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New Year’s Resolution – Personal Empowerment

December 31, 2009

One of the ways we have lost our personal power is the longrange plans of the Illuminati to disempower and increasingly control us which have been in the planning for many  generations. Their plans have been in operation for thousands of years but the latest onslaught has been hundreds of years in the planning. Hundreds of banks closed in 2009 and more are expected in 2010.

The big financial crunch that must surely come in January 2010 with the bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve makes it imperative that people empower themselves by taking their money out of the criminal system and place it where they can see it.

The following video shows footage of a movie made about the banking crisis of 1929 –  1930s.  It is easy to forget the terrible hardships imposed on our grandparents and parents, since we only have experience of our times.  The fact is that what is happening now in many countries… home foreclosures and bankiing scams has all happened before!

So move your money from the big banks that are causing the current financial scams to the smaller community banks where you can actually meet your bank manager and know who you are dealing with instead of faceless, mercenary banking criminals who only want to fleece your last dollar for their nefarious agendas :

This Huffington Post article clarifies the situation with the small community banks:

We can empower ourselves by making informed personal choices.


Noeline Clayfield

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