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Observing Changes in our Society to the New Reality Paradigm

April 29, 2010

Paradigm Change

Our world appears to be making a profound shift from one paradigm to another. Many are perceiving an exciting new paradigm emerging of a more loving, harmonious way of living and interacting with all around us as we daily encounter the last vestiges of  manipulation by the cabal’s old structured and disempowering agenda.  A comparison of the core values of the old and new ways which bear witness daily to our personal growth, by the focus on primarily changing ourselves and making a difference to our lives and then the world, is a worthwhile analysis.

The following Interview of Sheldan Nidle by Filippo  Voltaggio is a wonderful confirmation of these changes…. a MUST VIEW (several videos, just follow the links) :

Sheldan Nidle interviewed by Filippo Voltaggio 4/18/2010

These are signs of a paradigm shift in our current reality that reflect our individual growth in our collective experience  now, and provide a tantalizing taste of what is to come as we create our golden age by the implementation of these attitude changes.  Compare the following  attitude observations :
Old: Man borne with the burden of “ original sin”, hopeless and living a life of druggery and servitude without any idea of his Creator-given rights .
New: All are borne in innocence, beautiful and loved with the opportunity to evolve spiritually and with all potential.                                                   

Old: Aggression, hatred, jealousy and vengeance justified by survival mentality as we strive, strive and never arrive; Service to self and maintenance of the ego.  Fear.
New: Transformative loving and cooperative attitude toward  all humanity; Forgiveness of all including self powerfully absolving karma , a courageous and compassionate action. The motto of the Three Muskateers… one for all and all for one!  Service to others and subjugation of the ego.

Old: Maintaining our external face to the world that masked our real feelings as insulation from being hurt by others.
New: Being more empathetic, welcoming honesty, openness and accepting the frailties of others;  Being prepared to expose our vulnerabilities; Through our developing intuitive abilities and reconnection to our DNA potential, we know instinctively when others are false in their dealings with us. All subterfuge and deception is pointless.

Old: Hierarchy and class structures focused on authority and competition created survival mentality and disempowerment of self and others.

New: All are created equal with celebration of our differences racially and culturally, emphasis on community and cooperation for the benefit of all globally and galactically.

Old: The end justifies the means with no personal responsibility for outcomes. Our world and governments are a reflection of our collective personal integrity and responsibility. Blaming others for our omissions.
New: Each of us creates our reality with every thought, word and deed in every moment. Making the personal choices that are reflected in our community and governance. Stepping up to the plate, being responsible and not waiting for direction from others.

Old: Being sheeple and not questioning what is imposed on us by others; Waiting for “those in power” to tell us what to do.
New: Co-creating our reality as powerful individuals exercising our special talents and abilities for the highest good of the collective and greater community.

Old: 3D physical beings of mind and ego, accepting science and the concept of God promoted by religion as dogma.
New: Acknowledgment of our spirituality, our multi dimensional eternal spiritual existence;  Our oneness; Sensing from the heart not the head;  Movement away from religious institutions and beliefs; The awareness of our continuing spiritual evolution and the various dimensional mysteries yet to be explored that are beyond our current ability to comprehend. 85% of people believe in UFOs and extraterrestrial lifeforms.

Old: Ostracism and ridicule of the paranormal or anything outside the postured 3D scientific paradigm; Closed minds to anything other than an accepted published body of scientific information.
New: A curiosity for all phenomena previously unexplained; New open-minded questioning attitude seeking information about our planet, Universe, previous civilizations and origins of man;   Exploration of the consciousness realms of paranormal experiences such as NDEs, Extraterrestrial contact, ufology, meditation and dreams especially other dimensions and abilities held by the new gifted children and psychics that were previously not believed to be possible using hypnosis and regression techniques.

Old: The planet, nature and animals are exploitable for financial gain no matter what the cost environmentally and ecologically.

New: Understanding and acknowledging the interconnection of all life enhancing our growth and creating harmony. All is energy and deserves to be respected and valued.

Old: Focus on “busyness”, strict routine and clock monitoring; Survival mentality; marching to the beat of somebody else’s drum;

New: As our current economical model is no longer sustainable and jobs not available for many, we have the opportunity to consider other alternatives where money is no longer the focus. There is time to consider many options, welcome flexibility and even occasional chaos and disorder as means to see new possibilities. Surprisingly we always have what we need in the moment in spite of these changing circumstances of long established patterns.

Old: Strict boundaries of behavior, security and comfort zones.
New: While respecting and honoring differences, looking for a shared vision and ways to work together; Taking risks, moving out of our comfort zone, in order to grow; Short-term pain can bring long-term gain.

Old: Trusting and empowering our governments to our detriment but not trusting other people.

New: Awareness that our governments do not have our best interests in mind and that we have created a monster that is slowly devouring our very existence. Taking back our power through personal responsibility; Awareness of the oligarchy agenda that is trying to totally overwhelm us; Awareness of our Creator and trusting and surrendering to this divine force and shining light that is powerfully reconnecting our full DNA potential and increasing our consciousness exponentially NOW.

Old: Warrior mentality with always an enemy at the border. Constant need to overpower someone and impose an agenda.  Ongoing power struggles and overt aggression.

New: A desire and intent to end all conflicts internally and externally.  Facing our daily challenges tranquilly and resolutely.

Old: Getting lost in the detail; No vision; Anxiety about everything.
New: Looking at the bigger picture.  Remaining in observer mode and not being manipulated by every emotional response.  Knowing that we are cared for no matter what happens.

We are now bridging the old paradigm and the new reality and it is our choice in the moment which space we want to be in.  We will continue to experience duality with a foot in both camps until the shift. Anything that is still pressing our buttons and causing an emotional response needs to be addressed and not be ignored.  I personally welcome the invitation to partake in a more loving, caring and integrated society that respects and fosters our individual growth, pristine environment and ecology.

For an incisive, inspiring two-page essay on developing a new paradigm for our world, click here. For a rich and empowering online course which powerfully inspires new paradigm awareness and is offered free of charge, see the Insight Course at If you have time for only one lesson in this heart and mind expanding course, check out the inspiring lesson three or surprising lesson six. For the PEERS network of websites which are all about creating a new paradigm, see

Love and Light

Noeline Clayfield

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