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CLIMATEGATE & Potential Release of Free Energy Technology

November 25, 2009

Climategate has received very little mainstream media exposure and yet it is one of the most exciting disclosures of secret government and corporation fraud worldwide. It will change our lives immeasurably.

Ever since I read Jeane Mannings” “The Coming Energy Revolution” over 15 years ago, I have been at a loss to understand why the wonderful inventions of Nikola Tesla were not implemented 100 years ago. The inventions of Tesla and many subsequent inventions that would have given us free non-polluting energy sources and avoided much of the carbon-based pollution for the last 100 years that should have been implemented over 100 years ago, were commandeered and hidden by the secret government and special interest corporations.

Over the last 50 years there have been many who have promoted these free energy sources, but many realized that while the corporations, special interest groups and secret organizations had buried the free energy technology and had control of media, military, our minds and the money systems that there was not going to be any possibility of this.

Global warming did some good… finally, it made us acknowledge the error of our ways in polluting our planet and wasting precious resources unnecessarily and question why we are accepting these redundant expensive technologies when we can have something so much better in every way. Energy systems that allow us total freedom from energy bills and the cleanup of the environment.  Many scientists have “disappeared” under suspicious circumstances by pushing their inventions (Project Camelot “In Tribute”) and others like Dr Brian O’Leary, former Astronaut, Scientist-Philosopher, in his latest book “The Energy Solution Revolution”, and Project Camelot have provided a forum for whistleblowers worldwide to tell their stories and also conduct this year many international conferences in Europe, USA, and Ecuador promoting Free Energy and Black Operation Technology disclosure as well as UFO disclosure and other issues.

It has also seemed ridiculous to me that we should cover the earth and oceans with whining turbines and solar panels… both of which I personally think are very ugly and unnecessary contraptions that blight the landscape, only to generate energy to be stored in energy banks, when we KNOW there is a better way to do it…. economically, environmentally, aethetically and efficiently.

The free energy or over unity inventions of Telsa et al do not require to cover the landscape with millions of miles of electrical wire… a simple little black box in each house, car or facility is all that is necessary to provide more than enough of our requirements.  Perhaps it is going to be possible for us to experience this in our lifetime!

A recent hacking of a global climate change facility in Anglia UK, CRU, provided invaluable information about the FAKE causes of global warming being promoted and how humanity was once again being manipulated and ripped off by various secret government organizations…. Climategate! The following website has complete information on this fantastic disclosure.  James Delingpole is the authority on this whole matter and his website is so informational and recommended so that you can personally gloat over this incredible disclosure of secret government and corporation fraud.  The following press article is further recommended reading – “Climategate – the final nail in the coffin of anthropogenic global warming “. jamesdelingpole/100017393/climategate-the-final-nail-in-the- coffin-of-anthropogenic-global-warming/#postComment

For further information about the changes in our Universe that are affecting all the planets including the rising energy levels on earth referred to as Global Warming, and recently confirmed by NASA see David Wilcock’s site and google Nassim Haramein.

Time to sell off your alternative energy shares if you are still in the market!  At last free energy is looking a definite possibility.

Noeline Clayfield

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