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‘Occupy’ Movement Brutalised by Police in Australia

October 23, 2011

Any doubts that Australia is a fascist country can now be dispelled as in the past 48 hours ‘Occupy Melbourne’ and ‘Occupy Sydney’ have had tussles with the Police.

These groups have adopted the ‘We are the 99%’ motto and aligned themselves with the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Movement to protest corporate and bankster greed, corruption and criminality.

In Melbourne their protest site was attacked by police trying to barricade it off from the passing eyes of Liz and Phil who are on an official visit to Australia and the CHOGUM Meeting to be held in Perth Western Australia at the end of next week…. no doubt at great expense to the Australian taxpayers. The amount of monarchist  muck that the main stream media has gushed in the past week is truly sickening.  I personally hope that this is indeed the last visit of QEII and Phil and that their increased irrelevance over the last 50 years or so is soon ended.  Much muttering though of the popularity of the heir apparents though and I do not mean Charlie.

In Sydney last night some 40 people were arrested.    Some 400 protestors were woken up and bundled away on a bus by 200 Riot Police. All forced to move away from their encampment outside the Reserve Bank of Australia in Martin Place… Australia’s Fiat Money Central Bank. The protestors declare that they will return so the Police like their counterparts in the US will have to decide what side they are on…. doing their job of protecting the rights of the people or being ordered by the fascists to attack and brutually force unarmed people to heel.

So Australia has a fascist government no matter who is in power and to say that we currently have a socialist minority government lead by a Labour Party Prime Minister is utter rubbish and laughable. The Police involved in both Cities are employed by the different State governments.

It must be added that the protests have been peaceful but there was one claim of a protestor charged with attacking a police officer… although I would like to know more of the circumstances.  Many people were hurt by Police brutality. Australian public space is not a war zone and there is never any justification for police to attack unarmed peacfully protesting people, that they are charged to protect by their mandate.  But it appears that they are ordered by their governments they have to protect elite agendas and attack and arrest anyone who protests even peacefully.

There is no doubt that the elite think that a week’s protest should put paid to our grievances and that we should all get back to work and forget about the huge injustices of millenniums’ length.  I support the Movement and did attend the protest last Saturdday but it is very difficult for me to be there on a regular basis physically.  I send them my energy and love and hope they have the courage to maintain their peaceful rage… violence only begets violence. even when they are attacked by armed police.

Noeline Clayfield

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