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December 16, 2009

The Murdoch Media Stable’s  UK Sun today surprised everybody by suddenly acknowledging Ufology and included a tribute to “Amazing UFO Pictures of 2009”.  See the following link.\

Included in this tribute photo gallery was the Norwegian Spiral Light but many of us attribute that to the HAARP installation near where the spectacle appeared in Norway the night before President Obama’s Nobel Prize speech.

See my article “What Caused Norway’s Light Spiral Spectacle – HAARP Scalar Interferometry?” for some fairly compelling scientific evidence from Richard C. Hoagland, David Wilcock and Richard Boylan supporting this theory.  Here is the link:

What I want to know is…. are they preparing to give us the “these are evil scary aliens ” routine that is epitomised in Hollywood propaganda?”  I believe that our Galactic neighbours have been observing us for eons and that we have been a sort of observable experiment of spiritual evolution to many other civilisations and that they are ready to embrace us when we have reached a certain stage of development and that time is now. I do not believe they are against our better interests.  With their technology they could have “occupied” us long ago but have waited until we reached a certain stage of development on our own to connect with us, although their crafts have been observed by us.  Our waking process of discovering who we are and our potential. I am looking forward to interacting with them as they have described us as unique and very special and powerful beings.

So we can possible expect to see some Fox News coverage of UFOs and other Murdoch press coverage in the near future.  For years this has been completely ignored by the mainstream media and it is suspicious that they are now doing an about-face. It hopefully means that disclosure is imminent and the green light has been given to prepare us with media exposure of this topic .  Surveys have shown that around 34% of the population believe in UFOs so it should not be too much of a shock to us.

Of course many people,  millions of us in fact, are aware that they exist and we have long awaited official confirmation from our governments. Many countries have released their UFO files over the last 10 years but the USA has continued to deny the existence of UFOs and ET contact in spite of the overwhelming evidence by the hundreds of former government, military and air force people who gave evidence at Dr Stephen Greer’s Disclosure Project back in 2001.  Even former President Carter has seen one and Senator John Podesta is another believer.  Stephen Bassett is another who has published much information on UFO activity. Besides this compelling evidence, there have been many UFO flaps in Mexico and the Mexican Air Force has actually flown alongside them and fully acknowledges their existenc. The Phoenix Lights and other sightings on a regular basis in the USA have been confirmed by citizens and still no government acknowledgement. It is time now for this to be finally officially acknowledged.

Noeline Clayfield

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