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2012 The Movie – Convincing or Unbelievable?

November 26, 2009

Yesterday I decided to go see 2012 the Movie… I just happened to be near a theatre, 10 minutes before the next session and being guided by my instincts and the synchronicities in my life, I bought a ticket. I was interested to see the Illuminati message portrayed in this latest Hollywood disaster extravaganza with full on special effects that actually did not work for me.

I thought the beginning was very strange as it was set in India, rain, mud and seething population and down a former copper mine converted to earth laboratory with access to the earth’s core. The plot goes that the actual heating up of the earth’s core was first noticed there by an Indian scientist. The news is bad and the end of the world in nigh. For a movie that is projected 3 years from now, the technology was extremely primitive.  There was a little  computer sophistication but nothing special, and information provided by satellites that kept people informed of developments worldwide and spatially which is all nothing new.  To me the poverty and overcrowding of India was something that we were supposed to take on board, so probably this was a reference to the Illuminati belief that the world is overpopulated as immortalized in the Georgia Guidestones.

Interestingly the plot cast an African American as the last president of the USA. So they must want us to believe that the end of the Obama administration in 2012 coincides with the end of civilization as we know it.  Much mention was made of the Mayan Calendar and the end of times. However, there is no mention of any spiritual significance of 2012 or the possibility that the calendar is a measure of human consciousness expansion completing on 2012, or indeed the recent Mayan information that the calendar represents the end of a cycle of consciousness and the beginning of a new one. The Mayans have also said that the date of the calendar will most likely be just like any other day without any specific activity at all and does not, to their knowledge, mark any spectacular event like Armageddon.

Many predictions of cataclysmic volcanic and seismic activity are long overdue their predicted time and the Armageddon scenario is certainly not part of any ancient civilization, Mayan, Hindu, Tibetan or oral traditions. It then remains for us to speculate whether Armageddon is simply a feature of the rewrites of the bible around 300 AD.

The current human relationship condition was portrayed as angry and confused with children involved in a broken marriage and stepfather scenario. Work seemed to have isolated people from their connection with their emotions, family structure, communication and nature. All conditions which I believe to be very true in our western industrial world. The children were bitten by mosquitoes when they went camping with their Dad and seemed to be alienated by nature.

I loved Charlie the nerd, inferred conspiracy freak, who had researched all the deaths involved with hidden technologies and all conspiracies that were highlighted as a “secret government agenda”, so felt this was Illuminati confirmation.  I related to Charlie in his mobile home tracking the acceleration of the disaster and keeping everybody informed through his blog!

Don’t know about you but I felt very ho hum about all the disaster scenes and hype… felt I had seen it all before… complete devastation of the world as we know it did not feel that terrible or new to me. I felt no sense of tragedy or emotion at all.  The movie was pretty cold and detached emotionally. Perhaps some of the recent natural disasters have conditioned my responses.

What stood out for me was the acknowledgement of the existence of secret bases, although no mention of Pine Gap in Australia, and that they have this secret escape agenda available to those with the dollars who are of course selected by their process and considered worthy because of their views to re-establish earth human colonies when this “flood” has settled down and allows for commencement of a new civilization. In fact, It was interesting that they consider a repeat of the Sumerian Annunaki experience in Zecharia Sitchin’s “Earth Chronicles” of the last flood, depicted on exhumed cuneiforms, as worthy of a repeat performance.

There is absolutely no mention of ETs or Galactic presence as in Independence Day. Seems to me there was a determined effort not to acknowledge the well publicized information provided by Dr Stephen Greer’s Disclosure Project and Stephen Bassett’s Paradigm Research Group as well as countless millions of personal experiences by the population.

I particularly laughed at the lack of technology exhibited in their “Arks”: redundant combustion engines and propellers instead of more sophisticated but also passé technology like jet engines for instance. I mean the average surf life savers club uses more sophisticated technology in jetskis than was exhibited in this movie!  When they fired up the Arks and plumes of diesel smoke rose from the exhaust pipes … well that was the end of it for me.

The terrible portrayal of the Russian and Chinese connections and the obvious collusion of the members of the Council on Foreign Relations, who appeared to be all privy to the secret activities in the film, including Chancellor Merkel from Germany who has only just been re-elected. This re-election must have been known or expected before the production of the film, and is indicative of the sort of manipulations that go on behind the scenes in our current governments.  The election process everywhere is a bad joke.

I have to say that I laughed at times at the ignorance and almost disjointed sequence of it in so many ways.  Take the final tsunami wave with the aircraft carrier named “John F Kennedy” turning upside down and demolishing the Whitehouse and Washington… really subtle message there… perhaps meaning that the lies about the death of JFK will finally help to demolish the status quo and the whole corrupt system in Washington.

Scared by this movie I was not … generally it did not have the impact that was vaunted and although it has had record attendance figures, I believe that a lot of people, like me, came out wondering what all the hype was about, what a huge waste of money and how could anyone honestly take it seriously.

Noeline Clayfield

PS  Look at this 16 part series on YouTube : 2012 The Online Movie…. for some real facts about 2012!

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  1. November 27, 2009 4:24 am

    It is always so funny to hear anyone of “US” talk about how obvious the Dark Hats are in this film.

    The Coolness of enlightenment! Yet the negative aspects of the 2012 film, let the public ignore the real spiritual changes coming.

    Check out this video series on Ascension 2012 according to Islam!

    • Admin. permalink*
      November 27, 2009 5:48 pm

      Thank you Saleem…. I have looked at your blog with interest and have posted it to which has a membership of 550 people…. emergence and convergence is the most important event of the moment as we are all casting off our cloaks and coming forth and sharing our oneness and vision for our new reality.

      Send me articles and I will post them to my websites…
      blessings, love and light
      Noeline Clayfield

  2. December 16, 2009 6:22 am

    Hi guys,
    I watched the movie on Friday.I asked my friend next to me, if they really said 80 Pa, and he confirmed it. I guess, in the English version this were actually 80 psi, which would have made a little sense. But 80 Pascal? Damn it!

  3. lauradrop permalink
    December 19, 2009 10:27 am


    I am delighted to land here. It is a perfect forum

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