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HAITI – False Flag Attack by the Oligarchy… Not an Earthquake

January 19, 2010

Update 20 January 2010:See Christopher Story report that President Obama’s family has been threatened by the Cabal.  (Christopher Story Report)

The evidence to date is compelling that the tragedy that is now Haiti was a perpetrated attack by the Oligarchy that is the current government of the western world.  See Jesse Ventura’s ”Conspiracy Theory” – The Bilderbergers :

for a rundown on the structure of the secret societies that form the Oligarchy and who belongs to them. The agenda was threefold:

  1. To create a diversion to the ongoing financial crisis that should have imploded months ago but which has been delayed by the criminal financial activity of USA Treasury Secretary Geithner, and CIA’s Leon Panetta,  who have been sabotaging the Obama Administration by preventing payments by The Federal Reserve  to the  Bank of International Settlements (Christopher Story Report ) (Benjamin Fulford)
  2. The occupation of Haiti by the US as a launching pad for possible assaults on Venezuela and Cuba
  3. To set up another emergency funding  appeal that the Oligarchy could steal as they did the Katrina and Indonesian funding. There has never been an audit of either of these appeals and many have accused the Clintons of personally stealing money from the Katrina fund.

It does not take a genius to connect the dots here.  The aggressive nature of the Oligarchy that is currently ruling the USA, Britain, EU, Canada and Australia and other countries  would resent the bold finger that Venezuela and Cuba have given them for some time now and look on this occupation  of Haiti as the perfect opportunity to position themselves to  generate more wars from a convenient location.

There is no doubt that the occupation of Haiti by some 10,000 odd soldiers is not what is needed by the stricken Haitians. The following link to a video outlines Haitian politician’s concern that guns are the least thing they need and statements that the needed provisions are not forthcoming. There has been much international media reporting of the US occupation of the country and the fact that the US have not allowed many planes with provisions and essential equipment to land at Port-au-Prince.  So there is something pretty suspicious going on.

The Real News Video

It is also highly suspicious that both Bush and Clinton have come out of the woodwork and opened their ClintonBushHaiti fund and both former Presidents sought President Obama’s blessing in doing it.  Much discernment needs to be made by donors to make sure that their money ends up where they intended.

There has been mainstream media hype for months now about the possible threat of another 911… what better than to attack a defenseless neighboring island nation and achieve three objectives with the one blow. The Christopher Story report quotes intelligence sources saying that the attack was flawed because it was rushed and did not achieve the desired more disastrous effect.  The attack, according to this report, was carried out by Blackwater, the mercenaries who appear everywhere now fighting in  Afghanistan and who left Iraq in disgrace with murder charges. Blackwater appear to support the UN agenda but belong to no one nation and are in the pay of the Oligarchy.   The intelligence agencies have confirmed that Blackwater has a submarine capability that has been involved in other covert activity.  Further, intelligence circles report that the Haiti Disaster has been callously dubbed “Operation Blackwash”.

It has also been reported by Canadian press that there are 1,000 Canadians missing presumed dead and that is half the number of Canadians listed as residing in Haiti. If this 50% toll is any indication of the real casualties in Haiti it is also obvious that the death toll  being reported is hugely understated by the US controlling military force in Haiti as well as the UN force.

The evidence  that this is actually a false flag  attack on Haiti by the Oligarchy is substantiated by these reliable  reports of CIA and MI6 operative informers to Christopher Story, as well as the confirmed information provided to Benjamin Fulford by the Japanese Intelligence source called the Yakuza . The latter information was confirmed in a subscription report written by Benjamin Fulford & Associates dated 18 January, 2010.

There have also been reports questioning the damage in Haiti as being inconsistent with the usual infrastructure damage that a 7.0 earthquake would cause. Roads and airport are relatively undamaged. The fact that the adjoining Dominican Republic has avoided any damage is also highly inconsistent with the stength of such an earthquake.

Noeline Clayfield

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