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About First Contact & Ascension

twilight ufo moon flat earth (284x177)“First Contact” and “Ascension” are rapidly becoming the current speak…. what do they mean?

First Contact is the imminent first meeting with our Galactic Brothers and Sisters  who have been hovering over our planet for eons OR advanced civilizations from Inner Earth that have very advanced technology who are observing our development secretly and remotely and waiting for the completion  of the sun cycle which is calculated to happen on December 21, 2012, by the Mayans and the oral traditions of many Native peoples.  Have we evolved enough spiritually to interact with them yet? Many of us are tired of the constant messages that this meeting is imminent. There is much disinformation out there and the following is the word of the Mayan Elders on this subject. Click on the link:  December 2012 – What Mayan Elders Say.  Much information about Ascension process and what we can expect  here from the Andromedan Council.  So the jury is still out on many aspects of First Contact and Ascension.

Update 15/6/15: There is so much happening at the moment! The whistleblower, Corey Goode , has disclosed volumes of information about the SSP (Secret Space Programme), ICC (interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate – black operations) and various Extraterrestrial Alliances including the Sphere Being Alliance which Corey Goode represents at various Interplanetary Council Meetings. There is absolutely no proof other than NASA/ESA CGI that we have ever been into space. Indeed NASA now says that the Van Allen Belt (which may also be a NASA invention) is preventing them from doing any further space exploration. So it would appear that the Moon Landings Hoax is real. Be prepared for shocking truth to emerge in the next months regarding our reality. This is just some sources that I have explored and present for your evaluation and requires discernment:

Corey Goode’s Site :        This man’s extraordinary journey and current attendance at Interplanetary Council Meetings as a Delegate are detailed here. Where he goes or what he does however, cannot be proved. There is no proof other than NASA CGI that anybody has ever been outside the quarantine/dome around the earth. Whether Corey travels interdimensionally is another matter. This would not enable him to travel with his body though as I understand it. 

Dr Michael Salla’s Site:      Again all this information is hearsay and hypotheses NOT facts.  He is so good at compiling Corey Goode’s information and adding other relevant references. Is this just good stories and a distraction? Discernment is always required.

David Wilcock’s Site:      David has linked up with Corey Goode and Richard Hoagland and has documented his yet to be proven information in his lectures, articles and radio interviews as well as his Gaiam TV Shows and Ancient Alien Series on Discovery Channel.   Discernment is required as again there is no proof presented by David other than his synchronicities, hearsay and channeled information.


Update 23/7/11: Today I posted the following to ASCENSION Corner Forum:

”    Let me preface that I have seen UFOs before but this was so close to me!

Saturday morning 23 July 2011 at approx 1.30am in the Dee Why Beach area of
Sydney Australia, while lying in my bed awake and gazing out my bedroom window a
UFO/Light Orb flew at speed past my window. It was at approximately a 45 degree
view angle from my bed and lower than usual aircraft might fly over from time to
time. I have seen them go faster on videos but this was slow enough to see
clearly but much faster than any aircraft. I listened for any noise (a jet at
that speed would have created a boom) but NONE! If I rolled over in my bed a
second before I would have missed it. It was below the cloud cover and the
almost incessant rain had stopped for a brief interlude. If I had had my camera
at the ready I would not even have had time to focus and catch it. I am now
asking that they hover next time for a while to allow me time to catch it with
my camera!!

Earlier this year I saw others but at a very great height and feel confident
that they were Galactic craft because of their maneuvers which could not have
been executed by anything else. They could of course have been something from
here but very hard to tell at that height with my eyesight. But last night was

I am so elated today that I am seeing them this close to us now.

Wow!! Noeline Clayfield    ”

Disclosure is close now.

See also David Wilcock’s blog: 1950s Human ETs Prepare Us for Golden Age

Update 15/4/2011:  This wonderful YouTube video interview of James Gilland has much info that you will find very exciting as well as updates on current events :James Gilliland

It is expected that First Contact will precede Ascension and that it will occur in 2011 and indeed much is happening at the moment that indicates that the old paradigm is closing and the truth is being revealed and disclosure is imminent.  The ASCENSION Corner Discussion Forum accessible above is updated daily with all the latest information.

Meet 6 Galactic Humans……

Enjoy this 6 part Sheldan Nidle Information on First Contact and what we can expect afterwards.

and Transition Before and After First Contact click here

Ascension has always been a sort of religious word…. but spiritual and scientific is a more apt description.  Throughout our Universe  and of course multitudes of other universes, there are degrees of consciousness.  Earth has been in  3rd Dimension for at least the last 75,000 years and prior to that was in 1st and 2nd dimensions for millions of years according to our scientists.  So the Universe has a precise programme  that is fulfilled whether we are ready or not and currently all the planets in our Universe are heating up or increasing in energy, preparing for a dimensional shift.  We need to raise our energy vibration if we are going to proceed with the dimensional shift.  To do that we collectively and individually need to expand our consciousness or awareness.

I am happy that you have found my website… I want to make all the tools for spiritual development readily available and easy to use as time is of the essence!  December 20, 2012, is fast approaching, time speeding up exponentially will make time appear to “fly” and it has been estimated that our day is currently 16 hours instead of 24 by Dolores Cannon…. so, if you are only just waking up and wanting to become consciously aware as quickly as possible…. I am thrilled to be able to assist you!

Noeline Clayfield

semjaseFirst Contact   –  What Do The Star People Look Like?

Who can we expect to meet on First Contact and what do they look like?

When we are still having trouble accepting one another on planet Earth, how will we cope with the different appearance of our Galactic neighbors? The greatest challenge confronting humanity has been the acceptance of our differences and not only in appearance and skin color.  We see  currently how hard it is for many white supremacists to accept President Obama , the first black president.  The lid has been lifted off this long festering problem and it is incredible that some think themselves superior because they are white.  So the age old drama is finally playing out. The way the president is handling it is magnificent. He recently said, “Well, I was black before I became President!”   This of course emphasized both the fact that he was elected and accepted by a majority as worthy of this position and obviously intelligent enough to do the job. A good sign that acceptance of our differences is on the increase.

With the amount of discrimination still going on in the world, how are we going to cope with the diversity that we will encounter when we meet our Galactic brothers and sisters?  It will be a shock to many but with some preparation we should be able to meet them with composure and acceptance.

So this is intended to be information about the Family of Light star people.We are told by the Galactic channels that there are many different groups here at this time.  But I guess if we can get our heads above our initial fear of differences involved in interacting with this diversity we will be able to cope with pretty much anything.

Although photographic evidence appears to be minimal, many sci-fi movies such as Star Wars, Matrix, ET, The Super Mario Bros, Independence Day, Star Trek, Deep Space Nine, Cocoon, etc. have depicted many different types of star people. The Illuminati has made much information available through its Hollywood mass media  propaganda outlet, but with a twist to their own agenda. The star people presented in these productions are mostly aggressive, ugly and alienating.  This is of course done on purpose to frighten and condition us to their manipulations.  Logic tells us that if this was so then Earth would have been overtaken thousands of years ago and they would not have spent all this time, millions of years, observing our growth and not interfering with our free will. The star people are helping us now because of a call both by our sentient planet Earth and Humanity. It was realized that we could not break free from the density of 3D without their infusions of light and assistance. Free will is still an essential ingredient of 3D and it is still a matter of choice for each individual to ascend or remain in 3D.

From the evidence presented by Billy Meiers it appears that our Pleiadian neighbors are very human and like many of us tall, blonde with blue eyes.  However, all colors of hair, eyes and skin are possible as well as a whole range of heights from 3 to 16 ft.   I have attached a drawing of Semjase, a Pleiadian woman that Billy Meier had contact with.

The Law of One, Ra Material says some 67  mllion planets of different  densities are  aware in our galaxy. Many whistleblowers  like Sgt Clifford Stone describe some 57 different races that he personally came in touch with in secret black operations: See Project Camelot interview or Dr Steven Greer Disclosure Witness testimony. Many people including Dr Steven Greer describe many different types of humanoid races. There are two major types described in the Law of One…. Service to Others or Positive orientation or Service to Self or Negative orientation.  Both orientations emanate from the Creator to provide us with catalyst and growth opportunities.  Negative orientation turns positive in 6D as it cannot further advance otherwise in experience and development.  See Law of One, Ra Material in “Books”

It appears that many races work together on various Galactic Federation projects depending on their areas of expertise.  Dolores Cannon describes the mix  on craft in her books . There is full cooperation between the races of star people working together at all times which is what we will experience in our new reality. When you have full telepathetic abilities, lies, suspicion and deceipt are not possible and trust, cooperation and mutual respect becomes our way of life.

Sheldan Nidle gives the most comprehensive description of the different races he has come in contact with, as having different skin colours such as orange, red, brown, black, green, blue and white with different sized eyes of many colours and conformations. Different skin types and body structure variations( including tails and horselike beings) are also something that we will encounter.  The important thing that is common to all the different conformations and colours  is that they are all highly intelligent sentient beings and extremely evolved  both spiritually and technically with telepathetic and other abilities.  Some sources have put the Galactics at least a 1000 years ahead of us in every conceivable degree of development.  However, we are regarded as special by these races.

So what are the differences in some of the races?   According to Sheldan Nidle :

Introduction to the Galactic Federation of Light  (Service to Others – Positive Orientation)
The Galactic Federation of Light was founded over 4.5 million years ago to prevent inter-dimensional dark forces from dominating and exploiting this galaxy. At present, there are just over 200,000 member star nations, confederations or unions. Approximately 40% are humanoids and the rest are varied forms of sentient beings. Most members of the Galactic Federation are fully conscious beings.

To familiarize you with our space family, following is information about  Galactic Federation member species. Sheldan Nidles’ purpose in providing this is to foster goodwill and understanding of the star nations that are answering the call of Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy to assist us in our ascension/ transformation :


Member Name: Andromedan Star Nations. Accepted into the Galactic Federation approximately 3.5 million years ago.

Location: The Constellation of Andromeda.

Distance From Earth: Approximately 150 to over 4,000 Light Years.

Life Form Type: Humanoid.

Physical Appearance: Humanoids similar in appearance to Earth humans. They usually wear the traditional multicolored Galactic Federation jump suits. Andromedans consist of two basic Earth human types:

  1. The first is a Caucasian that ranges from a so-called “Nordic” type (blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin), to a “Mediterranean” type (light to dark brown hair, gray to brown eyes, tanned-looking skin).
  2. The second is a typical Oriental, with dark hair, dark Asian eyes and a skin color that varies from very pale brown to a dark shade of brown.

The eyes of all Andromedans are slightly larger than those of Earth humans. The lips are thin and colored almost a light pink, while the ears are fitted slightly lower on the side of the head and are slightly smaller in size. The hands and the feet are delicate in appearance with long fingers and toes.

The men vary in height from 5 feet, 7 inches to almost 7 feet (1.7 to 2.12 meters). The women range from 5 feet, 4 inches to almost 6 feet, 4 inches (1.63 to 1.93 meters) high. Andromedan women are noted for their alluring energies and their quite buxom figures.  (Alex Collier says there are also androgynous Andromedans).

Special Traits and Abilities: Andromedans are noted in the Galactic Federation for their mastery of all forms of scientific endeavor.

Average Amount of Sleep Needed: About 2 hours per day.

Language: Andromedans speak a language whose dialects vary from a Spanish- or Italian-like sound, to one that is more tonal and gutteral in its intonation.

Mother Ship and Other Craft: Andromedan ships range in shape from their traditional sombrero- shaped scout ships that measure some 50 to 65 feet (15 to 20 meters) across, to lens-shaped small atmospheric command ships that are up to a half mile (805 meters) in length.


Member Name: The Arcturian Confederation. Accepted into the Galactic Federation: Approximately 3.75 million years ago.

Location: The star Arcturus in the Constellation of Bootes.

Distance From Earth: Approximately 36 Light Years.

Life Form Type: A horse-like sentient Being.

Physical Appearance: Arcturians are a highly sentient mammaloid species that closely resemble a horse. The body is rather tall and slender with a somewhat stylized horse’s head. The skin ranges in color from a vanilla shade to a very dark brown. Arcturians possess a mane on the back of the neck and head and an extremely thin tail that is only slightly reminiscent of that of a horse.

The hands end in 4 fingers that are very long, supple and extremely thin. The arms, legs and body have a very muscular appearance. The Arcturian’s eyes are much bigger than those of Earth humans and are either pale blue or dark brown in color. The ears somewhat correspond to those of a horse, but they are smaller and more rounded than those of their earthly counterparts.

In size, Arcturian males range in height from 7 feet to almost 8 feet 6 inches (2.31 to 2.64 meters). Females vary from just below 7 feet to about 8 feet 2 inches (2.11 to 2.49 meters) tall.

Special Traits and Abilities: In the Galactic Federation, Arcturians are noted for their mastery of time (galactic calendars, etcetera) and their exceptional abilities in science and philosophy.

Average Amount of Sleep Needed: Usually 1 to 3 hours daily.

Language: Arcturians speak a tonal language that sounds similar to Chinese or Vietnamese.

Mother Ship and Other Craft: Arcturian ships range from a diving bell-shaped scout ship that varies from about 40 to 75 feet (12.2 to 22.9 meters) in diameter, to a lens-shaped planetary command mother ship that is over 14 miles (22.5 kilometers) in length.


Member Name: Star nation of Bellatrix. Former member of League of Orion and this sector’s Headquarters for the former Alliance Accepted into the Galactic Federation: Three years ago.

Location: One of brightest stars in Constellation of Orion; it is the bright star found just to the right and above Belt of Orion.

Distance From Earth: Some 112.5 Light Years.

Life Form Type: Major species is Dinoid-Reptoid hybrid. Migrated from Constellation of Sagittarius about 25 million years ago.

Physical Appearance: Very scaly and bony. Upper head is surrounded by large bony crest. Large red or dull yellow eyes (that resemble those of Earth’s reptiles) are set forward just above, and to either side of, very small nose. Mouth has thin lips that run from one side of head to the other. Ears are non-existent: only sign of them is extra-smooth, 3-inch (7.62 cm) circle on either side of head and just behind eyes. Skin is scaly like a crocodile, and green, yellow, brown or red in color. Small bony crest runs up middle of the back and is connected to larger crest found on top of head.

Being is bi-pedal. Thin hand has six long, clawed fingers. Feet have five toes ending in small, very sharp, claws. Very small tail, thick like a crocodile’s, extends only to the feet. Male is shorter than female. Males range in height from 8 to 10 feet (2.44 to 3 meters): females are 8.5 to 10.25 feet (2.6 to 3.12 meters) tall.

Special Traits and Abilities: Noted for great diplomatic and leadership skills. In charge, for past six million years, of all the former Alliance’s forces for this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Average Amount of Sleep Needed: 5 to 8 hours.

Language: Very coarse and guttural; filled with deep growling and hissing noises.

Mother Ship and Other Craft: Scout craft look like dew drops and like beetles; they vary from 100 to 400 feet ( 30.5 to 122 meters) in length. Mother ships range from 1 to 400 miles (1.6 to 640 Kilometers) long and look like large tadpoles.


Member Name: The Great Star Union of Centaurus. Accepted into the Galactic Federation: 1.1 million years ago.

Location: The Constellation of Centaurus is located between the constellations of Lupus and Vela. It is best known for its brightest star, the triple star system of Alpha Centauri (also known as Rigel Kentaurus). One of its triple stars is Proximi Centauri, which, at 4.3 Light Years, is the closest known star to Earth.

Distance From Earth: 4.3 to over 1,000 Light Years.

Life Form Type: A humanoid and a reptoid species.

Physical Appearance: The humanoid Centaurian closely resembles those humans now found on Earth. The male is very muscular and well-proportioned with blonde, brown, black or red hair. The eyes are either slightly Asian in shape, or are rounded, and are brown, black, blue, green or hazel in color. In height, males vary from nearly 6 feet to almost 8 feet (1.8 to 2.4 meters). Their skin color can be either a very dark brown or a slightly tanned white color. The female is also well-proportioned but less muscular, and ranges from 5 feet 5 inches to almost 7 feet (1.65 to 2.1 meters) tall.

The reptoid Centaurian has a very scaly lizard-like and muscular body. Its skin color is in patches of either green and blue, or red and green. The hands are narrower than a human’s and contain six digits which end in a razor-sharp, curved claw. The eyes are rounded and bulging with a reptoid-like vertical slit, and are either bright red or golden in color. There is no tail, but the feet have five long toes ending in the same curved claw. The female, at just under 8 feet (2.4 meters), is slightly taller.

Special Traits and Abilities: Centaurians are known for their abilities as great strategists and Federation Liaison Counselors. They excel at bringing groups of diverse sentient Beings together and at achieving their goals in a most peaceful and harmonious manner.

Average Amount of Sleep Needed: 2 to 4 hours.

Language: Humanoid language is quite guttural like German, but tonal-sounding like Chinese. Reptoid language is extremely guttural and filled with sounds that are difficult for most humans to replicate.

Mother Ship and Other Craft: Centaurians have two types of ships visible in Earth’s skies. The first ship is an all-purpose scout. It is bell-shaped, with a large lens-like circular wing attached to its underside. It is about 45 feet (14 meters) in diameter, and nearly 30 feet (9.1 meters) in height. The second is a command ship, shaped like a cigar with a small bulge in its middle, and is approximately 200 feet (over 60 meters) in length.


Member Name: The Confederation of Fomalhaut.  Accepted into the Galactic Federation: A neutral star nation that became a member some 3 years ago.

Location: The brightest star in the constellation of Piscus Austrinus (the southern fish). Piscus Austrinus is found between the constellations of Aquarius and Grus.

Distance From Earth: About 23 Light years from Earth.

Life Form Type: Two members. First, a human rebel group from the Pleiades that first colonized Fomalhaut some 250,000 years ago, and who are now found on Fomalhaut’s third and fourth planets. Second, a smaller dinoid-reptoid group from Bellatrix in Orion, that colonized the second planet in this solar system some 200,000 years ago. The two parties created this Confederation after a series of very destructive wars that ended some 20,000 years ago.

Physical Appearance: The first variety of Fomalhaut humans closely resembles the so-called “Nordic” type of ETs, and are usually blonde with very blue, hazel or steel-gray eyes. Men are muscular, and around six feet (1.85 meters) tall. Woman are very buxom and range from 5 feet, six inches to just under six feet (1.68 to 1.83 meters) in height.

The second type is darker-skinned and looks almost tanned, with dark hair and brown, gray or black eyes. Same relative height and appearance as the first so-called “Nordic” type.

The Confederation’s Dinoid-Reptoid inhabitants are a hybrid originally from the star Bellatrix in Orion. Very scaly and bony. Upper head is surrounded by large bony crest. Large red or dull yellow eyes (resembling those of Earth’s reptiles), are large and set forward just above, and to either side of, very small nose. Mouth has thin lips that run from one side of head to the other. Ears are non-existent: only sign of them is an extra-smooth 3-inch (7.62 cm) circle on either side of head and just behind eyes. Skin is scaly like crocodile’s and green, yellow, brown or red in color. Small crest of bony material runs up middle of back and is connected to larger crest found on the top of head.

Being is bi-pedal. Thin hand has six long, clawed fingers. Feet have five toes ending in small, very sharp claws. Very small tail, thick like crocodile’s, extends only to feet. Male is shorter than female. Bellatrician-like males on Fomalhaut range from 8 to 10 feet (2.44 to 3 meters) in height: females are 8.5 to 10.25 feet (2.6 to 3.12 meters) tall.

Special Traits and Abilities: Noted for prowess in all scientific endeavors. They now comprise a large part of the personnel of first major Science and Exploration Team sent to Andromeda (some 2 million Light years from our galaxy).

Average Amount of Sleep Needed: 2 to 6 hours daily.

Language: Human language is lyrical but guttural: Dinoid-Reptoid language is much more guttural.

Mother Ship and Other Craft: Human scout ships are ovoid, like water drop about to fall from tap. They range from 60 to 85 feet (18.3 to 26 meters) in diameter. Mother ships look like huge multi-layered cigars and are from 2 miles to 1200 miles (3.2 to 1,920 kilometers) across.

Dinoid-Reptoid scout ships are shaped like huge beetles, approximately 100 feet (30.5 meters) in diameter. Mother ships are shaped like amoeba and are some 8 to 900 miles (13 to 14,400 kilometers) across.


Member Name: Star-Nation of Mintaka (formerly part of the Orion League).  Accepted into the Galactic Federation: Three years ago.

Location: One of three bright stars in the famed Belt of Orion (The other two are AlNitak and AlNilam.)

Distance From Earth: Some 233 Light Years from Earth.

Life Form Type: Primarily an Amphiboid species; a few Reptoid and Dinoid hybrids live among them.

Physical Appearance: In many ways, Mintakans resemble the frogs and toads of Earth. There are, however, some major differences. They are mainly bipedal in stature. Their skin, smooth and hairless, is noted for its iridescent colors, which range from bright reds, oranges and greens, to yellows and browns.  Unlike those of Earth’s amphibians, the eyes are not too bulgy, but are quite large, ‘wraparound’ and bright red, orange or greenish-yellow in color. The nose consists of two small slits above a very thin set of lips. The mouth, when opened, is very large and frog-like. The ears are two small round circles on either side of the head.

The males, slightly smaller than the females, are between 7 to 8 feet (2.13 to 2.44 meters) in height. The females, slightly larger, range from 7.5 to 8.5 feet (2.29 to 2.59 meters) tall. Mintakans are also noted for a series of three small, thin, interconnected riles than run up their backs and end at the top of their heads.

Special Traits and Abilities: Noted for their great proficiency in psychology, as well as in all methods of mind manipulation. They have a great body of scientific knowledge and vast libraries of inner wisdom that go back over 15 million years.

Average Amount of Sleep Needed: 4-6 hours per day.

Language: Sounds very tonal, but also very deep and guttural.

Mother Ship and Other Craft: Almost mushroom-like in appearance: resemble the large spaceship at the end of the movie “Close Encounters”. Vary in size from 50 to 150 feet (15.2 to 46 meters) in diameter. Mother ships are very large, almost 100 to 1000 miles (160 to 1600 Kilometers) across. The larger ones are very self-sufficient and are usually kept only in deep space.


Member Name: Pegasus Star League. Accepted into the Galactic Federation: 3.78 million years ago (They were originally a series of special colonies founded by the Sirian Governing Council some 4 million years ago).

Location: The constellation of Pegasus is a vast cluster of over 1,000 stars, located between the constellations of Cygnus and Aquarius.

Distance From Earth: Between 200 and 3,000 light years.

Life Form Type: There are three major types of humanoids located in this star league. The first type strongly resembles the Sirian human in height and appearance and is divided into the same white and blue skin types. The second type is a thinner human type with red or orange skin. The final type is a hybrid formed from the dinoid and second humanoid race.

Physical Appearance: The first type resembles that of the original Sirius B humanoid colonists: the men vary from perfectly formed muscular physiques to child-like bodies, and are 6 feet, 6 inches to 7 feet, 4 inches (1.98 to 2.24 meters) in height, with blonde to light brown hair and light blue to green-colored eyes. The woman are extremely voluptuous in appearance and are 6 feet, 2 inches to 6 feet, 8 inches (1.88 meters to 2.03 meters) tall. They have either extremely pale white or light blue skin.

The second humanoid type slightly resembles the first in height and/or body types, except for two major differences. First, the skin, as well as the hair, is either a light red or a dark orange in color. Second, the eyes are more cat-like in appearance and the iris is either red or a dark blue. This group originally came from some of the more distant stars in the Lyra constellation.  (The eyes resemble the animated eyes on the Galactic Federation Members intro page on

The hybrid third type has a scaly type of skin with more pronounced cat-like eyes that are either red, brown or pale yellow. The body, legs, neck, and arms are more muscular than a human and have a number of thick vein-like protuberances running their length. Each hand and foot ends in 4 thin, long fingers or toes, with a small claw at its end. The males are some 7 to 8 feet (2.13 to 2.44 meters) in height, while the females range from 6 feet, 10 inches to 7 feet, 7 inches (2.08 to 2.31 meters) tall.

Special Traits and Abilities: The beings from Pegasus are known for their prowess as innovators, scientists, and diplomats.

Average Amount of Sleep Needed: One and one-half to three hours, depending on the species.

Language: There are two types of languages spoken. One is slightly toned and harmonic-sounding, while the other is more guttural and coarse.

Mother Ship and Other Craft: Three types of ships are operating in or near Earth. The first type is a defense ship that resembles a rounded equilateral triangle. Each of its sides is approximately 74 feet (22.56 meters) in length. The second type is a scout ship that is oblong in shape with an average diameter of about 85 feet (25.9 meters). The third ship is a double lens atmospheric command ship that is approximately 1300 feet (402 meters) in length.


Member Name: The Procyon star-nations.  Accepted into the Galactic Federation: Some 3.5 million years ago. Initially settled over 3.8 million years ago by colonists from Sirius-B, as well as by Amphiboid-Reptoid hybrids fleeing galactic wars in the Constellation of Cancer.

Location: Just above the star Sirius in the evening sky. The brightest star in the Constellation of Canis Minoris, Procyon is a binary star with only the inner, or A, star having inhabitable planets. The Procyon-A star system consists of six relatively small planets. The human colony occupies the fourth planet, while the Amphiboid-Reptoid colonies are located on the second and third planets from the star.

Distance From Earth: About 11.4 Light Years from Earth.

Life Form Type: Two types of sentient Beings. The first is a pure Lyran-Sirian humanoid type. As on Sirius-B, they are either blue- or white-skinned and are fully conscious. Amphiboid-Reptoid hybrids are slightly taller than humanoids and have green-, brown- or blue-colored skins.

Physical Appearance: Galactic humans of Procyon are typical Lyran-Sirian in appearance and look like typical Earth humans, with two major differences. First, eyes are much larger and appear more alive: color ranges through shades of blue, green and brown. Two smaller ears are attached slightly lower on head. Second, top and rear of head is enlarged to accommodate a larger brain capacity. Like other Lyran-Sirian humans, males are about 6 feet, 6 inches (1.83 meters) to 7 feet, 4 inches (2.24 meters) in height. Well-proportioned females are 6 feet, 4 inches (1.93 meters) to almost 7 feet (2.13 meters) tall.

Amphiboid-Reptoid Beings possess a lizard-like body covered with scaly skin. Bulgy brown, yellow or red eyes are set far apart from very thin ridge-like nose that ends in two small slit-like nostrils. Eyes can move independently of each other. Ears are small 2-inch (5 centimeter) ovals set just behind each eye. Mouth is thin slit that runs from ear to ear. Almost round head is well-proportioned to rest of body. Small, well-defined neck. Very muscular body and appendices. Four thin, nail-less fingers. Three long toes end in long sharp claws. Very small tail looks like bump at base of spine. Slightly larger females range from 7 to 8 feet (2.13 to 2.44 meters) tall. More compact males are 7 to 7 feet, 8 inches (2.13 to 2.34 meters) in height.

Special Traits and Abilities: Noted as avid explorers and consummate scientists. Have led some of the most successful expeditions into previously unexplored parts of this and other galaxies.

Average Amount of Sleep Needed: Humanoids require only about 1-2 hours: Amphiboid-Reptoids need about 3-4 hours.

Language: Humanoid language is very tonal, with few guttural sounds. Amphiboid-Reptoid language is tonal and guttural.

Mother Ship and Other Craft: Mother ship and other craft: Scout craft of Procyon look like either large tear-drops, or like a large beetle, and range from 45 to 200 feet (13.72 to 61 meters) across. Deep space Mother ships are shaped like either huge snowflakes or enormous jellyfish, and are from 100 to 4,000 miles (161 to 6,440 kilometers) long.

Tau Cetians:

Member Name: The Star Nation of Tau Ceti.  Accepted into the Galactic Federation: Almost 2.5 million years ago. Bear-like mammaloids (the original inhabitants) permitted a human colony from the Constellation of Hercules to settle on their system’s fourth planet some 2.4 million years ago.

Location: Closest star to Earth in Constellation of Cetus (the Whale).

Distance From Earth: Approximately 11.8 Light Years.

Life Form Type: Sentient inhabitants are a galactic humanoid and a bear-like mammaloid.

Physical Appearance: Galactic humanoids closely resemble humans from Constellation of Hercules. Three major skin colors: brown (including a copper tone), red, and green (light and dark). Brown-skinned humans have light brown to copper-colored hair, or black to red-orange hair. Eyes range from greens and blues to browns and grays. Males are very well-proportioned and 7 feet to 8.5 feet (2.13 to 2.59 meters) tall. Women range from just over 6.5 feet to almost 8 feet (1.98 to 2.40 meters) in height. Green-skinned humans have light green to blonde or brown hair with green, hazel or steel-blue eyes, and are the same relative heights as brown-skinned humans. Red-skinned humans have red, orange or blonde hair with red, brown or dark blue eyes, and are also the same size as the other two types of humans. In all cases, females are quite buxom.

Bear-like mammaloids of Tau Ceti are huge, furry Beings with small furry tails and bear-like bodies covered in brown, black or blonde fur. Heads are bear-shaped but with a smaller muzzle. Teeth resemble those of a galactic human rather than of an Earth bear. Eyes are set forward and, like those of humans, are brown, blue or black. Ears, at the side of the head just above the eyes, resemble those of Earth’s bears. Highly sentient Beings walk on two legs, hence have a higher center of gravity than bears on Earth. Two muscular arms with paw-like hands containing five stubby claw-laden fingers. Very muscular legs end in very short feet with five stubby toes. Range in height from 9 to 12 feet (2.74 to 3.66 meters).

Special Traits and Abilities: Known for their abilities to design some of most advanced ships in Galactic Federation’s exploration fleets. Also considered some of best pilots and navigators in galaxy.

Average Amount of Sleep Needed: Average amount of sleep needed: Both species require only 1 to 2 hours per day.

Language: Human language is very guttural, like German or Arabic. Bear-like Being’s language sounds similar, but is deeper and more guttural.

Mother Ship and Other Craft: Scouts are huge, diamond-shaped, plasma craft about 200 to 250 feet (61 to 76.2 meters) long. Mother ships are usually the command ships of Galactic Federation exploration fleets. They look like a series of multi-layered blood cells in stacks of 20 to 50 cells, and vary from 4 miles to 44 miles (6.44 to 70.84 kilometers) in diameter.

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Alex Collier is another source of information and he had contact with two Andromedans who gave him a lot of information over 10 years ago.  He describes white and dark “greys” of varying size (not all little but some as big as 6ft).  These as I understand it were working in underground bases on Earth and are Service to Self or negative orientation.  You can read his experience of the Andromedan life , environment and family on Alex Collier’s website: .

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