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Ascension Not Ego Is Our Agenda

February 5, 2012

The Law of One says that we must subjugate the EGO.  The Ego is the problem with the recent Steve Beckow announced Galactic Trip on February 4.

I was not against it happening and put out the intention to go (I was not on the “Steve” list although I did respond directly  to the channeler , Linda Dillon, at her website : Channel of Love ) but I believe realistically that anything that is that controversial and on the spur of the moment  is not going to be a reality at this time…  when we are so close to getting rid of the cabal. Certainly the directive of being picked up by a black limo..honestlyl!?!  Please just get real and get your focus back on track.

There have been at least two previous non-events… one 14 October 2009 with Blossom Goodchild and another through Bill Ryan disclosing the November 25 2010 event which subsequently did not happen. Putting a date on anything is setting up for failure and putting unnecessary challenges in the way of the Galactics from the remaining cabal who are monitoring all through their Eschalon system .

As you know, our experiences usually come when we least expect them and our pleasure is sharpened by our lack of expectation.  These “rewards” are usually because of the amount of work one has done on oneself and are confirmation of or reconnection with our Spiritual Self. My bag is packed so that I can grab it at a moments notice. My manifestation abilities are proven already. Having put the thought out through my visualisation I believe I will attract the experience and it will be better than a group delegation. This is the essence of the holographic universe… thought is powerful and thoughtforms are always manifest.

The problem here is one of ego and it appears that Steve Beckow has not bothered in his hype of the moment to reflect on how all this would affect the integrity of the channeler and her 20 year association with her Galactic family. Hopefully, this may be a humbling experience for him. My visualisation has not been just about having a jaunt around the Galaxy (which will be nice when it happens!) but rather seeing the changes here on earth and people awakening bigtime which is the important issue –  maintaining  that focus. I was woken on two occasions to see passing craft last August… wonderful surprises and unexpected even though I asked to see them.

I think this episode was a very negative exercise apart from giving the Galactics a hands up on how many want contact (and with their abilities they know that already), and probably offset some of the positive energies generated by us all… a potential setback for humanity in the short term. Ego out of control to win a short term gain in the popularity stakes without concern for
all the people involved and their safety or reputations. I do seriously wonder about the agenda in all this.

What is more important…. helping to support people in the wakeup process and keeping them motivated toward making the personal  decision to ascend and ascension or an ego trip for one person? I just hope it does not make people too dejected and off  focus…. the sooner it is forgotten the better. We will meet our Galactic Family  when the time is right… and not just for a jolly romp about space… which was the thing that upset me most…making a joke of it all! This is a very serious business of ascension that the Galactics have presided over for eons and they are not going to allow some off the cuff  jumped up agenda to ruin it for us all now.

Contact will happen in an intelligent and measured rollout when all the pieces are in place. After all we are dealing with huge intelligence and benevolence here and not just the inane imaginings of one person and his on the spur of the moment agenda. Any of us can generate our own visitations to craft at any time and this will be my second physical experience when it happens.

We don’t need anyone else to be a go-between for us with our Galactic family. My commiserations to Linda for what she is suffering and the villification of her life’s work.

There are much greater things than ego trips involved here and it is about time that all know that they do not need any sort of “leader” to set their own paths or goals. This is personal empowerment time for the individual to wake up to who they spiritually are and not about empowering anybody else to set their agenda.

Love, Light and Clarity
Noeline Clayfield

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