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We are increasingly aware of the injustices perpetrated on us by our governments, discovering that they are untrustworthy, do not have the welfare of their constituents as their prime motivation and now we are demanding more accountability. How did the current situation arise? Did we trust our elected representatives too much? Did we give them unregulated power and full opportunity to follow their own personal agenda? Have we been asleep on their watch for the last 100 years or longer? Well, obviously we have.

In the USA, President Obama is currently finding tough opposition in his fight for more regulation of financial institutions, lawmakers and healthcare reform. Even within the Democratic party there are those so called “conservatives” that represent the corrupt interests of the status quo. The President is having a hard time fighting for the changes that need to be made to provide “accountability “at just about every level of government. The power that these institutions now have and their reluctance to lose their current status is the news of the day. The dirty tricks being employed by these power brokers is daily evident and disgraceful as they brazenly lie and as we now approach the end of President Obama’s term in office in 2016, most of his promises have not been fulfilled and his legacy appears to be a blank page.

This is not only a problem for the USA. Most first world countries have the same problems. Politicians have put powerful corporations’ interests ahead of the wellbeing of their constituents who voted them into office. Thriving lobbyists daily badger politicians with their concerns that further their client corporations’ businesses. It has reached the point that there is no accountability by politicians to the constituents, and lobbyists line the pockets of politicians with money to have their clients’ interests progressed. It is now acknowledged that it is not the elected governments anywhere that have power but the “secret unelected government” which is composed of large corporations and vested interests internationally who pay lip service to the people. Powerful international groups like the Faction 1 (Rothschilds), Faction 2 (Rockefeller), Bilderbergers, Committee of 300, UN, G20, Council on Foreign Relations, etc. are the organizations that set the agenda worldwide and dictate to the elected politicians. These groups also control the central banks, media, military industrial complex , medical industrial complex and every aspect of our lives. They dictate the terms to our elected governments. The powerful corporations are merged into Faction 1, Faction 2, Bilderbergers and Committee of 300. These organizations meet regularly and manipulate the world markets to suit their agenda. It has been exposed on recent media coverage the amount of money paid to various politicians like Senator Baucus for instance to the tune of $3 million to represent the interests of Health Insurance companies. These funds were paid through campaign donations and are able to be traced. They don’t even bother to hide it anymore.  The truth is outing daily and the game is up.

The agenda has always been the New World Order and one world government controlling all. Whether this will be accomplished is now looking very uncertain as the infighting within the various factions increases to the detriment of their overall plan. As well people are waking up finally. Worldwide people are protesting inequality and lack of government integrity.

So now that we are aware, we the people need to take back our power. To do this we need to make our representatives accountable, write letters weekly to them and also to the Whitehouse, join and participate in their lobbying to politicians, protest PEACEFULLY, demand honesty and integrity of the media. Be responsible when choosing products and services and start with being accountable in your own life rather than the manipulated pawn. These are ways that we can exercise our power and collectively it will make a difference. Make others accountable to you for goods and services and protect your rights.

Energetically we are powerful when we use our intention. The focus of our intention by writing a letter to our representative, contributing to the debate or protesting peacefully adds enormously to ensuring a positive outcome. Our thought creates our reality and collectively we are very powerful and can move mountains when we focus on a desired result together.

Noeline Clayfield

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