced). This will mean the bypassing of the Electoral College, the immediate removal from office of the US Cabinet and most legislators, the standing down of officials whose positions are dependent upon the continuation of President Obama in office (such as Leon Panetta), the removal of the President and Vice President Biden from office, and implementation of the special interim arrangements under which the United States is restored to Constitutional rule and an election is arranged six months after NESARA takes effect. The international ramifications of NESARA will be comprehensively complied with by the international community.

• In such circumstances, all implicated holders of high office, officials, justices and legislators go to jail, and the corrupt Presidents will cease to exist (see ‘blood on the floor’ warning below).

• It is understood that the situation at time of posting was that the US authorities have been or were being advised that this represents the international community’s final position in this US-prolonged crisis; and that the relevant personnel have been offered a choice between immediate compliance and release of the hijacked Settlements, and the upheaval specified in general terms above, which will entail ‘blood on the carpet’ and will have devastating global consequences that will of course take the compromised and somnolent ‘mainstream’ media wholly by surprise.

• Concerning ‘news management’, the strong impression we have gained on this score is that no arrangements are to be made to manage the international fall-out if the obstruction persists, as all multilateral cooperative arrangements will become meaningless and useless in practice, the world community’s residual patience is beyond exhausted and the mood is that the world will have been tipped into a state of unfettered economic warfare, with all extant transborder arrangements and international institutions immobilised, and the international banking system disintegrated back into its national components behind tariff barriers and exchange controls.

• Corollaries to this state of affairs would undoubtedly include the collapse of the European Union Collective and its institutionally corrupt European Commission, with its unapproved accounts stretching back 14 years. European structures are in any case threatened by the imminent possible implosion of one or more German banks [see below].

• By definition, in such circumstances, all offshore and off-balance sheet bank balances become worthless overnight (or rather, ‘more worthless’ than is already the case to a considerable extent, in practice). This puts paid to the notion that the Fascist criminalist clique could wind up in a position to buy up the world’s main assets at firesale prices.

• All 800+ US military bases outside the United States will have to be abandoned or mothballed as 100% of US troops operating abroad will be repatriated under NESARA, bringing an abrupt end to the scandalous drug-protection operation in Afghanistan (which will no longer be ‘necessary’ as the transborder interbank market will have collapsed, so it won’t need further lubrication with drug-trafficking proceeds); while the US occupation of Iraq, and all US military operations and presence in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, The Philippines, Japan, the British Indian Ocean Territory and elsewhere, will be terminated in short order.

• The criminalized US Intelligence Power would in such circumstances cease to be viable, as it will no longer be able to finance its globally reckless intermeddling and destructive ‘Black Operations’ with fraudulent finance scams, or to fund itself as a malevolent and corrupt ‘State within the State’ independently of Congress (which will in any case no longer be there, to begin with), so that it will cease to be ‘necessary’ and will be obliged to downsize and recall all its operatives from foreign stations. The US State Department will likewise encounter serious continuing problems with the running of its Embassies, many of which will be forced to downsize or close down altogether.

• Things have been allowed to drift out of control to such an extent, that informed circles around the world will not be dismayed at most of these consequences of US official intransigence that we have been partially describing – many of which will be secretly welcomed with relief.

So unpopular and disliked has the United States now become as a consequence of the unfettered arrogance of its criminal controllers, that, in accordance with the prevailing international mood, as explained to us, the view is that nothing short of a shake-up of the colossal proportions indicated, will purge the world of the menace of US official criminal banditry and decadence. This shake-up, with ‘unintended consequences’, of course, will materialize absent immediate compliance with the United States’ responsibilities and the justified demands of the international community.

Outline details of recent developments beyond this point in the present narrative occurred and were written up PRIOR to our obtaining the information summarized above.     “

Recent reports also confirm that Rahm Emanuel has withheld certain documentation from President Obama and it is further not confirmed in these reports whether this behaviour is still continuing and therefore we are not certain how far President Obama can be implicated in the behind the scenes activity of the criminals.

This is indeed heartening news for us all.  We await developments in the ensuing weeks as clearly this financial crisis has reached an impasse. The long awaited resolution of the criminally originated “derivatives “debt proposed to be foisted on the US population by the private corporation known as the Federal Reserve is finally exposed and will be eliminated.

Update: 6/6/2010  I confirm that further reports from Christopher Story confirm that international payments by the US Corporation to the other countries through BIS are still outstanding.  These reports show the incredible criminality that has been ongoing.  For a full documentation of what has transpired since December 2009 when this article was written go to:

Noeline Clayfield

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  1. December 3, 2009 6:00 pm

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

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