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Mainstream Media Stop Lying to Us… We know the Truth!

February 10, 2010

It is time for the media of the world to wake up to the fact that we the people no longer give much credence to anything they say. Their attempts to create a daily diversion are futile and most people with any intelligence are giving up on the TV, Radio and Newspapers and extracting truths from the many Internet sources that have a far better grip on our reality.   WE KNOW you lie to us everyday about everything.  It is all a stupid fantasy produced to keep us dumbed down and diverted. But we know our reality is completely different.

We, the people, are now very discerning about what we take as truth and see through the sensationalism, hype, lies and disinformation. We do not need to be entertained by the idiots like Palin, Limbaugh, Beck and co. If we want a laugh we tune into the likes of Jon Stewart who takes the mickey out of all those other media fraudsters.  We find out what is going on in Washington through Voice of the Whitehouse and . Occasionally we read where we find much better reporting on scientific matters than in any of the western newspapers.  The reporting breakthroughs in the UK papers that recently exposed Climategate and often talks about UFO sightings and even Extraterrestrial presence are refreshing.  The current Chilcot Inquiry is purging the UK halls of government together with their Expenses Scandal and will no doubt encourage more media frankness and honesty in the future. One of the few reports worth anything in the US is the Huffington Post… whose editors are indeed shining lights in a very dark arena.  They try to put some perspective on what is going down and usually show up Congress and Senate for the shams that they are.

We, as intelligent beings, have done our own research, which is easy to do on the internet and we wonder why the media does not resort to this.  We are good at discerning disinformation now even on the internet. Journalists’ constantly portrayed ignorance is laughable if it were not so serious and really why continue this stance when we know the truth regardless of what they try to press upon us.  We are also aware of the mind controlling agenda going on through TV and movie programming.

So here is a list of previous no-go areas that the mainstream media may now address:

We know about UFO’s and the Extraterrestrial interaction with Earth and the many recovered craft and bodies from crashes like Roswell. We have read Colonel Corso’s account of the reverse engineering of technologies and products recovered from these craft, as well as the testimonies of ex- military men and women and whistleblowers. (See Dr Stephen Greer’s  Disclosure Project, Stephen Bassett, Project Camelot Whistleblowers – just google!).   We are aware of the genetic engineering covertly undertaken by these cabals. We are aware of the sham that is NASA and their tincan shuttles constantly catapulting into space to keep us amused, and the incredible attempt to use this as a cover for their space pioneering, the bases on the Moon, Mars, Venus and other planets and the far superior technology they are using for this endeavour such as super-luminal craft, stargates and jumprooms.  We also regularly observe the masking of photography and videoing that NASA does to cover up things they do not want us to know or see… but they make a lot of mistakes.

We know that UFO Disclosure and the release of long secreted technologies will revolutionise our world and make the Oligarchs/Cabal/Neocons/secret government/illuminati/CIA irrelevant and powerless overnight.  This is their major fear and their downfall is in process. Their last bastion of control…. the mainstream media is becoming daily more irrelevant to us.  We know the truth and they cannot change that.

We know about HAARP scalar interferometry and associated technology that caused the Indonesian Tsunami, The Chinese Earthquake, Japanese Earthquakes, Haiti Earthquakes (Operation Blackwash), Katrina, Chile, Cyclone Olga  and others,  and all recent weather anomalies in the world including extreme winter in the northern hemisphere and drought in Latin America.  Their attempts to force biblical Armageddon scenarios on us are well recognised. Look at this:

We know about the covert black operations financed by drug trafficking carried out by the Oligarchs/Cabals/Neocons/secret government/illuminati/CIA and the many underground facilities such as Denver Airport and military bases on land and under sea. They even boast about these in their movies. We also have a fairly good idea of what is going on currently in the Gulf of Aden… which will make Yemen the next battleground planned by these criminals against humanity.  We are aware of the energy anomaly in the Gulf of Aden that has attracted so many of the world’s warships to protect this area from anybody sailing by, and the ridiculous stories about the Somali Pirates that are just not credible.

We know that 9/11 was a false flag operation committed and orchestrated by the Oligarchs/Cabals/Neocons/secret government/illuminati /CIA on the people of not only the Republic of the United States of America but the world, as were other events such as the London Bombings and the Spanish Rail attack and all the countless wars of the last centuries to scare us into submission. The only terrorists in all these events were the Oligarchs/Cabals/Neocons/Secret government/illuminati/CIA of the world. They have infiltrated all our governments, financial and cultural institutions and bought their way into all our major corporations so that there is hardly any honesty or integrity abroad. The big secret is out and there is not many of them and they have nowhere to hide… except for their black ops underground bases that they have been digging themselves into for the last century (Se DUMBs on Youtube).

We know that Al Qaeda is a figment of the imagination of the CIA who got it from a book.  The BBC, that UK broadcasting institution, acknowledges this in videos on Youtube. See the writings of Gregory Douglas that are well displayed in the archives of .  In fact “Conversations with the Crow” should be compulsory reading for all. They show what the CIA is all about, it’s crimes and assasinations, how it was started, by whom and its raison d’etre, as well as its links with the German SS post WWII.   In fact, WWII never ended.

We know that the Afghanistan war is all about the CIA drug business as was the Vietnam War before it, and have also been told by persons involved in black ops that there are energy portals/stargates in Afghanistan as well. There are numerous whistleblowers testimonies  and the odd genuine journalistic attempt to publish in the mainstream media the reality of this ongoing assault on the Afghanistani people. It is refreshing that some of the media in the UK are now breaking through with the facts.

We know that the Iraqi War was an unsanctioned attack on the Iraqi people in an attempt to control the oil wealth of this nation and its stargate technology buried in the Baghdad Museum. The Chilcot Inquiry in the UK has given the mainstream media a perfect excuse for bringing forth the real news and exposing through the daily disclosures of this Inquiry the lies that instigated the Iraqi War. We hope that justice will soon be seen to be done and the guilty parties from Blair down will bear the weight of their crimes against humanity.  Similar Inquiries need to be conducted in the US to investigate Bush and Co. The recent attempt by Presidents Bush (2), Clinton and Obama to have immunity from the International Court of Justice is a disgrace and really confirms their guilt in starting and continuing the ongoing wars. They make a lot of money from these ongoing wars and that is why they never end. For them it is all about money.

We know about the now failed Operation Stillpoint and that the Federal Reserve is the greatest financial ripoff and sting operation perpetrated on the people of the Republic of the United States of America for 100 years. In fact the American War of Independence was all about stopping these forces getting a financial foothold into American banking then. All of our history books need to be rewritten.

Why is there a complete media blackout on the BIGGEST LAWSUIT IN WORLD HISTORY: THE PHANTOM SHARES GIGA-SCANDAL. CMKM/CMKX $3.87 trillion lawsuit against the SEC as reported by Christopher Story ?

We know the Oligarchs/Cabals/Neocons/secret government/illuminati/CIA/WHO have been complicit with the Medical/Industrial Complex and their vaccination programs to interfere with our DNA and  kill us off or make us more compliant with their agenda.  Recent investigations into the WHO promotion of vaccination campaigns are welcome and it would appear that the WHO does not have our welfare in mind.

We know we have been told lies for thousands of years but the last 400 years have been the most intense fabrication and dissemination of lies by the oligarchs/cabals/neocons/secret government/illuminati/CIA. Of course, as people have become more literate there has been the opportunity to do this more effectively and every step has been taken to provide us with disinformation and bend us to their agenda.  Their only problem is that the few lonely voices in the wilderness crying out the truth are now so numerous and vociferous and have survived the murderous attempts to shut them up. The internet is the greatest loose cannon they cannot control and now it is too late for them to withdraw it as such an attempt would cause immediate worldwide rebellion.

So I challenge the mainstream media to tell us some truth for a change and I provide them some subjects that they can start on. If they don’t, they are irrelevant and already many are fighting to stay alive and remain financially feasible, which is itself an indictment and indication of how little trust people are investing in them.

Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth. –Thoreau

Noeline Clayfield

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  1. videocruzer permalink
    February 10, 2010 6:29 pm

    Truth is Love 🙂

  2. Lola Thompson permalink
    May 20, 2010 2:55 pm

    Good to see some-one talking my language! These are serious issues that need addressing with serious responses… There is an overwhelming sea of information out there, it is down to us the general public to pursue the truth as our governments quite clearly have no intention of being 100% transparent. Shame on you!

    The sooner people wake up and smell the coffee the quicker they will be forced to respond! Get on the case peeps as it will have a HUGE positive effect to the human race…

    Enlightenment is not far off… (At least thats what I like to think)

    Peace and love peeps x

  3. kevin bush permalink
    May 23, 2010 6:53 am

    your website is amazing thank you for making it and there should be more of them because it helps people think outside the box and that the fact is that there are many things that the government lies to us about,but one day,perhaps 2012 we will find out the truth,and i just would like to know, the page on first contact and ascension where did u get that information from,
    thanks alot hope to hear back,

  4. jerald anthony permalink
    December 22, 2010 5:25 pm

    With all due respect and Divine wishes for all concerned, It would appear from my humble noetic perspective that the temporal human organism, ( in its current form and manifest content), is a ravaging radical scourge responsible for dis-easing an otherwise ethereally harmonic living planet. And GOD knows what else as it were.

    A quantum shift of some sort in human presentation as it currently appears, (regardless of collateral consequences-abatement of schizoid ego-narcissism), seems quite welcome at present.

    Thank you for the opportunity to post.

  5. Pode Gu permalink
    February 17, 2011 12:28 am

    Egypt has wakened up the world. Mainstream media provides programmed news that is approved by the authorities. Investigative journalism is no longer appreciated by those who depend on false confessions and blackmail through secret video taping in police stations and intimidation by the thgugs who wear police uniforms. This is true in China, US, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Mayanmar, and many other countries. Some of these countries have so called “democracy” where the choices of political parties are restricted. Some are blatant oppressors. Shame on these oppressors.

  6. Shelly permalink
    April 19, 2013 10:36 am

    All they do is lie. They lie about Boston they even lie about the weather. They divert attention away from the dirty doings of the government. I hate the news and feel like protesting against it.

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