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Crop Circle Tour – 18th July 2012 – Wiltshire UK

July 26, 2012

The crop circle tour on Wednesday 18th July 2012  with Lucy Pringle in Wiltshire England  in the general region of Marlborough was fantastic but very challenging.  We lunged around fields in wintry conditions and the only thing we did not have was snow….. horizontal driving rain, mists, and slippery  mud were the order of the day!!   As I write this one week later I can confirm that summer has indeed started in Britain and we have had almost a week with sun almost Australia type summer heat and no rain!

We set off in convoy following Lucy. We felt a little like stormchasers!  Fiona did a wonderful job driving us about during the day.. Keeping 6 cars together in convoy was a little difficult on Market Day in Marlborough. We had a nice lunch at a pub that Lucy had chosen and I found the whole area really quite magical with its many thatched roof houses and the lovely gardens, hedgerows and of course the grain fields that contained the crop circles.  We passed some of the Wiltshire horses of which I counted 6 in all, with  one near  Silbury Hill,  all large white chalk images of horses engraved in the hills surrounding the grainfields of Wiltshire. Silbury Hill is the largest man made structure in the UK and looked like a Pyramid to me.

That evening we visited  Stonehenge and spent some 30 minutes or so among the stones but the very centre was roped off and recovering from the  damage caused by 14,000 odd people who attended the June 21 Solstice celebrations when the stones were opened to the public. We witnessed the graffiti  of Christopher Wren (Illuminati architect of St Pauls Cathedral and the renaissance of London after the Great Fire of London) who has scratched his name into one of the stones and others…. so no wonder the site is now so protected when people were the perpetrators of such deplorable behaviour  almost bordering on sacrilege.   This was not my first visit to Stonehenge but to be in the stones was special and I have enclosed some photos which detail how massive these stones are. I am 5’11” so you can get an idea. The mind boggles at the technology that installed them all that time ago. Imaging has confirmed that they are buried some 8 feet in the ground.

There are very many crop circles made each year and at the following link you can see all the ones made so far this year. Most of the ones in July have a Sacred Geometry theme.

We visited two crop circles during the day and they were some miles apart and finding them was difficult (coordinates and satnav were essential) and the walk into the fields also took much time.

Crop Circle 1, Wanborough Plain, near Liddington, Wiltshire, 2 July 2012.

This was formed on July 2 or the day before and is an amazing Icosahedron, Merkabah, Double Tetrahedron, Flower of Life,  with huge detail of lines marking out cubes etc. The following detailed drawings fully describe the enormous complexity of this crop circle. The energy in the field was palpable and I felt quite disoriented as I approached the centre of the circle (virtually the top of the pyramid). It is amazing that the energy could be so strong 16 days after formation. Lucy Pringle said that she had scientifically observed energy anomalies in this crop circle and was going to report fully on it when she has the time.  Lucy has been studying the crop circle phenomena for over 20 years and comes from a scientific background. This circle and the next one are definitely not made by men stomping around with boards on their feet! As can be seen in the photographs, the wheat is still alive, changing from green to the mature golden over the period and even the wheat that was directionally bent to form the circle pattern was still growing. Many of us stood in quiet meditation for some time at the centre sensing and enjoying the energies. This circle had much stronger energy for me than the one that we later saw which had been added to since formed on 29th June and first posted to Lucy’s site.

Different points of view of the two pyramids touching at their bases


The more accurate position is on the  left side, rather than the merkabah on the right

A CUBE with a view, at the top





Crop Circle 2 – Stanton St Bernard (2), near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Reported 29th June.

The additions to this circle were formed on 17 July (day before our tour) and 22 July and were perhaps the newest circle developments.  I have also included all the material I could find on this circle which was such a beautiful design…perhaps of a spaceship?.

I may have been tired  but did not get an energy around this circle. This circle which was developed in 3 phases was huge. There is much speculation as to what it is about.  The following is a press article:


  Here is a brief report on Phase 3. Phase 3 of Stanton2 this am consisting of a modest symmetrical diamond shape stemming from the middle lower ‘tear drop’. Moving up to the Phase2 section outer circle we now have spears emerging at 9 o’clock, 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock with splayed base narrowing to tip via 2 stepped graduation. The overall quality of this addition is consistent with that of Ph1 and 2. All I met liked it.Paul Jacobs
The jury is still out on the message of this circle. All I can say is that it was absolutely beautiful,  huge and you get the size only by walking the field when viewing. It is difficult to see the circles when you approach the fields and thank goodness there are many aircraft flying over them and reporting them so that we can all enjoy them.This was something I wanted to do for such a long time.  I was too late visiting the UK in August  last year but finally I have done it. Once the crops are harvested these amazing forms are lost but there are reports of crops growing stronger where they were in the past in subsequent years.There are many thoughts on how these are made and some even believe the military are involved! They have been observed being made by a ball of light moving rapidly around the field and the crop circles appearing in the fields in minutes. I personally believe that they are being made energetically by our Galactic friends who are triggering our memories with symbols  and sending us messages that uplift us.

Update 4 August 2012;  New video from Dolores Cannon on her Crop Experience:

Noeline Clayfield

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