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Operation Stillpoint – Failed Assault on Humanity via Financial Scams

January 8, 2010

Financial Crisis

The almost James Bond like film script of secret maneuvers that finally upended Operation Stillpoint and names those inside and outside government who have tried for decades to implement this plan.

The following report by Christopher Story of World Reports is most serious investigative reporting and I encourage all to read of one of many failed recent attacks on Humanity to bring us all finally under the thumb of the One World Order that many secret societies, Factions 1, 2, Committee of 300, Council on Foreign Relation, Bilderbergers, members of US Congress and some members of President Obama’s Administration have been executing to finally subjugate us to their long planned agenda, spanning some 60-100 years, of achieving total power and control of the world and its resources.

As you will see this plan has been in action for decades and like the recent failed “Global Warming” scam. That was in operation for 40 years, and was supposed to further restrict us by imposing carbon taxes and controlling industry and resources, but was undone by the “Climategate” hacking operation that exposed all the falsified data about this invented phenomena. Operation Stillpoint has been duly dismantled by those who have a greater interest in overcoming this power elite and their agenda against the wellbeing of all humanity.

This report contains the activity of the past week , which has not been covered by mainstream media which of course is controlled by the same evil agenda, and also provides a summary of the whole operation at the end of the report. For other reports of interest go to “Archives “on the site for added background. Link Below.

Operation Stillpoint to take down the USA Stopped

We are now in a position to tear part of the veil away from the secret stage on which saboteurs operating from WITHIN US Government structures have been systematically, over a prolonged period of years, seeking to do nothing less than seize the assets of the entire United States and its people, in a mad revolutionary offensive to convert the country into a fiefdom controlled by a small clique of arrogant maniacs.


In essence and in outline, the secret offensive against the United States and its people directed from within by subversives headed by George Bush Sr. and his controller-handler, Dr Henry ‘Heinz’ Kissinger, and micromanaged by Bush Sr.’s criminal financier Dr Alan Greenspan, with embedded participation of Leo/Lee Wanta, involved the following intended stages:

• Stage 1:

Developing myriad Ponzi schemes and giga-thefts, of infinite variety, and BY ANY MEANS, in order to procure ‘base money’ for open-ended unreported, off-balance sheet, untaxed leveraging and hypothecation operations.

• Stage 2:

Maximizing the potential for the accumulation of trillions of fiat dollars by means of such financial sorcery, both for personal self-enrichment purposes and in order to accumulate a colossal fund of fiat ‘money’ from Fraudulent Finance operations, ready for Stage 3.

• Stage 3:

Deliberately inducing the collapse of the US financial system and economy to facilitate Stage 4:

• Stage 4:

Mobilising the colossal accumulated portfolio of Fraudulent Funds, stashed offshore and untaxed, with a view to buying up collapsed US assets across the board, so that the entire economy wound up in the hands of the controlling saboteurs.

• Stage 5:

The ELIMINATION of commercial banking and its replacement by the US Treasury’s Direct Account.

The codename for this operation, directed from within the deeply compromised and penetrated US Government structures, was, and remains to this day, OPERATION STILLPOINT.


OPERATION STILLPOINT was finally DEFEATED with the confirmation, application and decisive consequences of the sovereign lenders’ Writ of Execution, followed by imposition of the massive Lien against the US Treasury for $47 trillion which the defrauded parties, the Chinese authorities and the British Monarchical Power, had to execute on or about 6th December 2009.

However, notwithstanding that OPERATION STILLPOINT has been destabilized, degraded, collapsed and is in the process of being dismantled and the Republic therefore prospectively rescued at the last moment from what was intended by its sworn enemies certain operatives, including Leon Panetta, Timothy Geithner, Mrs Hillary Clinton, former Vice President Richard B. Cheney and, at the bottom of the pile of snakes, Wanta, have had a problem getting used to the NEW PARADIGM, whereby the subversives engaged in the systematic sabotage of the ongoing US financial restitution operations (in order to ‘rescue’ OPERATION STILLPOINT), have now been placed not only firmly on the defensive, but in a bind from which they cannot extricate themselves (even though their arrogance remains such that they imagine that they can).


Not surprisingly, it has become evident, and we are specifically informed, that civil war has broken out within the main flank of the corrupted Intelligence Power.

This was to be expected, given that OPERATION STILLPOINT has been disrupted and that the Bush Syndicate is in the process of being ‘taken down’ although, unbelievably, Bush Sr. and Barbara were still NOT in custody as of 5th January 2010.

Tensions have erupted between the discredited Bush-DVD Syndicate penetration cadres and elements within the CIA who range from professionals disgusted at the behaviour of their agency (begging the question: they went along with it, so they haven’t a leg to stand on), and operatives who find their noses out of joint for whatever reason (such as non-fulfillment of Pay Orders, which cannot now be fulfilled because they involved financial corruption) may apply. The tensions duly erupted into bloodshed during the holidays.

Specifically, the ‘Black Ops’ specialists, probably directed inter alia by senior CIA operative Mrs Hillary Clinton who disappeared into Afghanistan and the region during the Christmas and New Year period, have been working overtime to develop new terror ‘false flag’ operations, of which the Northwest Airlines Flight 253 near abomination was one example in time to try, against the odds, to abort the derailing and closedown of OPERATION STILLPOINT which the stupid ‘Black Ops.’ people don’t appear to have realized is HISTORY. As previously mentioned these liars, deceivers and dealers in murder and the ‘Black arts’ are exceedingly stupid at all times.

On New Year’s Day, The Times (London) and other ‘mainstream’ media reported the furious response of Afghani security chiefs to the cold-blooded murders of at least eight children and teachers during a night raid in Eastern Afghanistan an outrage that triggered justified mass protests across Afghanistan at the barbarity of these assassinations. The high Afghani officials demanded that the United States must hand over the gunmen who perpetrated these atrocities.

The Afghan National Security Council (modelled along US and Soviet lines), chaired by President Karzai, demanded that ‘those responsible for the deaths of those innocent youths must be handed over to the Afghan Government’. Mr Karzai’s office elaborated: ‘International forces entered the area and killed ten youths, eight of them school students inside two rooms in a house, without encountering any armed resistance’.

The local headmaster, Rahman Jan Ehsas, told The Times that ‘seven of the children were handcuffed before they were shot. A local farm labourer and a shepherd boy were also killed’.

Although (inevitably) a Western official commented that ‘there’s no doubt that there were insurgents in there, and there may well have been an insurgent leader in the house’, he added:

‘But that doesn’t justify executing eight children who were all enrolled in local schools’.


All reports on this incident have so far missed the point, which is illuminated by the sequel namely that following this massacre, a ‘suicide attacker’ killed eight US civilian operatives.

[Although we are informed that no less than 13 CIA operatives were present at the same time in the remote location an unbelievable breach of basic security standards].

• These killings took place at a CIA base, Camp Chapman, in Khost, on the Afghan-Pakistani border. Those killed were the CIA ‘Black Ops’ personnel who perpetrated the murders of the children and teachers to escalate Afghani and Islamic tension generally, in pursuit of an emergency agenda intended to smother inter alia the takedown of OPERATION STILLPOINT.

You don’t believe this? Then let us share some special intelligence with you obtained, indeed, from intelligence sources. These eight ‘Black Operations’ murderers were themselves liquidated on orders from Washington (probably approved at the highest level, certainly the National Security Council), not as retribution for what they did of course, but because the Afghani authorities were calling (see above) for these US demoniacs to be handed over to the Afghani authorities so that they would appear in Court unleashing further appalling publicity for the Americans and the CIA, to be splashed around the world’s ‘mainstream’ media.

The Afghans wanted these US bandits under their authority; so the order was placed by US officials for these men to be executed. In other words, yet another CIA-sponsored ‘Black Ops.’ abomination ended in failure and the murder of Americans by the US Government’s own structures illustrating both the extreme desperation of the Intelligence Power as it is split apart by its internal rivalries and the ongoing but incomplete purge of the Fifth Column saboteurs, and the mental retardation of the out-of-control Fifth Column fools inside the Agency and its subsidiaries and ‘privatized’ cadres who are recklessly plotting these sabotage outrages.


For, make no mistake: President Obama has been ‘kicking butt’ ever since his return from Hawaii. He has realised, not least, that he has no alternative, if he himself wishes to avoid abrupt arrest by INTERPOL for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE (which is what he was told on 4th January 2010). At the same time, in any case, his first year in office has been completely wasted due to the subversive activities of the high-level saboteurs in his Cabinet and entourage, who were largely foisted upon him by the recalcitrant, penetrated Intelligence Power.


• 28th December: The Editor was reliably informed that ‘a lot of people got busted’ during the past couple of days. As this information came from a figure with rather unsavoury contacts, and similar unconfirmed suggestions to the same effect were received from other sources, we believe this statement to have been accurate.

• 29th December: Between 12 and 14 corrupt bankers were reported to us to have been arrested in London on this date. In Paris, the top Trustee attended at Banque Paribas for the funds release procedure as planned but was subsequently reported to have encountered resistance from Paribas bankers and ended up, as reported to us, ‘shouting and screaming’ at the bankers.

We were also told that the Paris Trustee’s fees were to be paid directly inter alia by President Sarkozy. A key Dallas-based Trustee was reported to be sick in bed with a fever temperature of 102 degrees and was reported to us to have been replaced, having also been identified as ‘dragging his feet’. Although one source denied the above, we ourselves established that INTERPOL had indeed intervened in Paris to replace a senior Trustee, while a key Trustee was detained at a US operations centre and replaced, after he had been engaged in alleged delaying tactics.

• 30th December: Informed sources told us that they were ‘expecting a lot more arrests’.

• 30th December: The funds were ‘dropped down’, i.e., made available gross, at midnight. Funds payable to top Trustees will have been taxed at the Treasury, with the gross amounts payable to Trustee recipients and distributors paid without tax being deducted.

• NOTE: This is a complex area which cannot be fully explained at this stage. On the one hand, it was IMPERATIVE for the gross funds to be made available within 2009 so that taxes could be taken off the top for crediting within the calendar year 2009 and therefore available for use by the Government on the books within Fiscal Year 2010 which we know from three sources took place.

Indeed, as indicated, a key broker/Trustee confirmed to us in writing on 1st January at 20:24 pm UK time that he was advised on 30 December by sources in both Europe and the United Kingdom that his taxes had already been deducted. On the other hand, double taxation is illegal, so the amounts that Trustees were to distribute had to be paid out gross preventing the Obama Government from receiving the sizeable taxation accruals required on-balance sheet IMMEDIATELY, as the US Government is ‘skint’ due to the year that has been wasted in further attempts to revitalize the dying Fraudulent Finance carousel and to rescue OPERATION STILLPOINT pending the decisive action that had to be taken by the defrauded sovereign powers that became the Lien Holders.

Overall, however, the position is that the refusal of Banque Paribas to honour the top Trustee’s instructions in respect of funds that we know have been taxed, represented a MAJOR BANK FRAUD under international banking and criminal law, for which the French bankers in question could have suffered literally ANY fate at the hands of INTERPOL from summary execution, to their immediate incarceration or extradition to appropriate jurisdictions for judicial processing. The key Paris-based Trustee was also required to pay four countries which had floated certain bonds.

• 1st January 2010: It was reported to us that, focusing in part on preventing corrupt bankers and operatives diverting funds back to the Bush ‘Black Ops.’ Syndicate, INTERPOL had placed teams at both ends of certain Settlements transactions especially given the endemic corruption within the Federal Reserve, where the Chairman, Dr Bernanke, features among the highest-level operatives within the US official structures who is vulnerable to being targeted under the POLICY CHANGE implemented at the US Department of Justice and in light of the necessary freedom of operation afforded INTERPOL following President Obama’s Executive Order dated 16th December 2009.

• The main portions of taxes on the Settlement money were reported to us to have been taken out of the gross amount on 30th- 31st December 2009, so that they are applicable for tax purposes in calendar 2009, meaning that the proceeds are available to the Government now. At 8: 24pm on New Year’s Day, we also received, in response to an earlier enquiry to a senior Settlements recipient, confirmation from both US and European sources that ‘my taxes were taken off the top on or before 31st December in order for them to be credited to Fiscal 2009. I got that word Wednesday 12/30/09′.

Note: However given that ‘Line-Item’ payments were not implemented within calendar 2009, as should have occurred (indeed, had been promised for before Christmas), taxes cannot legally be removed from such gross payments in that context, since they are not payable until 15th April 2011; and payment is therefore expected by certain parties in full. Prior deduction of taxes in the current fiscal and calendar years from such payees’ amounts would indeed represent major BANK FRAUD and would be eligible for legal action under RICO (three times damages). Put another way, taxes cannot be charged on the basis of constructive receipt: only on the basis of economic receipt.

• 1st January: The Texas firm of lawyers, Troutman Sanders used in the past by the George Bush Syndicate was reported to be engaged in breaking down the funds for delivery and distribution. As previously noted, when we were originally informed about this law firm’s involvement with the distributions, we couldn’t believe what we were being told. However for reasons not yet explained, we were told ‘that’s the way it’s got to be’.

We pointed out that under the new dispensations [see above], any partner within that firm who may be dumb enough to continue functioning as though no fundamental discontinuity from the ‘Black Operations’ norm had taken place, would be extremely foolish in view of the fact that the penalty for treason in time of war is summary execution. Finally, we were advised that Troutman Sanders was being closely monitored and watched.

• 1st January: About 30 arrests of bankers and organized corruption participants were reported from both Europe and the United States (no further details). It is believed that INTERPOL had made preplanned arrangements to ‘set arrestees up’ in order to have them arrested ‘in flagrante’.

Certainly INTERPOL has been monitoring ALL PHONE CALLS. Nothing at all can be discussed by any relevant party that is not monitored and recorded. Furthermore, INTERPOL personnel were working non-stop to ensure that the funds are secure and performing constant unexpected spot checks at all institutions involved in the transfers.

• 1st January: It was reported to us at 5:20pm UK time that Leon Panetta, the Director of Central Intelligence (CIA), who had been doing his best as late as 3rd January to block the Settlements, is now the target of an investigation and was quote ‘physically cornered’ unquote on this date not least because it was (correctly) suspected that he was intending to interfere with the Settlements process. We were later advised that Leon Panetta is indeed in severe trouble (as reported on 28th December 2009) and is among a number of highest-level Government figures who are candidates for being ‘taken down’. At press date, Panetta was still in place, but ‘on notice’.

• 4th January 2010: An arrest list was issued by INTERPOL for a large number of people ‘standing in the way’ of resolution to be taken into custody. When we made further enquiries, we established that Bench Warrants were issued on this date for service on 137 individuals in the United States. These people will be or are being arrested and taken into custody by US Marshals. Their passports, IDs and driving licenses, etc, will have been removed in the process.

Self-evidently, these arrests implied that those concerned had continued to be associated with OPERATION STILLPOINT sabotage activity designed to disrupt the Settlements payouts. However given that ALL WHO STAND IN THE WAY, from the highest to the lowest, will be investigated and prosecuted [see above], it could also have been the case that these people were on the arrest list anyway, and that with their return to their offices and desks, and the with reopening of the Courts following the long weekend, matters proceeded as had been planned by INTERPOL earlier.

• 4th January: Michael C. Cottrell received a death threat from telephone number 717-294 3687. The FEMALE voice said: ‘Is this roadkill?’ When they do stupid things like this, they simply advertise that we have trodden on their nerves. [Join the club, Michael].

[Following the Editor’s posting of his belated Christmas Message on 4th January, our voicemail received THREE renditions of a satanic mass, including the initiation of a young woman into the worship of Satan: see at the top of this report. The harsh American male voice wasn’t satisfied, evidently, with his first attempt, so he did it again twice. This (and subsequent similar pathetic satanic assaults by the same means) indicates that, of course, the LAST thing these nutcases ever expected was a Biblically literate essay appearing on this website, which usually has to do with vexing worldly matters. The imprecations were full of hatred and venom against Jesus Christ. See the relevant passage from the Gospel of John appended at the top of this report. How shocked and infuriated these fools must be to be made aware that there are still those who are not ashamed to proclaim Jesus Christ, whether they like it or not, and that this is being done on a website that has become thanks exclusively to YOUR support widely read, as this crisis unfolds].

• 4th January: The senior Trustee in Paris was required to attend at Banque Paribas (allegedly one of the most corrupt banks in the world, reported to have held or to hold about 3,000 Bush Sr.-linked accounts) between 2:00am and 4:00am European time [8:00am and 10:00am EST], from which (given the huge accumulation of Bush accounts) the distribution must begin.

Bankers at the institution refused to release the funds, and shortly afterwards were arrested by INTERPOL personnel. The refusal of the French bankers to fulfill their obligations represented MAJOR BANK FRAUD [see above] under international banking and criminal law, given that taxes have been taken off the top (which we know from THREE sources, one of which came, as noted, from a Trustee to us IN WRITING).

Moreover this state of affairs represented an IMMENSE CRISIS for President Sarkozy if he or any of his colleagues were involved as the President of France, like the President of the United States [see below] can be arrested, just like any other participant in the sabotage operations, for blocking the Settlements under the wide powers wielded both in the United States and of course abroad by INTERPOL under the jurisdiction of the World Court.

Before Christmas, we learned that French official sources had finally acknowledged that ‘what has to be done has to be done’ which, being translated, meant that Paris had at long last realized and accepted that the Dollar Refunding Programme WILL be run out of London, as we have stated, and that they have to drop their typically sterile French envy of the fact that (as they see it) the British have ‘got the better of them’.

In reality, all that has happened is that the British Monarchical Power has had to assert its power and right to obtain restitution for the grotesque violations perpetrated by the American criminal financiers against the sovereign LOAN money for which the former US Treasury Secretary, Henry M. Paulson, has been reported by us to have been physically removed to British jurisdiction in Bermuda, where he will face the consequences of his serially corrupt behaviour.

Following the arrests of the French bankers in Paris, we understand that Banque Paribas suddenly started to cooperate the reasoning, presumably, of bank officers remaining in situ being that it would be rather stupid to repeat the mistake of their arrested colleagues. For this reason alone, we gathered after midnight UK time in the early morning of 5th January 2010 that payment may have proceeded to the United States, with a senior Trustee operating out of Dallas able to carry out his distribution responsibilities at last. [See later information].

• 4th January: At 21:37pm UK time we learned that the US news media had confirmed that the President had returned to Washington from his vacation and that he had at once summoned (the recalcitrant) Director of Central Intelligence, Mr Panetta to the Oval Office. With President Obama having returned to the White House from his fraught vacation in Hawaii, it was reported to us that the President was ‘kicking butt’ an activity that he had no choice but to undertake, given that if he demurred, he would be considered a co-conspirator and would be arrested himself.

Specifically, we were advised on ‘special’ authority that Mr Obama was explicitly confronted and informed that if he was found to have been involved with the sabotage operations that continued up to Christmas and throughout the holiday period, he himself would be arrested like those for which Bench Warrants were issued on the same date [see above]. The President responded that he had had nothing to do with the delays that occurred over the holidays.

• 4th January: Whether that was true or not (and it ‘needed’ to be accurate because if it wasn’t, Mr Barack Obama would cease to be President of the United States), we were informed on this date that Timothy Geithner despite his previous arrest, the removal of his passport and his driving license and the monitor attached to him, and despite severe earlier humiliations [see below] had remained right in the thick of sabotage operations during the holidays and afterwards.

The same reportedly applied to the Comptroller of the Currency, John C. Dugan. One informant suggested to us that Mr Geithner was ‘sick in the head’, but our hypothesis was that he is the subject of multiple blackmailing operations.

We were advised that Geithner had been re-arrested and that the Comptroller of the Currency, John C. Dugan, said also to have been involved in money sabotage, was also reported to us to have been arrested, although this had not been confirmed to us by late on 6th January UK time.

• 4th January: Some of those arrested on 4th January were reported to us to have been cuffed and shipped to Europe (as happened late in 2007), to face justice in appropriate jurisdictions or under the jurisdiction of the World Court.

• 5th January: It was pointed out to us that prominent Republicans have or had been standing in the way of the Settlements. We knew that this must have been the case because of the anti-Obama barrage orchestrated by parties connected with the GOP for the past 13 months, to the exclusion of all else. This has been a major ongoing agitprop operation the underlying purpose being hidden from view. On the surface, the objective has been to paint Obama as a crypto-Communist with mafia associations and all sorts of other dark failings and skeletons in his cupboard as though his mass-murderer Republican predecessor (who is reported by monitoring sources to have been reduced to walking his dog at Crawford, TX, with a pooper-scooper, his wife Laura now living apart from him and only appearing for public consumption when her presence is considered ‘essential’), had no blemishes and skeletons at all. But in reality, the underlying purpose of this ongoing orchestrated anti-Obama offensive has been to try to wrench the CIA’s destructive Fraudulent Finance paradigm from oblivion in general, and to rehabilitate OPERATION STILLPOINT in particular.

It is unclear what these Republicans, who haven’t understood this crisis, think they are doing continuing with their antagonistic sabotage stance, given the advent of the NEW PARADIGM summarized above. Perhaps these corrupt operatives imagine that they really are above the law, and have like Geithner up to 4th January simply not woken up to the reality that the ground has shifted so violently under their feet that they are wandering in a wilderness without life support.

• 5th January: It was confirmed [and reconfirmed by several further sources] that the ‘lead Trustee’ in Paris was finally paid out at midnight Paris time 4th/5th January, as a consequence of which the 160 country payees were finally also paid out.

Given multiple high quality confirmations, this information is considered reliable. However these developments did not occur until others standing in the way had been arrested or ‘taken out’.

• 6th January: ‘Downstream’ resistance persisted, at least during the morning in the United States. Those still attempting sabotage are either so compartmentalized and spaced out that they haven’t grasped what has happened, or else they STILL thought that they could ‘get away with it’. We were emphatically assured that ‘THEY CAN NOT’.

We were also tipped off that the legal firm Troutman Sanders, which is or was required to make distributions, had been put on notice that if a single deviation from Pay Orders and instructions were to take place within their firm, THE ENTIRE FIRM WOULD BE TAKEN OVER BY INTERPOL, while agents within the structures failing to pay out payee funds lodged with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, in particular, would suffer the same fate without further warning.

The report continues at this link: click here

There are also further updates of activities since this report that further clarify this report an provide evidence of it’s veracity.

I know that like me you just want to see the movie! However, it is incredible that all this is going on right now and that it is all about MONEY, POWER and CONTROL. However, it is further evidence that we should start seeing the arrests of these major criminals in coming weeks by INTERPOL. We should also see the introduction of an alternate precious metal backed currency to replace the fiat dollar system in the very near future. This is a very good thing and we should at last be able to resolve the current financial crisis once all the illegal derivatives and virtual financial scams and ponzi schemes are cleared out of the system.

Noeline Clayfield

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