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Geo-Engineering – Chemtrails a part of Climate Change Debate

May 31, 2015

Spent the day yesterday at Cliveden in Buckinghamshire UK with some overseas visitors and could not help notice the heavy chemtrailing that was going on all day. This of course happens nearly everyday over the UK, Europe, USA, Australia…just about everywhere.  I did not see any when I lived in South America for many years.Apparently weather modification has been going on for at least 50 years. This is a huge factor in the Climate Change Debate.

Here is link to Secret Chemtrail Pilot whistleblowing   (click to view)

Facts about Geo-engineering   (click to view)

How chemtrails affect you and what you can do:

No government has ever been given approval by the people to do this to our planet for any reason. It is secret and is never discussed in any msm. It is an absolute disgrace considering the fact that “they” are spraying us like cockroaches!! Time to do something about it and definitely include this in any climate change discussion. The amount of damage done to our foods, soils, health and envirionment is incredible.

There is much discussion about Climate Change and the need to do something about it.  The results of chemtrailing/geo-engineering are showing up in forests, waterways, soils, foods and no doubt our health. This is a huge contribution to climate change… the seeding of our skies with toxic poisons that block out the sun, cause droughts, floods and toxins that fall to earth.  The last video comments that atmospheric tests are putting these toxins in our atmosphere using rockets and nanotechnology. Quite apart from the actual toxins in the sprays there is a huge increase in aircraft pollution and the huge number of planes now in the air at any one time challenge commercial flight safety. There has been some crashes and many near misses unreported by msm.
Many tests of chemtrail  contents have been done by private organisations and individuals but NONE have been done by governments and the results made public. I know that daily I observe a white cobweb -ike substance covering my car. There has been no questioning of geo-engineering by governments that I could discern although agencies like EPA are constantly testing but not really reporting the facts or the impacts.  Individually we are the stewards of our planet and it is up to us to question our governments and ask when they were given approval to do this by We the People through legislation.
Noeline Clayfield
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