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A World Without The Noise Of The Combustion Engine!

October 25, 2009

Motorway (140x111)Perhaps in these all too serious times it may sound a little frivolous to take a few moments to imagine a world without the sound of the combustion engine in all it’s forms of buses, trucks, cars, planes and motorbikes.  I have one little trainer aircraft that perpetually buzzes my house like an irritating noisy fly that I cannot swat down! And of all combustion noises the  sound of a motorbike is particular irritating to me.

It will of course be a sad thing for some of us who particularly get a buzz from the sound of a well tuned Harley Davidson or Norton, or for that matter the unique sound of a Porsche.  Both the hoonibums and the motor buffs alike will no doubt mourn the loss of these aberrations of the 20th Century.  Perhaps they can have a soundproofed museum where they can still enjoy this while leaving the rest of us to the sounds of silence.

It is interesting that in Star Wars, George Lucas got this wrong!  All the crafts in the series had awful noisy engines and it was supposed to be funny to observe how some of them were old and almost on the way out like many cars, particularly here  in Ecuador, and so much noisier, with engines backfiring.  Perhaps this was aimed at the blokes who love such things as a noisy engine. However, it appears now to be totally incorrect based on the observer reports of spacecraft visiting earth. We are told by the Galactics that such craft are often a million or so years old and still operating perfectly. There is actually no need for inbuilt redundancy as with most of the things currently made and marketed here.

Numerous areas of the world that have been devalued because of the location of an airport, industrial complex or motorway will suddenly be revitalized and free from the noxious and toxic smogs, that stifle our very existence and degrade our environment so drastically.

Oh the joy to sleep with no noise at all except for the sounds of nature… the occasional croak of a frog,  cricket, bird call, or the gentle fall of rain. Is it possible for us to imagine experiencing the difference … sounds of children at play and laughing?

Screaming sirens of ambulances and fire brigades and the now all too frequent sirens of police cars as they track down some miscreant on the highways, are simply a part of our everyday life, both waking and sleeping. Something that our sensitive systems have been forced to accept as normal in the manic world that we live in.

Nowhere in the world is free from these abnormal intrusions into our daily lives.  We have almost forgotten what is normal and natural. These assaults on our psyche have gradually increased  over time to a point that is no longer sustainable to our senses that require some tranquility and peace.  When I lived in a rural area, our tranquility and enjoyment of nature was often interrupted by the noise of bushbashing 4 wheelers and motorcross bikes for hours on end.

The resolution of the dilemma is near at hand.  With First Contact and the release of free energy technology, invented over a 100 years ago, but kept secret and prevented from implementation in our civilization by people with other agendas, we will have transportation without sound.  Even the electric carts that are used on golf courses and in some places like Bimini in the Bahamas as transport are quiet by comparison with combustion fuel guzzling engines.

All reports of spacecraft sightings, both discs and motherships, have commented on the lack of any noise from them.   Perhaps like the “Jetsons” of long ago TV fame, we can at last do away with the dreaded road systems and have our own little spacecraft to move around in. Perhaps we will not need even these because of our ability to move about through jumprooms or stargates  both to anywhere on our planet earth as well as parts of the universe.   What exciting times and experiences are on our horizons… I can hardly wait!


Noeline Clayfield

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  1. November 25, 2009 9:06 pm

    I highly enjoyed reading your article, keep on creating such exciting articles!

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