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The Truth About the Iraq War Finally Coming Out

December 3, 2009

The current Chilcot Enquiry in the UK is at last bringing out the truth about the illegal Iraq War.  The fact long known by many that there was no justification for this war and that the agenda was completely different to that purported is confirmed by Christopher Story of World Reports in his Global Analysis of 3 December 2009.

I have been following these reports for some 4 years and have been amazed at the intrigues and criminality that goes on and is never reported in the press and mainstream media.  Truly these reports alone could provide James Bond with scripting for the next millennia.

This article is based on this important report (also see “Archives” for further background) by Christopher Story, who supports all his information with documentation and qualified informers who have been known to him for many years.   His credentials and testimonials can also be sourced on his website.

The Chilcot Enquiry testimony of many such as General Sir Michael Rose and also important documentation long suppressed by the Blair Government provided by Lord Goldsmith spells out the illegality of the war and its immorality long before the Blair Administration pushed the war before parliament without advising the public of its true agenda.  This is fully detailed in the report.

Excerpt from World Reports Global Analysis, 3 December, 2009:

”    On 30th November, George Pitcher, a columnist with The Daily Telegraph, wrote:

‘Tony Blair, with a truly toxic mixture of sanctimoniousness and wealth-enhancing chutzpah, has always maintained that his Iraq invasion was a just war. He has held firm to this shibboleth with trembling lip and quasi-religious conviction. But the letter to him from Lord Goldsmith, which emerged at the weekend, changes everything’. [Goldsmith was the Attorney General at the time].

‘Dated July 29, 2002, a full eight months before Blair launched his grotesque Middle Eastern misadventure, the then Attorney General wrote to tell him that such an invasion would be illegal under international law. It is in the bundle of documents at the Chilcot Inquiry, to be addressed when the former Prime Minister, abortive President of Europe and putative Middle East peace envoy, gives evidence to it in the New Year’.

Blair’s line has always been that he was “guided” by the Attorney General. It turns out that this guidance was unequivocal and in writing from the outset, and was not what he wanted to hear.

Blair had to despatch a couple of his heavies, in the shape of Lord Falconer and Baroness Morgan, verbally to duff up Lord Goldsmith and to bully him into toeing the line, so that Blair could honour his private pledge to follow George W. Bush into the valley of death’.

[Recall our repeated reminder that the ONLY product these people generate and have on offer is, precisely: DEATH (spiritual as well as physical)]…. ‘Blair’s actions were not only illegal, as now conclusively demonstrated by Lord Goldsmith’s evidence: they were also immoral’.

And what about the sudden horizontalisations [assasinations] of Dr David Kelly and the former Blair Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, who died way before his time from a ‘sudden’ heart attack, like Blair’s predecessor as leader of the Labour Party, John Smith?

This ‘dirty linen’ is inserted here just to remind ‘the interested’ that these horizontalisations won’t be brushed under the British Government’s filthy dirty carpet, should by any chance it have been assumed that this has already been satisfactorily accomplished.

Nor is the aforementioned newspaper columnist alone in pointing fingers at Blair. On the contrary, Mr Pitcher’s pointing finger has been joined by the right forefinger belonging to the distinguished General Sir Michael Rose, who has bluntly called for Tony Bliar to be prosecuted for war crimes following the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq.

Writing in ‘The Mail on Sunday’ on 30th November 2009, Sir Michael stated that the Chilcot Inquiry on the origins of the war should be the first step in a judicial process that brings those responsible for the disasters of the Iraq War before the Courts, ‘and could, as I shall explain, ultimately result in Tony Blair being indicted for war crimes’.

Sir Michael then reviewed the past week’s evidence to the Chilcot Inquiry which proved that Mr Blair lied blatantly to the House of Commons and the public about Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The article reconfirmed that the evidence spelled out how Mr Blair ‘AND OTHER SENIOR GOVERNMENT FIGURES’ [our emphasis – Ed.] had been told that there were ‘no WMDs, no missiles, no atom bombs and that there was no legal basis to pursue a war against Iraq’.

‘Despite these compelling accounts of what happened, the truth is that we already know the main lessons of Iraq: Britain was taken unprepared into war on false grounds, and the inevitable result was the destruction of Iraq, enormous loss of life’ [THE DEATH PRODUCT] ‘and continuing political turmoil in the Middle East. Worse, the Iraq War has radicalized Muslim opinion against the West throughout the world, even spawning terrorism on the streets of London’, Sir Michael wrote.

The General elaborated that Britain has a tradition of holding its leaders to account when they lead the country into a disaster. He pointed out that when the British Army was defeated at Yorktown in 1781 at the end of the American War of Independence, the entire British Cabinet resigned. When Winston Churchill, who, as First Sea Lord, had been the main architect of the Empire’s Gallipoli campaign against the Turks, saw the scale of the disaster that occurred in 1915, he immediately volunteered for the trenches in France where it is believed he hoped either to find death or to be able to redeem his honour.

[The Editor’s father somehow survived the entire duration of the First World War in the trenches].

By contrast, General Sir Michael Rose added, Blair swans around the world today making millions from business contacts and lectures. And to make matters still worse, a large proportion of these earnings are only possible because of his US and Middle Western contacts arising out of his unconditional support for the Bush War and Death Machine.    ”

Link to this report:

No doubt the revelations of the Chilcot Enquiry will lead to the prosecution of those implicated in these crimes of humanity that have persecuted the Iraqi population, plundered and destroyed their country. No doubt there is a similar agenda in Afghanistan that has not been acknowledged by the official media too.  We are beginning to see the truth emerge at last.

Noeline Clayfield

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