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Ascension Is Now

December 19, 2012

image photo : Alien SunriseUPDATE 23/12/12:  As at the evening of the 24th, I feel that I can now describe the effect on me of the energy bombardments that we have been receiving from the 18/12/12 peaking 21/12 to 22/12, 23/12 and still continuing.

I decided to do nothing but remain quiet and participate in this Ascension Solstice Galactic Alignment Event experience that I have prepared for most of this life  but really intensely since 1987. I thought long and hard about whether I wanted  to be with a group or alone. The latter was my decision almost at the last moment, not wanting to disappoint people, so that I could focus on what I had to do which was ground the energies in a deep and focused meditation state. I wanted to give it all the dedication and focus that I could. The meditation experience and depth of connection was quite profound for me. I could not have done this in the distraction of group activity. I realised later on 21 and  during the 22 that I was just too out of it to have driven anywhere! I went to the shop to get some necessary supplies on the 23rd and just had the energy to walk two blocks and back. I rested a lot and slept solidly when I did go to bed during this period although woke at 4am on the two nights of 21 and 22.

I know I felt very strong energies that really raised my vibration exponentially  during the 3 days of the multiple planetary alignments with the Galactic Centre.  I am feeling increased clarity, am above the 3D drama totally, happy but  physically weak at the moment.. as though I have been zapped! I definitely am now experiencing an altered state of conscioousness permanently.
Purposefully I do not have any xmas involvement at all this year and will keep on with my daily meditations as this is my whole reason for being here at this time. I have explained to my family my inability to be involved in any celebration based entirely on lies both santa fantasy and to do with the birth of Jesus. Nor the charade of commercialism that causes more financial misery and stress than joy in most people’s lives. No more living the lies! I want everyday to be a joyful celebration of life… not just one day a year. I am now living my new age projection and I am not starting it with any old world nonsense.

The Ascension process was successful I believe. The transition to 5D is now complete but still happening gradually. The changes we are all waiting for are happening and will roll out in the days following. The energies are definitely still with us and I know that my vibration is much higher. Spiritually I feel totally in the heart not the head and alive and at a much increased vibratory level than previously all the time.

I would love others to share their experiences if they would like to do so.

Welcome to the New Golden Age !


The time we have all been anticipating and preparing for has finally arrived! We are going 5D!

The last few weeks have been a final clearing of anything still left that needed to be sent to the light for transmutation. One issue caught me quite unexpectedly left field.  It has been a time of introspection and meditation focus on what I envision our new Golden Age might be.  I am sure that it will be something far greater than my imaginings and far more fulfilling. We are assured by many of the channels represented on this site that  it will be beyond our greatest expectations.  Already we are seeing huge change taking place worlwide and much is not being reported by the MSM but some is creeping through such as the charges laid in the financial sector and Russia Today has broadcast some interview disclosures by Putin and Medvedev regarding Russian ET protocols and awareness of general corruption.

I am still deciding whether to spend the day in quiet contemplation so that I can fully sense the incoming energies without distraction  or travel to friends or indeed to Avesbury where there is a huge gathering of spiritual people planned. I will decide on the day and the state of  the weather and my health is also a consideration.. My inclination at the moment is the first one…. there will be plenty of time for celebration after the Event.

I wish you all a very happy experience of Ascension and will no doubt see you on the other side where we will enjoy the fruits of our dedication and divine focus.  I thank you all for waking up, your dedication and for sharing this exciting journey.

The Mayan Shamans  have stated that there will be an  intense Galactic Centre energy discharge of some 8 minutes right in the middle of the 3 days. I have worked this out to be 4 minutes either side of midday on Friday, 22 December. This is GMT/UTC 11.56am – 12.04pm on 22 December, 2012. However I will be awake and aware and sensing the energies from the start of 21 – 23 December midnight GMT/UTC.

Hope you all had interesting energy experiences on 12.12.12. I personally spent much of the day in meditation and focus on the ascension agenda. Certainly the meditations were deep with strong energy and light flooding in and I was truly buzzing and excited all day.

Since then I find I have been waking at 2.30 one night and then finally going  back to sleep before 5am but one morning woke at 4am on 11/12 and stayed up all day. Some remaining issues have floated to the surface for final clearing but generally I am feeling energised and clearheaded for the most part. Formerly I had days when I was just exhausted and had to rest. Now I seem ready set go. Generally I feel uplifted vibrationally and joyful.  Nothing dense seems to affect my vibration now. My mind is very clear and I have also been quite creative and planning a new website to kick in shortly.

I am using on a daily basis through to 23 December and beyond the Orin  “Aligning with Star Energies” (see Meditation  Room on this site) and also the Solara An Ra Pleiadian Meditations which really feel right for now and keep me on track with focus on the agenda. The agenda is grounding Divine Will, Diving Love and Divine Creative Intelligence into our New Golden Age on Gaia. These energies are coming from the Big Dipper, Sirius and Pleiades star systems particularly but of course from all participating Divine Hierarchies and Galactic Civilisations.

So I was glad to monitor the powerful energies bombarding us now and really feel that 21/12 is going to be great.

Love, Light, Upliftment to 5D for All

Noeline Clayfield

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