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Up the Revolution – ‘Occupy Wall St Movement’

October 15, 2011

UPDATE: 18/11/10: Is the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Movement being hijacked by the Obama Campaign?

UPDATE: 17/10/11: Here is a wonderful site documenting activty worldwide and confirming the changes that are happening now! Thank you Kees!

It’s Happening!

Yesterday Saturday 15 October 2011 I attended the “Occupy Sydney” Protest in Martin Place Sydney. This was attended by about 1,000 people from all walks of life and was the first time recently that Australia had come out of its complacency and apathy and decided to stand in solidarity with other movements now numbering thousands around the world.  Similar meetings were held in Melbourne and Brisbane. There were of course Protests about the Carbon Tax earlier this year. Inspired by the ‘Arab Spring’ and their valiant struggle from under the repressive regimes that had demonized their existences for all living memory, the “Occupy Wall Street Movement” has virally infected the world and become the expression of disenchantment with all things monetarily and economically worldwide but also embraces the lack of freedom that we all have now caused by the restrictions resulting from corporate greed and fake terrorism. Every day a little bit more is taken from us in one way or another… if not monetarily then certainly in our personal choices and freedoms.

I attended ‘Occupy Sydney’ as an acknowledgement of my responsibility for the injustices in this world and my concern and desire for a sustainable and abundant future for mankind. I believe it is important that we all individually accept responsibility for the current state of things if we are indeed to make the changes that are necessary to create the world of our dreams. My dreams involve living a life that is free, blissful, benevolent and abundant… time to smell the roses… not work eternally like a zombie slave. A life that is creative, enjoyable and aware. I want this for my children and grandchildren. I personally feel the need to stand up now and be counted if this is to be achieved in my lifetime.

So I drove into town with my posters made the day before saying “We are the 99%…  We are You….The 99% are many… Power to the People… Not Corporations….. End Fiat Money System NOW….  End Corporate Hegemony over the People …. ”.  I found suitable and affordable parking not far from Martin Place. As you know I am slightly disabled and find it hard to get about but I managed to hold my signs and stand for some 2 hours in Martin Place outside the Reserve Bank of Australia, that Australian central banking institution that runs our economy and dictates our monetary policy instead of our elected government.  For the moment it enjoys that privilege with all the criminal central bankers of the world but not for much longer in my vision.

The crowd was orderly and speakers were allocated 3 minutes each to express their views.   The views were diverse from spiritual to material. As I was leaving the tents were being set up for the overnight stay by many. My body would not cope with doing this although I wished I could have joined them. The Police presence was about 30 and I also noticed mounted police as I left Martin Place.  For the most part the Police just walked amongst the crowd and stood on the sidelines. Occupying a public space should be a human right but I personally do not see how I could do that myself.

The atmosphere was friendly and peaceful but purposeful. The day beautifully sunny with a gentle breeze. The crowd was very diverse… managers of corporations to small children happily playing in the Martin Place water features. Political movements strutted their stuff although people were not that interested in them. Publishing organisations and the normal TV channels were all there doing their little segments for the 5pm news.  I was interviewed by several people who were there with their microphones and camcorders… all very professional. There were Asylum seekers proudly declaring themselves so that others could talk to them. Here is a video link to “Occupy Sydney” yesterday ( I do not feature but I was there):

Occupy Sydney Martin Place Sydney 15/10/2011

Sexworkers were also there… an ABC ‘4 Corners’ programme last week exposed people trafficking worldwide from China and Korea by a Taiwanese organization and it was claimed that many Asian women were brought to Australia on student visas and once here forced into unpaid servitude and prostitution by unscrupulous Asian criminals here licensed to run brothels. The programme made the Australian Federal Police look particularly inept.  The Immigration Dept also copped some flack for not following up on these students to make sure that they were attending the universities etc. that they were here to attend.  Much government mouthings of more ‘regulation’ of both the sex industry and student visas issued this week. The system once again does not work and fails miserably.

Well I remember the Peace Marches of the 70s that brought an end to the Vietnam War. I particularly remember the moment when my consciousness was sufficiently aroused to question the meaning of war and its validity and more importantly my individual choice and responsibility to question going blindly along with government policy that was against every fibre of my being. Even further… whether it was right to consign people to wars via conscription. I remember that my brothers were at the time of an age to be conscripted and one of them was but then the war ended and he never went to Vietnam. I have known many men who did fight in that war as young 19 and 20 year olds and how it impacted their lives. I also grew up with a father permanently scarred by war.  I now totally question our government’s right to conduct wars in my name and put the people’s money into warmongering…. Some AUD34 billion per year spent by Australia.

I enthusiastically approached this experience as I had been somewhat frustrated that nothing was happening in Australia and that Aussies were just prepared to accept and go along with the status quo.  I spoke and exchanged many ideas with people who were like me completely fed up and disillusioned with the way we have given our power away to a few unworthy individuals.  It is time to take our power back and make our own decisions about our lives or be doomed forever.  It can only be done by us individually taking a stand. It begins with each one of us. I am there for me, you and humanity in all humility if it helps to make a difference. I have never been a huge protestor in the past… this is all new to me.  I believe there will be many of these in the days and weeks ahead and I will try and attend them all.  I am visualizing the change that we need kicking in quickly and in the very near future. In fact, it is happening now if you can read between the lines.  The revolution has well and truly started.

Noeline Clayfield

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  1. queer rt choke permalink
    October 25, 2011 11:29 pm

    You analysis of the 4corners program is incorrect. Please see the numerous blogs on this topic and edit the mistakes out of your post. You are purpetuating whorephobia and stigma and sounding like you side with the authorities who would like to deport sex workers under the guise of mythological “trafficking.” 4 Corners didn’t find anyone who had been trafficked, they found people who had bad work experiences here. 4 Corners ALLEGE that trafficking is going on, but they have no EVIDENCE and they did not speak to anyone who didn’t just sprout political spin, apart from 1 sex worker, who had a bad experience with bad work conditions in Australia, and just wanted to be able to come here, do sex work, and go home. Was happy doing sex work. Not forced. Not tricked.

    There is more, you should do your research, we want your solidarity!

    • Admin. permalink*
      October 26, 2011 12:39 am

      You are entitled to your opinion and I am posting your comment. What I saw on the programme was different to what you claim and I believe they did present unhappy, captive slaves who were tricked into sexwork to pay off the cost of their supposed studies. This week I also noted that the Australian government has cancelled visas of many students who have failed their studies and I assume that the Immigration Department will more closely monitor all student visas now. This may make the education institutions less happy and profitable. I am not sure what you are about and my mind boggles at your suggestion that sexworkers are some sort of underground protest movement…. but you are entitled to your opinion. I am not a sexworker and really have not much contact with this activity. I do research things well and the opinions presented on this site are mine and I am entitled to express things as I find them. You need to learn to respect other people a little if you want respect yourself. Noeline Clayfield

  2. queer rt choke permalink
    October 25, 2011 11:31 pm

    here is another interesting link. Please read their material written by migrant sex workers

  3. queer rt choke permalink
    October 25, 2011 11:36 pm

    And here is the site of the sex worker rights movement in Taiwan.

    Strong, fierce, brave activists who prefer to work as hookers instead of for McDonalds. Not shrinking violets that are tricked into sucking cock for evil western dollars. The stereotype that 4 Corners purpetated IS racist and incorrect

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