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Money Should NOT Be the Measure of a Man or More Important than People

October 17, 2011

The culture that because you have money, position and/or power that you are a better individual than anyone else or should be held up as any model for the perfect individual  is a core problem with our society.  It is the focus of the media to create ‘celebrities’ most of whom are not persons worthy of our attention or veneration. Most are mere curiosities of the human personality or ego on baser levels. It is as though the getting of money is the most important thing followed by the exposure of ego through notoriety because you have money… not whether the person is compassionate, respectful, aware, kind, loving, embracing real equality of all or the welfare of others.

In fact the heads of corporations  are esteemed for their cold calculation of opportunities to force their agenda, output  and money under pressure by their shareholders to increase profitability of the company. They do not often display any compassion for their workers or their needs and only think about the bottom line. Politicians live the fiction that they care about their constituents but really pay attention to the lobbyists of corporations that approach them and line their pockets with money to push through their agendas. Although we respect leaders like Gandhi and Mandela and their ideology we do not insist on similar qualities in the selection of our politicians. Current politics does not attract such people or perhaps I should say such people are not chosen by the secret government cabal because they have not been appropriate for their agenda. We are all waking up and we know that this agenda is not acceptable and we need a totally different system. We are seeing through the political smoke and  mirrors, and now know who the real power brokers are that dictate our governments’ agendas. The following article in the Guardian exposes the rot in the UK Tory Party:

“Liam Fox resignation exposes Tory links to US radical right

Labour and Lib Dem politicians have stepped up demands for the PM to explain ministers’ involvement with Atlantic Bridge….”    Continued at above link.

Our countries are not being run by our elected representatives. We simply have to take money out of politics, revolutionise banking and dismantle large corporations.

The following video of Dylan Ratigan’s intense monologue succinctly describes the problem in the US Corporation Government and of course any other similar country like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The EU is different because there the government is not elected by the people at all. So in the EU they have taken the disenfranchisement of the people to another level and of course they are trying to get that situation right around the world. They will not succeed.

Such political financially rewarding agendas for a few we are currently seeing in Australia with the ‘Seam Gas Industry’ and supposed ‘Green’ innovations like the horrible whining turbines that are being installed all over the place demeaning the landscape and causing electrical interference sickness to those who have no choice other than to live near them.  The amount of advertising we are being bombarded with that pushes these appalling so called ‘green’ agendas is nothing short of mind control conditioning. There is also current concern that turbine wind farms could interfere with long established fine wool sheep farming because the animals are particularly sensitive. It has long been recognized as life threatening to live under or near electrical cabling or major electrical transformer stations that dot the urban landscape.  This fact has foundation with the reduction in real estate values in such affected properties.

It beggars belief that if we had adopted the Tesla instead of the Edison electrical system over a hundred years ago we would not be facing these problems now. But then it was about money then and where the meter could be put on the system to extract the money for a few selfish individuals from the people.  All this nonsense would be avoided with a Tesla free energy black box in every dwelling or car. Mining rape and plunder of our landscape for combustible resources would end.  I believe we will see this technology transform our environments in the near future but not while money is our promoted objective in life. (Read books and articles by Jeanne Manning and Dr Brian O’Leary on free energy technology).  David Wilcock’s “The Source Field Investigations” is a wonderful source for this new science that is going to be our future and is slowly emerging with things like the 3D Replicator/Copier.

In spite of the overwhelming proof of the dangers to the sustainability and quality of the water table by ‘gas fracking’ as it is commonly called, the Australian governments both Federal and State in their incessant search for money are prepared to totally destroy our environment with these incorrectly labeled ‘green’ technologies. All the evidence available to them contradicts their stance.

We simply have to take money out of government – in the electoral process and the banning of lobbyists which has become the business to be in. Certainly in my current and recent lifetimes, politicians almost without exception have been totally about maintaining their positions and their power by keeping the money in their pockets and themselves in a job by ensuring that the people that put them there are kept in business. This situation has been to the detriment of all constituents whom they were elected by and enabled corporations to buy up everything in sight and totally disempower the people. Governments over the last 20 years have privatized or sold off the public assets paid for by taxation levied on the people and pocketed the funds. In Australia it was called “creating  budget reserves” as opposed to budget deficits.  But they did not pay the money garnered by selling off the people’s assets back to the people… oh No!  Governments in Australia over the last 20 years have sold off (privatized) all public assets such as the telephone, electrical. water and transport systems and utilities  into the hands of their cronies who have then jacked up the charges to the people to their benefit. Surely this is unconstitutional at least and criminal at best.

It is more important to keep the money generating war machines going than ensure the welfare of the people. Whole generations have merely produced cannon fodder for the elite few. This all must end now.  We are entering an age of enlightenment and expanded consciousness where all these past practices are no longer acceptable. Compassion, respect, sharing, cooperation, knowledge, love and understanding are more important than the begetting of money.  The quality of the individual should be measured by these qualities and the criteria for the selection process of our community leaders. True government by the people for the people.

Noeline Clayfield

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