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Festival of Light and Ringing in the Changes – 2015 and Beyond

December 21, 2014

IFestival of Lightt is the Solstice 2014 and I wish Every One a peaceful and joyful Festival of Light. I celebrate ‘Christmas’ as the ‘Festival of Light’ because I want to break away from the commercialism and lies associated with the former. Jesus Christ was not born on christmas day and there is no santa!  I simply cannot be part of the old paradigm anymore.

There are many cultures far more enlightened than I have been exposed to in my early development that celebrate Diwali which translates as Festival of Light. Diwali is the five-day Festival of Lights, celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. The festival, which coincides with the Hindu New Year, usually in November, celebrates new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. Sounds perfect to be having my celebration of the Festival of Light now.  Perhaps in doing this now I am reverting back to a previous lifestream experience.

For years I have avoided the whole ‘christmas’ thing, believing that we should actually treat one another as special all year around not just on one day of the year. I really detested the commercialism and hypocrisy that it embodied in western culture.

As we are are all becoming one, I feel that it is fitting to embrace valid traditions of other cultures that we have not embraced in the past. Born in Australia which is largely multicultural, my heritage is multicultural. And so I embrace Diwali…the Festival of Light…at this time of the year when the Northern Hemisphere (where I now reside) celebrates the return of the sun to this part of the world…the Solstice.

As I have observed the many changes this past year and increasingly since the end of 2012, I have not posted much on this site but the writings of others. Wishing to remain the quiet but otherwise focused observer. I am happy to report that life has changed exponentially for me in many ways. I am now in my 70th year in 3d reality but span many realities at the same time. I am largely detached from the  matrix apart from the necessary maintenance of a 3d body. I help my family and am most fortunate to be very close to them.  My focus is on an ideal reality for us all rather than devoting any energy to the old paradigm. I see what is going on in the collapsing paradigm unemotionally and then send healing energy and light to the situation. I feel as if I am in constant meditation or connection with my higher self and follow my intuition rather than my head in everything.  I am a very solitary soul when I am not with my family and avoid places where I know the energy is very heavy and leaves me drained like shopping malls and supermarkets. I am eating more simply and need less.  Our environment is so polluted it is almost impossible to avoid being contaminated in some way, but I eat organically and look after my health to help my immunity.  I love my garden and enjoy nature as much as possible. I live in a beautiful rural area.

We have all wondered how the changes would be implemented and our lives affected. It is all rolling out now in front of our very eyes…literally! One cannot overestimate the importance of the eyes in a holographic universe matrix! Peoplepower and personal empowerment are happening everywhere. Lies and deceptions in every aspect are being exposed and wars not happening and all the efforts of the cabal of elites to control and degrade us are suddenly achieving the opposite affect. I think it is marvelous and  perfect in its timing for humanity to be able to absorb and  intergrate so much change consciously . 2015 is going to be enormously exciting and fulfilling!  Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of all time!

And so I wish you all much Light, Love, Joy and Abundance

Noeline Clayfield

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