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President Obama sabotaged by Members of his own administration

December 5, 2009

Since the commencement of President Obama’s administration in February this year I have often wondered how he could possible survive  and implement his agenda of real change surrounded as he has been by so many of the “old guard” from the notoriously corrupt Bush years who have clung so determinedly to their hold on the status quo.  The media is infiltrated with them and gives them exposure where  they are always popping out of the woodwork with their vitriol and warped opinions.  The compromised members of the Senate and Congress have truly shown their colours and who they are supporting, and it appears not to be the constituents who elected them to office, but the corporations and special interest groups who have lined their pockets with  thousands and sometimes millions of dollars.

It has been clear to me at least, reading through the lines, that President Obama has been compromised on more than one occasion by Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Clinton, Bernanke of the Fed and Treasury Secretary Geithner, particularly when the President was on overseas missions and out of the country. This is the time when special interest groups would have a field day… “while the cat’s away the mice will play” routine.  The President always returns home to put out the fires.

So now we have confirmation from World Reports’ Christopher Story dated 4/5th December that Rahm Emanuel, the president’s Chief of Staff, has been withholding important information and documentation from his boss. This is treason of the first kind, but only what I have assumed has been happening for some time.  The same old faces seem to do musical chairs with the various posts of Treasury, Federal Reserve, banks and insurance companies.  Talk about a closed club.

I believe in President Obama; that he is truly wanting to bring in the necessary changes to the now obvious layers of corruption within the government of the United States and the world generally.  The UK, EU, Canada and Australia  have the same problems deeply engrained in their structures. The secret government of the world comprising large corporations, central banking institutions and powerful minority special interest  groups are now exposed for what they are and their agenda is completely against the health, wealth and happiness of humanity.  It is all about the impotent fiat money system that is about to go down.

Excerpt from the report :

At 2:35pm UK time on 3rd December the Editor established that President Obama DID sign papers on Thursday evening. This has since been re-reconfirmed by very reliable ‘connected’ sources.

According to these sources, Bush 41 again attempted to interfere and threatened various parties, including, it is believed, Mr Obama himself. However as you will recall from our report dated 26th November, Mr Rahm Emanuel was exposed as having withheld information from the eyes of the President of the United States. Deceiving the Head of State is a treasonous act, not least because the Head of State cannot function if his or her advisers withhold vital information or deceive their employer. Since our exposure, Rahm Emanuel has been unable to continue his devious sabotage operations. Reconstructing events, it can be seen that with such information in the public domain, Mr Obama was equipped with the necessary ‘gibbet’ on which Mr Emanuel could be metaphorically hanged should he be so stupid as to persist with his familiar obstructive operations. ” Continued at the above link and “Archives”….

This is the first actual confirmation that I have seen of what is going on behind the scenes and the nefarious doings of the old guard referred to as the Bush/Clinton cartel, that like a giant evil octopus has its tentacles in all areas of international crime and intrigue.

If you have not read the whole report it is worthwhile just to have the satisfaction of knowing what has been going on behind the scenes.  You will not read this anywhere else in the mainstream media.  This is truly the period of unravelling of the infamous activities that have threatened our lives and the future of our children for the last 60-100 years, that will usher in our new reality and golden age of wondrous new experiences.

Noeline Clayfield

Update 6/12/2009 :  Further Evidence of Sabotage by Clinton and Gates:

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