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SEVENGATE – Massive UK Intellectual Property Theft Coverup – Connection to some False Flags

January 26, 2015

Update 1/9/15:

SevenGate: BBC, Virgin Media, ABC-TV, Major Media in 146+ countries continue MegaThefts of intellectual property, targeting, false flags against UK creator Charles Seven

In an August 27, 2015 two part interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, UK Creator Charles Seven (Seven) exposes how megathefts of intellectual property theft and targeting continue against her.

One new development is that Rainetta Jones, the true Inventor of the iPod and Kindle, has now contacted Seven as a result of Seven’s public outreach. Rainetta has had her Intellectual Property in the iPod and the Kindle stolen and Rainetta has been targeted in the same way as Seven under SevenGate. A Panel interview with Rainetta and Seven on the megatheft of Intellectual Property of the iPod and Kindle and targeting of the Intentor Rainetta Jones will follow shortly.


David Beckham launches another stolen SEVENGATE concept on behalf of British IP Criminals and Terrorists guilty of theft to fund Crimes Against HumanitySevengate Beckham

SEVENGATE Update – 11/2/15:  Seven has advised that David Beckham has launched the following charity to support UNICEF. He has been a UNICEF ambassador for a few years:–sow.html

This action was brought to Seven’s attention by several people. Seven was formerly unaware of it but now fully believes this is in response to her recent SevenGate exposure.

More importantly, UNICEF does not have a good record for benefiting the world’s most vulnerable children.  Anne who has researched UNICEF comments as follows:

”   It’s not just stealing your idea, in being linked to UNICEF, it’s linked to killing children, not helping them.

Here is the reality of UNICEF and children.

And this. Bill Gates – Ebola, Death and Vaccines: Add In WHO, PATH, GAVI, UNICEF, Merck, GSK – EbolaGate

Rethinking the Goodness of Doctors Without Borders Outbreaks Coincided With Their [and UNICEF’s] Vaccine Campaigns      ”

Spread this information far and wide and let us hope that we can stop this child abuse.   Great discernment in making donations to charities is now relevant.   Noeline


I was intrigued to come across SevenGate on A story of persecution of the feminine if ever I saw one. The story of how Ms Charles Seven a creative artist in Music, Dance, Health was robbed of her intellectual property and the ensuing court cases and huge State coverup.

SevenGate – The State Coverup of the Case Ms Seven V Gossage and Nine Others

I have read the recent articles by Alfred Lambremont Webre and the Report of Tony Farrell as well as spending hours watching the interviews of Ms Seven by Alfred. On the very substantial evidence presented, in my opinion, Ms Seven did not receive British justice and every attempt has been made to cover up her case. Those who stole her substantial intellectual property when she approached supposedly highly reputable Law firms to protect her intellectual property on two occasions, then sold them to various TV networks generating profits possibly in the billions worldwide. Some of the shows involved are: Dancing with Stars, Dancing on Ice, You are What You Eat, Ten Years Younger, Strictly Come Dancing plus many more since. The ends that the criminals went to terrorise Ms Seven included bulldozing down buildings, setting fire to buildings, planning and carrying out false flag events and many suspicious deaths. The case material freely on offer here concerns corruption and racketeering within the media and the entertainment industry internationally extending into circles of the UK  judiciary and the police service.

Beneficiaries of this decade of racketeering include the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Virgin Media. Scottish TV and large international law firm such as Bindmans with its associated linkages to Terrorism and the Leveson Inquiry into phone hacking and the police media relationship. This case contains an extraordinary illustrative example of prolonged gang-stalking and a reign of domestic terror at its most blatant. All of the people charged in this criminality have since received payment in the elevation to cushy jobs and titles. These funds have no doubt funded much of the false flag events and certainly the criminal satanic cabal.

For detailed Report by Tony Farrell:

I recommend you go to this report to get a good synopsis of events on page 45. The report makes it easy to get your head around this highly complex matter.

Alfred Webre overview:

For video series of Ms Seven’s interviews:

The charged persons who need to be arrested and jailed are:

Christopher Gossage and Tony English of Russell’s Media Law Firm
Richard Hannah
Helen Alexander
Jim Manson, Scottish TV
Jeffery Bindman of Bindman and Partners
Tamsin Allen
Derek Rosenblatt of Ronald Fletcher and Co

 Involved in corruption:

Accused: Lord Justice Lawrence Collins, Sir William Blackburne, Barrister Brian Nicholson, Jim Manson (Scottish Media Group), The Late Sir Nicholas Pumfrey, Tamsin Allen (Leveson Inquiry)
Key Witnesses: Nicholas Warren, Sir Peter Gibson, Sir John Chadwick

I am not sure that I would have had the courage of Ms Seven to pursue this at the peril of my life for 12 years the way she has done. I do believe it is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to corruption of British institutions: government, media, entertainment and the legal system. Every attempt has been made by these nine people and organisations to terrorise Ms Seven and bury her further attempts to get justice having won her appeal. The same corruption is happening in US, Australia and Canada.

Ms Seven represented herself with great skill and Judge Pumfrey personally hailed the case as being ..

“The best case he had ever seen in his entire career as a judge, he stated Ms Seven’s work had the highest level of competence that he had ever seen”.

False Flags and the Obvious Importance of 7 to the Cabal

Firstly Ms Seven was so named because she was the 7th child of her parent’s union. Ms Seven also went under the name of Charles Seven. The list of cabal abuses of Ms Seven are too numerous to list here but the major one involves the theft of her identity. Read Tony Farrell’s report where they are all listed. Her life is threatened, bank account access interfered with and she is obviously a threat to the satanic cabal who don’t want this information out there.

Ms Seven provides utterly convincing evidence that the 7/7 London bombing which she tried to warn police about before the event on 7/7/2005 ( reduces to 7/7/7) when there were 7 explosions, the Boston Bombing and the recent Charlie Hebdo (means 7) Paris Attack are all connected and took place immediately after every attempt by her to publicise her case….

  • 7/7 occurred just after she won her court case appeal in July 2005 – a threat to her to back off.
  • Boston Bombing occurred on 15/4/2013 (which adds to a 7) after Tony Farrell Report was released and Ms Seven was interviewed by UK Column – a further threat to her to go no further.
  • Charlie Hebdo (means 7) occurred on 7 January, 2015 (also adds up to 7), after Alfred Lambremont Webres articles linked above – another attempt to shut Ms Seven up once and for all.

Obviously along with these threats to Ms Seven through the false flags there was the terrorising of humanity objective of the cabal. It is interesting to note that as people are waking up these events are recognised as false flag terrorist attacks by the cabal and many people are not frightened.

Not all false flags appear to be connected with SevenGate. 9/11, recognised by many as an inside job by the Zionist (Rothschild) infiltrated governments of the USA and UK was before all this. A BBC commentator announced the destruction of Building 7 when it was clearly still standing and very evident to viewers before it actually happened which indicates that the UK was well aware of who did it and obviously in the loop. So all false flags going back to the sinking of the Lusitania, Pearl Harbour, North Korea, Vietnam, and more recently MH Flights 307 and 317 (there’s the 7s again) are about frightening the population into doing the cabal’s bidding in one way or another.

Suspicious Deaths

The suspicious deaths mentioned by Seven include her mother and father in 2014.
Two friends died suspiciously on the same day, 17th May, 2012, and three other people in connection to Seven’s stolen work. Sarah Mulvey, Richard Hopskins who were deeply embroiled in peddling the stolen IP Rights in illicit licensing deals around the world illegally for the criminals, and James Woods, who was connected to ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, is reported to have died of cancer. Judge Pumfrey was announced dead in 2007, the same year the charged cabal members were about to face lengthy prison sentences. This did not happen as further action was covered up by corrupt Barrister Brian Nicholson. Other deaths may emerge.

What’s Next?

The actions that now need to be taken:

1. Urgently demand the IMMEDIATE MASS ARRESTS of the satanic media cabal syndicate members already found guilty in the case SEVEN VERSUS GOSSAGE AND NINE OTHERS,

2. ‘CEASE AND DESIST’ DEMAND to stop the nefarious corrupt misuse of mainstream media broadcasting networks in carrying out any further Staged TV production false flags falsely framing innocent Muslims and assassinating innocent members of the public

3. DEMAND a full account of profits from this satanic cabal organised Intellectual Property Theft Crime

4. DEMAND urgently a full international public inquiry into ALL suspicious deaths and corruption connected to the SevenGate scandal and related false flag murders

Anyone who is able to help in any way with these, please contact Seven at

Seven’s desire is importantly to expose the corrupt British legal system with our help.

Possibly musical events may be planned similar to “Live Aid”. These will be advertised here and by Alfred Webre’s Newsinsideout site. You can assist Ms Seven by donating at the following Paypal account.

“This material will shock, scare and infuriate, but it will also enlighten and encourage. This is a truly outrageous case. It involves MS SEVEN, MS CHARLES SEVEN – a Rosa Parks of our generation . The available material tells of her battle against some of the giants of the entertainment industry and against high profile individuals, corporations and controlling systems. It is a case that will strike at the treasonous corruption within our midst.”  – Tony Farrell.

Donations to expose SevenGate and Contact Email

From Seven: “Here is a PayPal for SevenGate Donations for anyone who wants to support:

“I have also set up a new email:
for anyone who would like to make contact in relation to the case. Thank you so much again for your kind support best wishes to you and yours ;-)”
Victory to the Light!
Noeline Clayfield


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  1. January 28, 2015 1:40 am

    Thank you Noeline Clayfield, for a well presented summary of an extremely complex story of corruption and theft of the Intellectual Property, proven to be stolen from Charles Seven.

  2. January 28, 2015 2:13 am

    Facebook Group supporting Charles Seven –

    Latest Posts, News and Updates on Charles Seven –

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