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Update – Energies, Postings, Investigations & Research

April 29, 2016

11898738_10153584384193615_6435616632196528938_nYou will have noticed that I have not posted much lately. Cannot explain it other than I suddenly have an aversion to all things channeled and anything to do with NASA, ISS, “Space” exploits totally.  I have to be true to myself and since I have had quite a difficult 12 months with operations and illness have just taken time out to just be me.  I have been repulsed by things that I have posted for years for some reason. Maybe I am just fed up with the “soon” and my lie detector seems to be more sensitized to just about all media utterings.   I have also been disgusted with the negative spin in just about every news report and did not want to relay that energy to anyone.

There is no doubt we are currently going through the eye of the storm in the battle for our hearts and minds and chaos reigns everywhere. It is most important to get a grip on all the fearmongering that is going on and just be the  unemotional observer. Many of us have been knocked out with energy bombardments that leave us taking to our bed for the day! This has been happening for years to me but seems to have increased since the winter solstice although since my health has been in operation recovery mode and battling with pneumonia, it has been hard to gauge how much of the way I felt was due to energy bombardments as well. 

179 million people believe the earth is flat according to Google search today and I am one of them. This realisation was confirmed when I really looked at the mind control that has been reinforced since the start of NASA and their CGI cartoons which are now being taught to my grandson!  It is amazing what triggers one to investigate world mindsets more closely. Something has happened in the last 12 months to wake people up and this topic has gained huge interest and inquiry particularly in the last 6 months.  We indeed need to query the very Earth that we live on and the construct of our solar system. We do not have any proof by film or photography of what our Earth looks like from “space” except NASA CGI (computer generated images) and compilations.

flat earth conspiracyIndeed this is such a huge topic that it requires a great deal of study and I have spent 6 months solidly looking at the Scientific Proof Method and have come to the conclusion that we have no proof of Gravity, Heliocentricity, The Van Allen Belt (A NASA Construct?). “Science” has become a sort of religion promoted by the Masons, that without Scientific Proof, has accepted that hypotheses are FACT. Through equations and ridiculous mathematical calculations so called scientists “proved” the impossible according to Tesla. Einstein’s Law of Relativity is unproven. Newton’s Gravity hypotheses and Van Allen’s fanciful Belt of Radiation are hypotheses.  NASA does moon landings and ISS space walks in underwater tanks and the ISS activity in Gfree planes. The Moon Landings are a hoax. Check out Jay Weidner’s videos on Stanley Kubrick.  Just look at the ridiculous constructs of the ISS and all so called space probes that are supposed to have taken fantastic photography… taken by what or whom and communicated to us from billions of miles in space?!?? All rockets take off in an arc and  land in the sea just watch the launches. Indeed we are told that the ISS rotates at 250 miles above earth? Where is the proof?  More CGI?  Is that technically “space”? Does space have Wi Fi?  We often have trouble picking up WiFi on earth over a hundred miles or so.  None of the NASA CGI shows satellites which also do not exist as all communication is land based. The stars are also missing! And what about the clouds that do not move on a globe rotating at 1000mph!  Just BS.  How stupid the masons think we are. How they are laughing at us as we gullibly accept their MSM and believe all the lies they feed the sheeple slaves on a daily basis.  It is time each of us took responsibility for our beliefs and did the investigations personally. It does not matter what I believe. Nor do I care what anybody else believes. However, it would appear through Internet enquiry,  the collective consciousness is suddenly questioning everything including “proof” of what we live on… because we do not know anything apart from our perceptions and scientific method analysis of replicated experiments.  I know my house is level, I sleep level, I use physical effort to walk on surfaces other than level. When I drink from my cup the contents remain level even when I tip the cup to drink. I have no sensation of the earth rotating at 1000mph but can sense an earthquake.  I have flown and sailed over earth and oceans and noticed no humps – all is level. I have driven across Australia and it is flatter than a pancake. I have stood on mountain tops and wondered at the flat earth view below.

I recommend everyone look at their own beliefs conditioned during their education and then view the work of Eric Dubay on Geocentricity and Heliocentricity :

The Atlantean Conspiracy

The Globe Earth Lie

This is the latest of his very coherent and well documented videos but all are available on YouTube and can be accessed there. “200 Proofs the Earth is Flat” has all the science. There appears to be very little science to support the heliocentric model which relies on the 500 years old Copernicus global model,  published on his death by the Vatican Jesuits. The Vatican IMO is the most evil organisation and is the root of all evil on Earth. It has infiltrated all countries as witnessed recently by visitations of the current “pope” to all countries and his appearance at the United Nations. Most world leaders visit the pope including the queen and prince Philip. All royals are tools of the Vatican and have been for centuries. The British Isles is still controlled by documents signed by King John with the Vatican around 1215. King John literally signed away all sovereignty because of the huge financial debts he had amassed. The Vatican had financed him!  The blood rituals of the catholic church embodied in the mass conducted in churches dates back to Babylon.  The Satanic blood rituals practiced by the 33 degree masons and their masters in secret societies also go back to Babylon as does Wahhabiism (Saudi Arabia, Daesh)  and Zionism.  Is there a huge push to return the world to Babylon?

Other subjects I have been studying are Gematria and Numerology with Marty Leeds. It is so interesting and really recommend all to see his amazing videos and information. I have always been interested and knowledgeable about numerology but Gematria, the value and importance of alphabet and words is fascinating. In the beginning there was the word….Marty is a Flat Earth Believer only in the last six months and his video “Flat Earth Litmus Test” is a must see. His journey is outlined:

Marty Leeds – The Litmus Test – Flat Earth

Just some thoughts for your consideration. I will be posting much more in coming weeks.   The changes are kicking in fast and furious and we are creating the New Earth. I like the anagram ‘Earth’ ‘Heart’. I do believe our journey here is to discover our hearts and use them. It seems that we have lived many lifetimes to reach now and it has been a process of developing to what we are now… awakened and conscious individuals with great hearts showing love and compassion who will continue our growth infinitely.  The agenda of heliocentricity is an incredible threat to humanity and I will be writing on that next.

Love and Light

Noeline Clayfield

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