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We Are Creating the Outcome, Not Observing It….

November 23, 2009

I have been half expecting the appearance of the whole “disproving Obama’s Identity” campaign in the main stream media lately. You know the stuff….the fake birth certificate, not eligible for the Presidency, his education history, etc? I was hearing about his birth certificate being fake along with his school records etc. back at the beginning of 2009.

Well, here is my 2 cents worth of “control the outcome” theory. And naturally,  this is all predicated on my solid assertion that Obama’s role in all of this is as we believe it to be.  This is part of my truth today. No if, ands or but’s. I believe that when we visualize the outcome with our focused intent, that this will manifest into our current reality. All the more so when a group is focused on a specific outcome! Our task then, for the next 3 years as we race towards ascension will presumably be to help manifest (in whatever way we are passionate about) the full awakening of the maximum number of humans in the time we have left before the coming divine deadline for ascension.

For now, we have been told that our mission is to anchor light and thus help defeat the dark and claim this all important victory. For today, it is seemingly our task to co-create the day to day changes with Obama and all those who call themselves the Earth Allies. This I believe with all my heart and soul. It is simply my truth; not necessarily anyone else’s and so I offer it freely, for the consideration of whoever chooses to read it, or not…

But I also suspect that most of us (myself included) have yet to fully embrace the concept of multidimensionality and the simple visualization practise of having our conscious mind awareness focused on the act of creation at all times (or at least as much as possible). It is not an easy thing to do.  It is my daily challenge and I struggle with one foot in 3D (making a living and feeding the family etc.), while the other foot is in 4D (knowing that I am a piece of God and trying to focus on personal growth while remaining ensnared within a system I know to be false).

Struggling along within this system, we have been drawn forward through much of this age by our controllers because we allowed our spirit to be broken. We gave away our power to those who offered us “the great illusion”. We naively trusted that those who offered us a direct path to God,  had our interests at heart. Because we all have that inner spark that makes us look for a higher meaning in life, we were easy pickings for those who took the time to devised ways to take advantage of it.

Now, finally we have awakened and we have been told by our higher selves  that the recipe for change and victory has been there all along, right there under our noses. We have begun to understand that we have to manifest positive changes with our intent, and today, here and now, we are making this very shift. That is, in my humble opinion, exactly what this moment is about.

We ARE creating the outcome; not observing it. We are slowly accepting Quantum theory and coming to terms with the understanding that time is not linear. It is more like a circle. A continuous loop within which we are free to dabble and create whatever it is we wish to, anywhere along the way. We can go forwards or backwards and cut back to one place or another at any time. All points are connected. Galactic brothers (from our future) hovering in the sky’s above us are all the proof we need of this theory. The Karmic wheel is also more proof of the interconnectedness of all things. Our connectedness to all our previous aspects is demonstrated/proven by the fact that we can reap in this life what we sowed in a previous one. Proof positive that the term “Circle of Life” is indeed more true than we ever imagined.

But now the tide is turning. WE are steering the future now and the path is ours for the creating. No fixed beginning, no predestined end, no story to unfold while we sit, helpless to affect the outcome (this is the old controlled thinking that we are leaving behind). That sense of powerlessness is what our masters have focused on imparting/imbuing into society (with such diligence) for ages and they did this for good reason…so the story has gone until now.

But as the scale tips….

Reason dictates that Obama and company will have to expose the vipers in the wings and remove them all in order to make any real changes take place in 3D. Otherwise, there would be constant resistance and the process would be foiled again and again.

Let us consider the health care bill as the most recent example and look at the possibilities that have been presented…

Look at the difficulty that Obama is having with improving health care? His simple act of advocating for “equal rights to health care for all” has been demonized. Does anyone really think his heart is not in the right place?  The facts suggest that the current health care system has been/still is siphoning most the money away and giving only minimum value for the health services rendered (to the 85% of Americans who have any form of health insurance) in order to keep the peasants from rebelling. Bottom line? The great round up HAS to take place so that another 100,000 Americans (and millions more around the world) don’t die directly from having no access to medical care in 2010. See

When it does happens in the US, we are told it will spread quickly around the world. This is the “ACCOUNTABILITY” part of the plan we have been discussing for so many months. It must happen and it will happen.

That means that at some point along the way, the vipers will see Obama show his hand and realize en masse that they got duped by him. When this happens, they could possibly force this disinformation campaign (and many others) into the main stream media as a last ditch effort to destroy his credibility.

At any rate, I was hearing about his birth certificate being fake along with his school records etc. back at the beginning of the year.

The shadow government has controlled America for most of its existence. They are certainly capable of creating a phony paper trail about anything. They destroy countries. Propaganda is their specialty and the media is ruled by bribery, fear and any other method available. A threat against someone’s family here, and someone disappears in the middle of the night there, and you have all the cooperation and corroboration you need in order to perpetuate a story like this and make it stick. Many stories will no doubt be spread until the cabal and its controlled media servants have been stripped of the power that we are now re-claiming.

These are the controllers that are to be removed before any meaningful progress can take place. One can also assume there are tough times still ahead until this has happened in its entirety.

In the meantime, I will stand in my light and support Obama because I believe he needs my help. If we are to call these days the final chapter in a grand play, then all of mankind is part of the cast and we will all play our parts before the curtain falls, marking the end of this age and the beginning of the next.

And so now the universe stands watching in awe as the “human race” completes its long journey through a cycle of duality and eagerly awaits the opportunity to proudly hail the emergence of its newest member of the Galactic community. The “Human Race”.

See you all at the finish line.

In love and Service,


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