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December 4, 2009

The following Video coverage on MSNBC is the second interview in recent days of Jeff Peckman of Denver Colorado talking about the proposed Extraterrestrial Affairs  Commission that will be voted on the Colorado 2010 Ballot that would promote the “harmonious, peaceful, mutally respectful and beneficial co-existence between humanity and Extraterrestrials”.

Previous extensive interview of Jeff Peckman on the Letterman Show June 10, 2008:

Jeff Peckman is a modern day crusader who does not come across as a nutter. I admire his courage to come forward and walk his talk and truth. His calm and pleasant personality is not overtly passionate or fanatical about the reality that he knows is possible and therefore he presents as a perfectly normal intelligent human being who has arrived at what can only be described as a better alternative for us all.

It would appear he has been involved in alternative medical therapies and alternative free energy technology and is well researched and conversant with them.  He is doing his personal best to make a diference and is a perfect role model for the rest of us in getting the truth of the coverups and lies that have been told for the last 60 years exposed and acknowledged.  Congratulations Jeff and we are with you 100%!

Noeline Clayfield

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  1. Ann permalink
    December 6, 2009 6:11 pm

    We’re getting there

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