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Reclaiming, Owning and Maintaining our Power

December 14, 2009

In these times we are bombarded from every direction by electromagnet interference through HAARP, TV, movies, advertising, commercialization on every level, and our abilities to discern the best choices for us are challenged just by the sheer pressure of earning a living and maintaining the basics in any day.  It doesn’t stop there. Our power is stolen by the people and situations around us that manipulate and control us or attempt to control us. If these attempts are successful in causing us emotional disharmony… they are taking our power away…empowering themselves by disempowering us.  This process is graphically described in the works of Barbara Brennan “Hands of Light” and “Light Emerging”, but particularly in “Light “Emerging”, where she describes the various personalities and how they interact with us through various layers of our mental, etheric and physical bodies.

The Illuminati and world powerbrokers who have created the agenda that has led us to the impasse worldwide today of  turmoil and chaos created by unsustainable economic environments, pollution, earth and food degradation, that are attacking our wellbeing, health, minds and freedom of choice and expression, actually also feed on the distress and fear emotions that are generated by these factors. By creating fear in us, they create their agenda and disempower us.  So the ability to hold onto our power and maintain stasis to decide what is our truth is paramount.

This concept was made very clear to me recently when a moderator on a discussion forum took issue with something that I published and banned me from the site. Even the moderators are controlled on this site. The fact that I had presented an alternative view to his and had the audacity to question something that he was putting forth as dogma, apparently brought his ego and anger to the fore and he banned me from the site.  I had not broken any of the rules of the site or published banned material. I was amused at this attempt by this control freak to make me toe his line. The fact is that to think as he does is not relevant to me or anybody else. What was happening was that my post was seen by him as a personal attack on him and his agenda and banning me from the site was going to give him some sort of power kick particularly if it upset me emotionally.  These people feed on our anxiety emotions and so constantly need to create them. They can be your boss, parents, sibling, husband, children or friend as much as forces and elements less personally attached to you. Our emotions are their feeding frenzy. What they need to make them happy, strong and “win” is controlling and putting others down, creating fear and self–doubt in others.  It seems there are not many discussion forums without a specific agenda that is restrictive and controlling. People awakening now and leaving 3D polarity thinking need a forum where they truly share their experiences and beliefs unfettered by restrictive rules. This aids them in their progression to unity consciousness while maintaining their individuality and freedom of expression. We are each indeed unique in our experiences.

If you want an unmoderated discussion forum where you can find interesting material and express and post without impunity:

In every moment we need to be able to discern who is feeding on our power and stop it. We can easily feel when somebody or something is attacking us or pressing our buttons.  While this is happening we can be in observer mode rather than emotionally involved, and decide what response we are going to make without getting into the drama. This is exactly what I did in the above situation.

I decided that I was not going to be manipulated by a control freak and told what I should think or post and I immediately started up my own discussion forum which is not moderated and people can interact with others and post their views without fear of being monitored and controlled.  We are a sum of our parts… we are one. All is truth on some level. All expressions are valid whether they are representing an experience of pain, joy, illumination, disgust or anger.  We can take what resonates with us and leave the rest. We don’t have to feel threatened by another point of view. For me there is only love. Hate, discrimination, resentment and jealousy have no place in our emerging reality.  Many people, the control freaks and powerbrokers, feel threatened by your power and personal integrity and try to stop you in your tracks. By observing this and not buying it, you are maintaining your power and stasis.  This is what all powerbrokers and control freaks are most fearful of…. our personal ability to maintain our power and imagine our future which is at odds with their agenda. By not allowing them to make us fear them or herd us like a mob of cattle into their paradigm, they lose their power to force on us their agenda.  It is really that simple.

So how can we relate to these people?  We are all one…right?  They are catalysts for our growth and a valid part of our process (this is explained in Law of One, Ra Material – see “Books”).  We learn from them what is important for us to pursue and experience effectively to consciously grow ourselves and fulfill our purpose. I do not feel any obligation to try and change them. It is quite impossible to force this upon another, as we all have equal opportunity to awaken and evolve consciously. We must change ourselves through choice. I thank them for making the experience possible and send them love and light which will gradually eradicate the darkness that is expressing in them as a need to control and manipulate others, their service to self.  Light eliminates darkness.

So I encourage all to face the fears and control freaks in their lives… lovingly say Boo! and take back your power. It is amazing how quickly any fear can be dispelled by simply facing it and owning your truth.

Love and light

Noeline Clayfield

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  1. December 15, 2009 3:10 pm

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    have a blessed holidays and great year

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